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Michigan was a US state before Doomsday. Situated in the Midwest, it was part of the "Rust Belt" and was home to one of America's largest cities, Detroit. Information gathered on this page is all from the Republic of Superior.



Several targets on Doomsday in the state included Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Midland, along with military installations on the northern peninsula such as Sawyer AFB and Wurtsmith AFB. Several strikes occurred in and around Detroit, as well, with at least a 2MT bomb on the city itself and smaller ones on Selfridge AFB, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, and Monroe, with the Canadian city of Windsor being destroyed in the process. The state capital of Lansing, a tertiary target, was not directly hit due to the Soviet Union's using a tactic of bombing in between Flint, Lansing, and Kalamazoo, effectively severely damaging (but not fully destroying) Lansing. The capital was decimated by fallout and leftover blast waves from Flint and Kalamazoo. Likewise the capital was almost fully abandoned by the end of 1984 as most of the refugees traveled to Mackinaw City hoping to find refuge on the Upper Peninsula. Many of the government officials from Lansing died from fallout exposure, including Lieutenant Governor Martha Griffins as well as the Mayor of Lansing. Governor James Blanchard disappeared along with a small handful of people and staff; their location, and whether or not they survived, is not yet known.


The Lower Peninsula became scarce of life after Doomsday, and the situation there was at best medieval. Only a handful of towns even managed to survive the aftermath of Doomsday. However, Superior and Toledoan recolonization efforts have begun, with a slowly growing number of towns becoming vibrant once more.

The same cannot be said for the Upper Peninsula, where the Republic of Superior was founded in 1984 and eventually began to expand into the Lower Peninsula, Wisconsin and Ontario. Superior has since become a regional power and even challenged Canada for the future of the Great Lakes (see 2009 Saguenay War).

Looking out into the future, it is likely that Superior will control the majority of Michigan, with small portions under Toledo control.