Alternative History

Europe becomes the most dominant in the world. The countries of Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Austrian Empire, Portugal, Italy, and the United Netherlands become the most powerful nations. Soon, they had more colonies, more wealth, and more power than ever.

The Age of Discovery-1419 to 1542[]

During that time, the rise of Europe began here. Explorers found uncharted territory and even claimed it for their empires. By the end of the Age of Discovery, the European countries of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and the United Netherlands began to colonize the world. Other powers started to expand their empires against other countries as well. 

The 15th Century[]

The Colonial Period of the Americas-1542-1810[]

During this time, Spain, Portugal, France, Russia, and Britain raced to dominate the Americas. By the time it was completely occupied, Europe had the biggest powers in the world.

The Powers of Africa, Asia, and Oceania-1810-1905[]

As the Industrial Revolution began to step in and the whole of the Americas occupied, Europe began to find new places for their empires. As Europeans raced to get control on most of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, power began to increase. Soon, after its unification, Italy joined the rank of imperialists as well.

The Empires of Europe-1905-1914[]

Many countries in Europe decided to expand their empires in their home continent itself. As European countries started to battle for power, the continent became the most influencial in the world. As countries started to claim land for empires and people revolting against the Ottomans, rise of power is taking place.

The World Wars and Between Them-1914-1945[]

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinard sparked the beginning of the era of world wars. Soon, as the wars passes, the face of the world starts to change.

The Cold War-1945-2009[]

This became the beginning of the rise of the NATO [(North American Treaty Organization) Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, United Netherlands, Germany, and Italy] and the Russian Pact (Russia, Austria-Hungary, The Democratic Republic of the Balkan, China, Turkey, and Japan) ever since the creation of the United Nations

Today, the world is still dominated by European powers, but ever since the end of the Cold War, tensions of war started to cease. what may happen next in the future? Who knows what the future is for Europe?