Alternative History

In real history, China hated outsiders, got weaker, and turned into a republic. Japan adopted new influences and became a mighty country, but what would happen if everything were switched?

Mighty China Timeline: 1849- Present Day[]

1849- A terrible famine hit China and the population became one-third of the world's population. Emperor Hong Xiuquan had called aid on USA for technology advance. President Lincoln was invited to Beijing to trade with them. As this went on, China then came a powerful industrial nation.

Trade between China and USA began. Emperor Hong started to make the Forbidden Palace into a museum about their country's history and built a new on called Imperial Heaven Castle. Hong then eliminated their old military and navy system, the federal system, and their old technology.

Their old army and navy was replaced with modern military, artillery and the first futuristic style navy. Modern methods of fighting were taught by US generals. Factories blossomed and China was able to produce goods quickly, cheaply, and greatly than other industrial nations.

Some traces of their old civilization, such as nomads, villages and junks - still existed.

Factories produced more goods than any other country, which became "the workshop of the world". They were paid higher wages than any other nation.

1850- The American Civil war begins. China sends armies to help the Northerners battle the Southerners.

China succeeded this and became a major industrial power.

China creates the first future technology and starts to become the most wealthiest and the most powerful industrial and commerce nation.

1860- Civil War in America ends earlier after the assassination of the Confederate president. Trade goes on normally again with China.

China, for the need of money, they sold Taiwan and Hong Kong to Britain and Mongolia to Russia.

1865- Empress Xi Lu invents a government called a Democratic Monarchy. It is aid that an emperor and/or empress has supreme wealth and power, but his power his controlled by the democratic government.

Aircraft, submarines and many other warfare technology became the most common in the Chinese army.

Empress Xi Lu bans slavery and the hunting of animals. She created the Yuang Code that tells people not to hunt creatures, which want to be still seen, but disappear, people won't see them any longer so that's why they did conversation.

Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands began trading with China.

1889- Emperor Hyang builds the Great Fortification of China, spreading around the modern border (except Korea) of China.

China develops farms in cities and large gardens. China used its wealth to buy other products from nations.

1900- The British Empire, which now covers North and South America, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia(with Pacific Islands), South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Ireland, the Mediterranean Islands, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Southwest France, Monaco, the Low Countries, Northern Europe, Hong Kong, and Greece, helps China with their food problems in many old-fashioned Chinese villages.

Germany, challenges Britain's Victoria's Navy against theirs, so China comes to their aid.

1914- The Chinese and British navy defeats the German navy. World War 1 had just begun (just one of the many reasons).

The whole woman population of China had to be put in the factories to make supplies for the troops.

1925- After years in fighting, China and the Triple entente had defeated their enemies and Germany was forced to give half of the wealth to China with the other countries.

1930- The Great Revolution started to turn the government into a Communist Democracy, which was planned to overthrow the emperor of China.

1934- World War 2 begins when Benito Mussolini plans to invade Africa, Germany to invade the World and Japan to invade Asia.

1950- World War 2 ends, which made USA, Russia, Britain, and China superpowers and defeated the Axis.

2008- Earthquake in Sinchu province shook, destroying Chengdu and killed ten million people.

The second Chinese Olympics occurs in Shanghai.

2009- United Nations declares China a state of world Industry.

Eventually, China had become the greatest nation in the world, with humongous industries. They help save species and stop Global Warming. China becomes the superpower of the world.

Bad Japan Timeline: 1853-1865[]

1853-Mathew Perry arrives in Japan. He was assassinated by the shogun.

Japan battles USA.

No match for USA technology, they lost, forcing to give up Hiroshima to US.

1860- Japanese shogun Yikoko Yokkoko fights foreigners in Japan.

1862- Japan becomes a republic. Su Ching Nai becomes president.

Japan became a weak country when it became a republic. However, it got richer and became like China.