Duchy of Modena, Ferrara, Reggio, Massa and Carrara
Ducato di Modena, Ferrara, Reggio, Massa e Carrara
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

OTL equivalent: Provinces of Modena, Reggio nell'Emilia, Ferrara Massa and Carrara (Italy)
Modena Flag (1861 HF) Coat of Arms of Modena (1861 HF)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "La Ghirlandèina"
(and largest city)
Other cities Ferrara, Massa, Carrara, Reggio nell'Emilia
  others Modenese
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
  legislature Union of Counties
Duke Isabel
  Royal house: Este
Prime Minister Gian Carlo Muzzarelli
Area 8,769.71 km²
Population 1,791,775 
Established 1452
Currency Thaler
Flag of the Duchy of Modena

Flag used prior to 1859, now used as the Flag of the Army.

Modena is a nation in Europe.

Oversea Counties

Currently, Modena has three Oversea Counties: Papua, Cabassi Islands and the Duke Francis V Research Station.


Modena is well known in the world for producing cars - such as Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, De Tomaso and others.


Modena is served by the Railways. However, Modena, not having a recognized airport, is served by the Borgo Panigale Airport, in Bologna.


The Duchy is divided into marquisates, which in turn are divided into municipalities.


A marquisate is a first-order subdivision of the Duchy. It has two governors:

  1. The Marquis(e), which is appointed by the Duke and has merely ceremonial functions;
  2. Commissioner, which is elected by the people.

The City of Modena, Castelfranco Emilia and Ferrara do not constitute a marquisate by themselves; they are instead governed directly by a Mayor.

  1. Marquisate of Carpi (The role of Marquis of Carpi is assumed by the heir apparent)
  2. Marquisate of Cento
  3. Marquisate of Codigoro
  4. Marquisate of Comacchio
  5. Marquisate of the Frignano
  6. Marquisate of Mirandola
  7. Marquisate of Nonantola
  8. Marquisate of Portomaggiore
  9. Marquisate of Rovigo
  10. Marquisate of Sassuolo
  11. Marquisate of Vignola
  12. Marquisate of Zocca


ISO 4217 code MDT
Central bank BPM
Date of introduction 1598
User(s) Modena Flag (1861 HF) Modena
Inflation 0.85%
 Source The World Factbook, 2010 est.
 1/100 centesimo
 centesimo c.
Nickname cent
Plural centesimi
 Freq. used 5c., 10c., 20c., 50c., ₮1, ₮2
 Rarely used 1c., 2c., ₮5
 Freq. used ₮5, ₮10, ₮20, ₮50, ₮100,
 Rarely used ₮200, ₮500

The Thaler is the currency of Modena; it was introduced in 1598. It is pegged to the dollar (1=1.43 MDT).


  • 1 c.
  • 2 c.
  • 5 c.
  • 10 c.
  • 20 c.
  • 50 c.
  • ₮1
  • ₮2
  • ₮5


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