Alternative History
Principality of Moldavia
Țara Moldovei
Timeline: Ninety-Five Theses (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Moldavia
(and largest city)
Official languages Romanian
Regional languages Church Slavonic
Ethnic groups  Moldovans
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Demonym Moldavian
Government Principality
 -  Prince Bogdan III
 -  Foundation of the Moldavian mark 1346 

Moldavia (Romanian: Moldova), officially the Principality of Moldavia (Romanian: Țara Moldovei) is a nation in southeastern Europe.



Under Prince Bogdan III (who took the throne in 1504), the country carried out a number of government reforms to make administration more efficient and effective. He also made the principality a vassal of the Ottoman Empire, for protection from enemies. Additionally, the military was increased to the size of 15,000 men and was also reformed under his rule. Several new infrastructure projects were begun during Bogdan III's reign, including a major one to improve the country's roads. He died in 1522, succeeded by his son Ştefan IV.

Government and politics

Princes since 1517

Rulers of Moldavia
Name Image Born From Until
Bogdan III Bogdan III.jpg 1470 (Huși) 2 July 1504 19 April 1522
Ştefan IV 033 - Bogdan cel Orb, Stefanita, Petru Rares.jpg 1506 (Suceava) 21 April 1522 Incumbent


Foreign affairs

Moldavia had close relations with the Ottoman Empire, being its vassal, and subordinated itself to it for protection. It also had good relations with the Principality of Rhodes, whose leader, Prince Phillipe I, was married to the daughter of Moldavian Prince Bogdan III. Moldavia also had an economic alliance with Wallachia.