Principality of Modocland
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Modocland (The Kalmar Union) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Kan Hagakni
Language Modoc
Prince Keintpoos III
Population 29,100 
Currency CLY

The Principality of Modocland, Modocland, Moatokni Maklak, is a small autocratic monarchy in western Leifia. It is bordered (from due North, clockwise) by Shastaland, Kidütökadö, Achumawiland and Wintuland. The capital is Kan Hagakni and the population is around 29,000.

The Head of State is Prince Keintpoos III.

The official language is Modoc.

The currency is the Chinese Leifian Yuan (CLY).


The least-populated sovereign nation of Leifia, Modocland nestles in the Snjorjamaerkafoll mountains. Before the arrival of the Álengsk army in (see Atsugkriga) the Modoc tribe, like most other tribes of the mountains were nomadic hunters however once the Álengsk installed themselves as lords of the gold producing Snjorjamark tribal movement was halted and separate principalities carved out.

Supported by the Patwin League (see Chinese Leifia) the Modoc developed the rich farmlands of the valleys and began to exploit the gold and other minerals found in the mountains. During the Wars of Patwin Partition Modocland was briefly occupied by Natinixwa and for much of the 18th century it paid fealty to them rather than the declining Patwin kings. Only when Chinese forces finally usurped the kings did the Modoc revert to join their old allies. With Chinese money fortresses guarding the passes were constructed and still loom over the main east-west roads. The easternmost fort at Kumbat held out against both the Mexic army in 1790-92 during the Second Mexic-Leifian War and the Álengsk during the brief Álengsk-Chinese War of 1836-37.

Cost-effective mining has all but been exhausted now and small scale farming supports most of the population. It is estimated only 1 in 8 Modoc actually live in the Principality, the rest are scattered throughout other Chinese Leifian League states.


An autocracy, all decisions are made by the reigning Prince, currently Keintpoos III. He is supported by a small appointed council. There are no free elections.

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