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Missouri was a state in the former United States.

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Beginning in 1964, the west central region of Missouri was host to 150 Minuteman II missile silos spread over 14 counties. At approximately 7:45 PM CDT on September 25, 1983, orders were given to the crews of the 15 control centers to launch their missiles. About 20 minutes later, most of these silos were destroyed by ground bursts.

In addition, the following cities and military bases were destroyed

  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Jefferson City (state capital)
  • St. Joseph
  • Whiteman AFB
  • Fort Leonard Wood

The resulting radioactive fallout rendered much of the area around the I-70 (the Interstate connecting Kansas City and St. Louis) uninhabitable for years.

In an attempt to survive, the state government divided and fled Jefferson City in opposite directions. Governor Christopher "Chip" Bond went northeast toward Hannibal. This group contained most of the leadership of both parties of the state legislature and governors office. With the loss of radio contact, however, this group was thought lost to the chaos surrounding the bombing of St. Louis.

Another group of state officials, led by Lieutenant Governor Kenneth "Ken" Rothman, had escaped the destruction of Jefferson City by heading southwest. They managed reached the city of Springfield, which had survived as well. A provisional government was set up in Springfield which would collapse by Thanksgiving of 1983. Details are sketchy, but it is believed that Rothman was killed by one of this own subordinates, who with local police took over the city of Springfield. Some managed to escape to the city of Joplin where a provisional government had been set up.

Meanwhile, cut off from both Joplin and the survivors in Springfield, Governor Bond had indeed survived, as had all but a few of the those that had fled towards Hannibal. Northern Missouri, especially in the northeast corner, flourished for years without contact with anyone beyond western Illinois and southern Iowa. Those living in "the land of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer," had found that "living in the 19th century" was in many preferable to facing the reality of the 20th. Villages and towns in the tri-state area bound together to form a community colloquially known simply as "Hannibal." Officially, however, Chip Bond worked to hold together the government of the state of Missouri, intending to one day be rejoined by other state governments to continue as the United States that had been so horribly interrupted.

Survivor Communities[]

Within months of Doomsday, several survivor communities were formed, each separated from the others by destruction and violence.

  • Joplin, city-state in southwest of former state (allied to Hot Springs, Arkansas)
  • Cape Girardeau, city-state in southeast of former state (associate to Kentucky)
  • Springfield, a city-state ran by "bosses" of a crime syndicate.
  • Hannibal, in the northeast - home of recently discovered provisional government thought lost since 1983.

Present Situation[]

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