Alternative History
Monegasque Kingdom
Royaume de Monaco
Reialmu de Múnegu
Reialme di Monaco
Regno de Mónegue

Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Monaco
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Monaco
Largest city Monaco
Other cities Aix-en-Provence
Monegasque and French are the only official languages
  others Italian and English
King Albert II
Minister of State Jean-Paul Proust
Area 32.556 km²
Independence 1297
Currency Monegasque Franc

Monaco was once one of the smallest nations in the world. Following Doomsday it has grown to be a larger state in European politics.


Monaco was the second smallest principality in Europe, as well as the second smallest country in the world, only Vatican City was smaller.



Surviving French citizens began in October of 1983 to petition Monaco for protection and asylum. The Grimaldi family, moved both out of concern for their neighbors and the stability of their nation, began to strengthen their hold on the surrounding region, using surviving French military forces as the Army of Monaco to defend those cities that would join them.

At best Monaco is a loose confederation of city-states, a restored feudal order of sorts, however it is consolidating into a more tightly-knit polity in face of increasing pressure from the Alpine Confederation. The Grimaldis, wishing to remain independent have pushed forward, bringing cities and local leaders into support of the kingdom, issuing fiefs and protection for their citizens. Because of the nuclear strikes in Marseilles and Montpelier, most of the western flank has been protected from the rougher elements of French survivors. Detente has been maintained with the northern Italian survivor states in the face of aggression from Sicily

A limited agreement with the Alpine Confederation was reached in 2000 to allow the Alpine Confederation's navy to dock in Monaco's territorial waters.

Monaco has instituted a sharp conscription and training program, ensuring that its citizens are ready to defend the nation against incursions from the west or east. Wary attention is given to the Alpine Confederation's movements in the north and northeast although the Confederation's intent seems benevolent. Monaco had not been approached by 2005 to participate in any treaty organizations, but a delegation made contact with France in late 2008.

International relations

Monaco is a member of the League of Nations. Following protracted discussions with the Alpine Confederation, the Grimaldis of Monaco agreed to allow use of all Monegasque ports to support the defensive maneuvers against Sicily in 2000, and later expanded in 2002, 2003 and 2005.