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On December 3rd, 1989 when Mikhail Gorbachev - the Soviet leader at the tiTemplate:Modern Soviet Unionme - was soon to be expecting a meeting with George Bush aboard a cruise ship in Malta’s Marsaxlokk Harbour he had a sniper placed on St Lucian’s tower to assassinate George Bush. When George Bush was aboard a dingy heading toward the cruise ship toward the meeting the sniper shot at the dingy, the sniper was supposed to shoot George Bush but the fog clouded his scope creating major difficulty for a clear shot so he ended up hitting the dingy‘s hull and port causing flooding of the ship. The sniper then shot George Bush, George Bush survived the shot but the bullet was made entirely of lead. The lead had seeped into his veins and was making route to his heart. The sniper then shot again, hitting the captain and four of George Bush’s bodyguards. The dingy was sinking quickly and was being whipped around by the unfavourable weather leading to more phobia by onlookers. A shot hit the fuel tank ending the assassination. The sniper was then sent to a gulag in Siberia where he was killed. Three days later Mikhail ordered a full-scale attack on North America, within a week Alaska’s coast on the Bering Strait and Sea were captured. A few supply lines were established on the Aleutian islands. This helped the army greatly, slowly the USSR captured the Kenai peninsula. Anchorage’s many military bases pushed the USSR back to Kodiak Island, slowly the other US states helped Alaska but supplies were limited since the United States of America had collapsed due to political instability. The major former states such as California and Texas sent troops and funds. The District of Columbia also helped by sending funds to Alaska. This greatly effected the USSR, which at the time had been experiencing a independence movement in the Baltic States. They were pushed all the way back in the North to Kotzebue and Bethel in the south. Slowly the USSR fled from Alaska but then they decided to make amends with with the PRC (People’s republic of China) by issuing a formal apology over the Sino-Soviet split and that they were wrong with the PRC having the one true great Communist ideology. This led to major funding and a new plan in the making to recapture Alaska. They planned to first capture the Aleutian islands and make their way to Anchorage. With their major military bases gone Alaska could only established more and use their naval base heavily extending their military and funds. The PRC was then to capture Taiwan and attack California, then both of them were to contact the communist countries in the Caribbean and South America to attack Texas and Florida stopping major funds and troops to being sent to Alaska. This plan was then put into action on the 29th of December with funding from the PRC the USSR captured all of the Aleutian islands. They then captured Kodiak island on the 31st of December and were making progress, then on the 2nd of January, 1990 the PRC contacted and Funded Cuba and Venezuela. They took a week to get their armies together but they finally did it and they sailed toward Texas, they then majorly improved the three naval bases on the North Western coast of Cuba. This led to more ships being sent and then on 11th of January they sent a spy to Guantanamo Bay, they then took control of Guantanamo and sent major ships to the District of Columbia and took out most of the coastal military bases on the way. Florida was then attack and then on the 16th of January, Houston was captured leading to a planned attack of Austin, Texas. With the attacks and capture of the major funders of Alaska the USSR finally captured Anchorage but not after losing Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and now rebels were in Tajikistan fighting for independence. They were quickly stopped but worry found its way into the heart of the USSR. With Anchorage captured Alaska’s main military bases were finally captured. The USSR utilised the bases for their own purposes, capturing the remaining military bases in Alaska, on the 18th of January the Air force base was captured in Bethel and then another in Fairbanks. This led to the surrounding settlements being captured and forced to join the army, the settlements were then turned into military settlements of where food was cultivated and tanks were built. Then on the 20th of January, Austin and Washington DC were captured leading to cities surrounding them being captured and within a fortnight Texas was captured and the population was forced to join the army. South and South-Eastern Texas were turned into a military settlements and the rest of Texas was bases being constructed and utilised. On the third of February NATO finally fought back leading to a USSR capturing the Eastern areas of the snow belt on the 8th of February. They then captured Ottawa on the 13th of February and then Toronto on the 15th, Montreal on the 17th. The USSR then started to capture the Western coast of Canada with naval invasions from the PRC, they finally invaded Vancouver on the 2nd of March leading to the capture of Canada. During that time the former US states that had not been captured grouped together