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United States of Mexico
Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Most of Mexico
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Mexico City?
Largest city Mexico City?
Religion Catholicism
Ethnic Group Peso?

The United States of Mexico, usually referred to as Mexico, is a nation in North America bordering ---- to the south, what remains of the former United States to the north, and to the east and west the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean respectively. The nation has transformed itself from a relatively backward power in North America to the premier nation on the continent.



The nation's origins lie in blah blah blah will do later at some point when I got more important stuff outta the way.


Mexico suffered the direct effect of the Yellowstone Eruption in the northern provinces of the nation. As the first ash drifted down on towns and cities of the border states, panic began to spread within the nation as to what exactly was going on. Many would be killed in the ash rain but some would make it south, telling of what had just happened to their homes, towns and cities. In the north, hundreds of thousands would be killed due to the ash which fell from the skies and the subsequent starvation period which followed this. When the government realised what was going on, the armed forces would be mobilised and sent in to assist whoever they could in the North. 

The nation immediately send out a message asking for assistance and they begin to undertake humanitarian missions in a bid to feed the refugees coming from the north. It was not long until the first Americans could be seen coming to these refugee camps and their populations boomed. In the first year itself, the south had seen a huge influx of refugees and strict rationing had to be put into place. What was even more worrying was that in 1937 crops began to fail due to the unusually cold weather.


​Going North

​The Referendum

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