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Estados Unidos Mexicanos
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Himno Nacional Mexicano

Capital Mexico City (23,607,143 inh)
Largest City Mexico City (23,607,143 inh)
Official language Spanish
Government Type

- Democratic Republic.

Area 4,485,803 sq km
Population 324,457,700
GDP Nominal $ 15,399 trillion
HDI 0.965
HDI Rank 5th (very high)
Currency Mexican Peso
Demonym Mexican
Administrative Divisions 41 States, two Federal Districts
Religions Christianity
Armed Forces 2.3 million men
Highest Point Pico de Oriazaba (5636 m)

Mexico is a country in North America. It is bordered to the east by the United States of America, to the north by Canada and to the south by Belize and Guatemala. It is the sixth largest country and the third most populated country.


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Armed Forces[]

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