and were funded by NATO, they then attacked the USSR and were making progress but then the USSR sent aircraft to bomb the cities and military bases leading to the capture of the remaining states. On the 7th of March PRC planned to invade the surrounding nations with backing from the USSR, they built major military bases in the Himalayas and on the border with Indochina. By the 1st of April, 1990 the PRC had invaded Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, the twin Koreas and the Philippines. They had already constructed major military bases in the capitals and large cities of each country. They were focusing heavily on Indochina, Bhutan and Nepal. They were preparing to invade Bangladesh and Northern India. On the 7th of April they completed the major military bases and were starting to send militia toward India and Bangladesh when bombs was dropped all over the Himalayas, they had hit India mostly but the bombs had taken out four of their major air force and military bases. A second wave hit North America on the 10th of April but mostly unimportant bases were destroyed, then a fleet was sent to bomb a few major bases in Washington DC which was now named ”Amerigrad R.A“ (Russian: Америград Р.А.) Three bases and two factories were destroyed and major chunk of the equipment stored was destroyed. The bomb also killed hundreds of thousands, and it destroyed ten airplanes, two aircraft carriers, five submarines, 14 ships and one bomb that was being constructed. Fortunately it had been only one-quarter complete so no major damage had been done. A group of ten supply ships sailed from Havana and another group of 19 supply aircraft flew from Austin, now named Mikhailiagrad (Russian: Михаиляград). Within two months the entire city was rebuilt and people were moved in, construction began immediately and within two days two ships were built and three state-of-the-art aircraft had been commissioned by Mikhail Gorbachev. By the 2nd of June the PRC had captured Bangladesh Northern India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Malaysian Peninsula. They then, again started constructing military bases. most of the countries that were captured earlier already had their military bases constructed but Malaysia and Vietnam had not. On the 5th of June a bombing was planned, the bombs were to be dropped on, Scandinavia, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic states. They would then capture as much land as possible. When that had occurred they’d move onto Stage Two, they would bomb London, Paris, Bonn and Warsaw. They would capture all the land they could get and establish puppet states and create a unified communist Germany. This plan was only half completed. On the 30th of June the USSR bombed Finland, the Baltic, Scandinavia and then Denmark. They took all of the land except for Southern Denmark and West Scandinavia which took five weeks. They then began construction on more military bases. A month past and a few skirmishes had depleted oil reserves in the nations, a supply fleet was expected in two days. Two days past and their supplies had been stocked up and they were prepared for Stage Two. Ten airplanes were chosen to become suicide bombers. The other 35 were fine. Their main mission was to destroy major ports and airstrips, also bases and factories. A week later, on the 14th of September two suicide bombers and six airplanes flew out and bombed Bonn, the suicide bombers flew into the oil barrels but one was instructed to destroy the major military base where 50% of Germany’s weapons were constructed. The airplanes returned home on the 17th, their heads hanged low because four of their best friends had died. One had been shot down on the 15th, a day after the successful bombing. They buried his belongings in a casket the next day built and more aircraft, ships and tanks were being constructed in the factories all around the base. On “back rigorously with their major naval base in Juneau and was slowly winning. The USSR then bombed Juneau on the 16th ending what is now known as the Alaskan Winter War. After that they and the sniper were sent to a gulag in Moscow so that people could not find him. The aftermath of the assassination led to the Soviet Union taking control of Alaska, the Western coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. On January 5th the Western half of Yukon territory. NATO intervened and the Soviet Union drew back to Yukon and Alaska. The Soviet Union then was slowly abolished and only Russia was left, and Russia was only half Communist peace and harmony Russian: Современный Советский Союз Uzbek: Zamonaviy Sovet Ittifoqi Tajik: Иттиҳоди Шӯравӣ Kazak: Қазіргі Кеңес Одағы) is a timeline created by Apølłö in 2017 which exists to this day. When the Cold War finally ended it hadn’t been won by either side but instead a peace treaty had been reached. The NATO nations had over-extended their military and decided that it’d be in the alliance’s best interest to offer a peace treaty to the USSR. This treaty’s name was the Treaty of Diomede (Russian: Договор Диомеда), it got its name from the Diomede Islands which are halfway between the USSR and Alaska. 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