Mirza Mughal
Emperor of Hindustan

The Emperor Bahadur Shah II Enthroned.jpg
Mirza Mughal is seen on the bottom right as a child
Reign 1858-
Predecessor Bahadur Shah II
Born 1817
Red Fort,Delhi,Mughal Empire
Full name
Sultan Muhammad Zahir-ud-din
Full name
Family name: Gurkani
Given name: Mirza Mughal
Persian میرزا مغول
Urdu مرزا مغل
House Gurkani
Father Bahadur Shah II
Mother Sharif-ul-Mahal Sayyidini
Religion Islam
Mirza Mughal is the current Emperor of Hindustan.He was not originally the heir to the Mughal throne,but after the death of his half brother Mirza Fakhru,he became the eldest legitimate son of Bahadur Shah II.The Britsh did not recognize him as heir to the Mughal throne.He and his half-brothers were the ones that forced his father to join the Revolution of 1857 and shorlty after the victory,with the death of his father,he became Emperor of Hindustan.
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