New Albion aided Britain in many of her wars, but because of its location, there was little civilian involvement.

Under Britain

Anglo-Californian War (1590-1594)

See also main article The Anglo-Californian war was an outgrowth of the continuing wars between Spain and England. Though the result was a stalemate, it resulted in greater commitment to the Colony which became New Albion.

Seven Years War (1757-63)

See also main article The Seven Years' war called for the British to venture deep into the Western interior to prevent French encroachment. The necessity to explore these parts cost both sides energy and manpower to fight, but several battles eventually defined a border along the continental divide. The western interior would be mostly unexplored for several decades, as New Albion was mostly uncharted beyond 200 miles to the Pacific until after the Napoleonic Wars.

Expansion Era (1815-1845)

The Channel War of 1815 was an ill-fated attempt to claim the Channel Islands from Spain. The Royal Navy was mostly in the Caribbean and Europe, so the mostly outdated and decrepit ships of the Colony failed to reclaim the island, and was attacked by pirates on a number of occasions.
The 1818 March to America was a large undertaking by British and American forces to meet at various locations along the continental divide. As well as a diplomatic and geographical expedition, the armies of both nations made an effort to clear the territories of unfriendlies or enemy spies. Several Spanish and Native forces were fought in the southern Rocky mountains. The treaty of Montaigne was signed at present-day Helena on August 15, ceding part of the Louisiana territory to Great Britain, and establishing a loose alliance with the United States.

Mexican War (1845-1849)

See also main article The Mexican War was partially the result of the Texas Revolution and of the United States' concept of Manifest Destiny. The British competed for the territories as tensions between the United States and the British in New Albion quickly deteriorated. The invasion of what is now Southern New Albion was the largest invasion in that country's history, and after 250 years finally claimed that region for the UK; and though it prevented the advance of Slavery in North America, the war is believed to have led American politics down the path to the American Civil War.


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