Alternative History


  • October 9, 1978, Ayatollah Khomeini was found dead at his residence in Paris under mysterious circumstances.
  • December 2, 1978, attempts to gather protests in Azadi Square, Tehran, are violently repressed by the Shah's forces.


  • February 18, 1979, the situation of Iran degenerates into a civil war when elements of the armed forces mutiny and join forces with Islamic militants.
  • Iran hostage crisis does not happen.


  • March 5, 1980, Islamic militants bomb the Iraqi embassy in Tehran leading Iraq to close its borders with Iran.
  • July 30, 1980 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, dies of cancer.
  • August 3, 1980, the Royal family of Iran flees the country.
  • September 9, 1980, a provisional military government is established in Iran whilst fighting between security forces against rebel troops and guerrillas.
  • September 26, 1980, revolutionary forces in Iran have control over two-thirds of the nation.
  • October 1, 1980, Iraqi Air force attack Iranian airfields and launch a full scale invasion of Iran opening the First Gulf War.


  • June 6, 1981, a cease fire between Iraq and Iran is broke after Iraqi forces capture the Iranian city of Shiraz.
  • June 24, 1981, Iran and Iraq sign an armistice at Arsanjan, the peace treaty concedes Iranian provinces of Khūzestān, Īlām, Lurestan and Kermanshah to Iraq.
  • The Gulf of Sindra Incident does not happen.
  • Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is not killed.
  • Israel does not destroy Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor.


  • October 23, 1982, Soviet Major Sergei Nike Ilyanov, later president of the Soviet Union, survives an insurgent attack against his convoy in Afghanistan.
  • United States doesn't place an embargo on Libyan oil imports.


  • Beirut barracks bombing does not happens since the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which supported the attack in OTL is non-existent.


  • March 5, 1984, Iraqi troops finish withdrawing from Iran to the frontiers established by the peace treaty signed at Arsanjan.
  • April 5, 1984, Soviet troops launch their seventh offensive against the Panjshir Valley.
  • July 17, 1984, Afghan War: Panjshir massacre, Soviet troops take control of the Panjshir Valley resulting in the deaths of 27.600 people. Sergei Nike Ilyanov, now a Colonel, is credited with the capture of Mujahideen Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud.


  • April 30, 1985, Iraqi Embassy siege in London, Attackers demand the return of Khuzestan Province to Iran.
  • May 5, 1985, SAS put and end to the Embassy siege, Killing all six attackers
  • September 10, 1985, Iranian regime is changed to socialist republic. Ali Panahi become the president of Iran.


  • Operation El Dorado Canyon does not happen. U.S. doesn't bomb Libya.


  • April 4, 1991, Indo-Soviet Forces Invade Pakistan.


  • February 5, 1998, General Rahmani coup d'État in Iran, Overthrowing of Iranian Socialist Republic.
  • April 10, 1998, After establishing of a dictatorship by General Rahmani in Iran, Iranian people begins another revolution to re-establish democracy in Iran.
  • September 1, 1998, The Second Korean War begins.
  • October 14, 1998, Reunification of Korea

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