Alternative History
République de Minnesota
Republic of Minnesota
Official Language French
Capital Ste Croix
Currency North American Dollar

The Republic of Minnesota originated as the northeastern part of the French territory of Louisianne. Louisianne was divided into two halves when the Japanese nation of Misuri split off. Initially, Minnesota was administered as a sort of de facto colony of Canada, but it has been growing in independance over the course of the 20th century and in 1922 became a republic. This was directly in part of the Civil War in the North American Confederation. The province of Godakio which was strong Facist Republican, bent on revenge, took most of the state during the civil war and threatened to invade Minnesota. Canada, which controled much of Minnesota's foriegn policy neglected to do anything. Canada was dealing with the terrorism coming from the Facist Republicans in norteast NAC. Due to this threat, Minnesota declared thier independe and sent troops into the NAC to restore stability...


Minnesota borders Oregon to the north, Canada and the North American Confederation to the east, and Misuri to the south and west.

Administrative Divisions

F.D = Federal District

Superior Capital, Duluth 1,500,000
Federal District, St. Croix 950,000
Mississippi, Pigseye (OTL St. Paul) 690,000
Mille Lacs, Isle 350,000
Iowa, Des Moines 300,000
Dakota, Pierre 270,000

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