Alternative History
Ministry of the Chancellor and Cabinet
Seal of the Ministry of the Chancellor and Cabinet.svg
Ministry overview
Formed 12 July 1971
Preceding agencies Ministry of the Chancellor
Cabinet Office
Jurisdiction Eureka Flag.svg Cygnia
Headquarters The Chancellery
Employees Approximately 4,000
Annual budget £147 million (2017)
Minister responsible Anthony Albanese, Chancellor
Agency executive Glyn Davis, Cabinet Secretary
Child agencies Domestic Policy Office
National Security and International Policy Office
Governance Office
Cygnian First Nations Agency
National Security Council
Cygnian National Audit Office
Office of National Assessments
Office of the National Ombudsman
Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

The Ministry of the Chancellor and Cabinet (MOCC) is a Cygnian Government public service central ministry with broad ranging responsibilities, primary of which is for intergovernmental and whole of government policy coordination and assisting the Chancellor of Cygnia in managing the Cabinet of Cygnia. The MOCC was established in 1971, and traces its origins back to the Ministry of the Chancellor established in 1911. and is headed by the Cabinet Secretary, currently Glyn Davis.

The role of the MOCC is to support the policy agendas of the Chancellor and Cabinet through high quality policy advice and the coordination of key government programs, to manage Aboriginal policy and programs and to promote reconciliation, to provide leadership for the Cygnian Public Service alongside the Cygnian Public Service Commission, to oversee the honours and symbols of the Empire, to provide support to ceremonies and official visits, to set whole of government service delivery policy, and to coordinate national security, cyber, counterterrorism, regulatory reform, cities, population, data, and women's policy.