Alternative History
Governorate of the Midnight Coast
Gouvernement Middernachtkust
Полуночнобереговая губерния

Governorate of the Bellinsgauzenia
Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Portions of Wilkes Land.
Flag of the Midnight Coast
Flag of the Midnight Coast
Capital Boersdrop
Dutch and Russian
  others German, Maori
  others Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym Midnight Coaster, Midnighter
Time zone (UTC+8)
Abbreviations MK, BA-MK, PBG

The Governorate of the Midnight Coast (Dutch: Gouvernement Middernachtkust; Russian: Полуночнобереговая губерния, Polunochnobyeryegovaya gubyerniya), colloquially known as the Midnight Coast (Middernachtkust; Полуночный Берег, Polunochnyy Byeryeg), is a governorate of the United Governorates of Bellinsgauzenia. The governorate was initially a Dutch colony up until the 1840s. During Russian rule, the Midnight Coast retained a Dutch and Afrikaner majority population. Incumbent President Bronislav Vroom was born in the Midnight Coast.

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