Alternative History
Presidency of Colombia

Timeline: Greater Colombia
President: José Tadeo Monagas
Vice-president: Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera
  Oficial 1853-1859
  Served 1853-1853
Previous period: Lopez, 1849
Next period: Melo, 1853
Notes: Monagas was deposed after a civil war lead by José María Melo

Monagas is elected president in April, 1853. Mosquera is elected again as vice-president.

Before Monagas took office as President, there was a rebellion of craftsmen led by General Melo. They soon took control of several cities including Bogotá. As well as the craftsmen Melo had a number of regular troops under his control.

Being the de facto ruler, Melo proclaimed himself president. In June, the main body of the Army and the Parliament, under pressure, ratified the presidency of Melo.