Modern Standard Punic (MSP: ⵒⵡⵓⵜ ⵃⴷⵄⵛⵜ pūt hadašt – "New Phoenician"), known simply as Punic (MSP: ⵒⵡⵓⵜ Pūt) and sometimes Modern Carthaginian, is the standard form of the Punic language spoken by the people of the modern North African nation of Carthage. Modern Standard Punic was constructed from surviving inscriptions and transcriptions of the original Punic language, as well as large portions of Hebrew, Arabic, and Amazigh. It is written in a modified Tifinagh script derived from Neo-Tifinagh. 


Modern Standard Punic is written in a modified Tifinagh alphabet, which is an impure abjad. There are 28 letters and one long vowel indicator in the Modern Punic Alphabet and it is written left to right. 

Name Letter Pronunciation Transliteration
Alf a
Bet b
Dalt d
Gaml g
En e
Fi f
Pi p
He h
Waw w/u
Yod i/y
Yo  o
Taw t
Shin š
Tsade ts
Qop q
Ruš r
Semk s
Kap k
Lamd l
Mem m
Nun n
Long Vowel ā/ē/ī/ō/ū
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