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Michigan was a US state before Doomsday. Situated in the Midwest, it was part of the "Rust Belt" and was home to one of America's largest cities and the US automotive industry hub, Detroit. Information gathered on this page is all from the Republic of Superior.



Michigan was the 26th state to be the admitted to the US, in 1837. The state was a heavily industrialised state, and was known as the home of the US motorcar. All of the Big Three, that is, GM, Ford and Chrysler, had their headquarters in the state and/or Detroit. In the 1980 US census, Michigan had 9,262,078 residents.


Michigan was another state that was hit hard by nuclear strikes:

  • Detroit was utterly destroyed by an initial 2MT air blast over Cadillac Square, destroying the city centre and nearby Windsor, ON. Selfridge AFB was destroyed by a 100kt missile. Suburbs like Pontiac, Livonia and Warren were nuked by a 1MT warhead. The airport was destroyed by a 50kt groundburst.
  • Ann Arbor was nuked by a 1MT air burst over the University of Michigan.
  • Sawyer AFB and Wurtsmith AFB were destroyed by 100kt groundbursts.
  • Flint, as a large industrial hub, was hit by a 1MT strike over the I-475/I-69 intersection. The blast destroyed the entire city.
  • Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo were also nuked to the tune of 1MT.

The state capital, Lansing, was not nuked. Rather, the Soviets orchestrated the strikes on Flint and Kalamazoo so that the fallout would float over to Lansing and effectively kill the city. This tactic worked. Lansing was devastated by fallout, refugees from Detroit, Flint and Kalamazoo, and casualties included Mayor of Lansing, Terry McKane, and Lt. Governor Martha Griffins. By 1984 the city was near-abandoned, and Governor James Blanchard fled for safer pastures in the north with some of his staff. This would be the last time anybody saw Governor Blanchard-communications stopped shortly after and he was never heard from again.


The Lower Peninsula became scarce of life after Doomsday, and the situation there was at best medieval. Only a handful of towns even managed to survive the aftermath of Doomsday. However, Superior and Toledoan recolonization efforts have begun, with a slowly growing number of towns becoming vibrant once more.

The same cannot be said for the Upper Peninsula, where the Republic of Superior was founded in 1984 and eventually began to expand into the Lower Peninsula, Wisconsin and Ontario. Superior has since become a regional power and even challenged Canada for the future of the Great Lakes (see 2009 Saguenay War).

The Future

Looking out into the future, it is likely that Superior will control the majority of Michigan, with small portions under Toledo control. Both countries have plans to expand into the lawless Lower Penninsula, with Toledo planning to expand as far as the ruins of Ann Arbor/Kalamazoo by 2026, and Superior planning further expeditions to Lansing, Flint and Grand Rapids.