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Monarchist World is a timeline in which many different PODs are present which result in many of the world's monarchies that collapsed in OTL remaining in power.

Nations and Territories of the World

This list is a concept rather than a firm certainty as the timeline is still moving forward.


  • Empire of China;
  • Empire of Japan;
  • Kingdom of Korea (ends following Japanese invasion, I imagine, but not yet that far in the timeline);
  • Persia (Kingdom of Iran);
  • Maratha Empire (With British colonial interests focused in the Americas India doesn't fall to Company Rule under the East-India Trade Company);
  • Nanyue (under the empire of China);
  • Siam (Rattanakosin Kingdom);


  • Abyssinian Empire/Empire of Ethiopia;
  • Kingdom of Egypt;
  • Kingdom of Morocco;


  • Dutch Republic (a de facto hereditary monarchy that may become an official monarchy later though in OTL such only came after the defeat of Napoleon.);
  • German Empire? (might not even arise without the threat of Bonapartist's France, but such would still leave a number of German monarchies in the region - may even result in a German branch of the Habsburgs serving as Emperor; there is complications in uniting Germany under an Austrian monarch);
  • Great Britain ;
  • French Empire ;
  • Kingdom of Greece (I've not gotten into examining the Ottomans yet though I do desire to avoid the formation of the Republic of Turkey);
  • Kingdom of Italy (removal of most if not all Italian Republics is achieved by this though it implies 'romantic nationalism' which discerns that power derives from the bottom up and developed as a counter to dynastic rule and thus threatens the hold of Monarchism over this world);
  • Kingdom of Spain (has taken Portugal?);
  • Kingdom of Sweden (or the Kalmar Union becomes a United Kingdom);
  • Russian Empire/Tsardom of Russia;

North America

  • Kingdom of Hawaii;

South America

Main Points of Divergence

Religion and Monarchy

This section is largely in preparation for the article 'Theology (Monarchist World)' which will focus on interpretations of religious text that support Monarchy so that such interpretations can be made prominent in this timeline.

  • Christianity - Divine Election, Predestination; God ordains those who are born king.
  • Hinduism - Vedic establishment of the office of king revolves around legends in which a god (though which one various by legend) is crowned king of all other gods. Earthly kings are said to be established and made victorious by Soma and Savitr in the early Vedic hymns which were created when kings were chosen from chiefs. By the time of the Brahmins kings had become hereditary and how they were 'established' by the gods elaborated so that each king is created by the gods themselves before arriving at Earth in mortal form. Hindu texts establish the king's duties are to protect, punish and uphold the virtue of the people. The widowed, children, the destitute, and mentally ill are all to receive royal protection. It's stated in Manu 7:2 that a king is to establish order in a chaotic world for without him the world is chaos as it was before him.
  • Islam (Shia) - The Shia take on a Caliph (vice-regent to Allah) is that he should be an Imam descended from the 'Family of the House' (Muhammad). This position is prominent in the Monarchist World timeline. The downside, however, is that Monarchies in nations with an Islamic majority who are not descended from the Prophet nor headed by an Imam will experience some opposition.
  • Judaism - The Davidic Line is the ancestry of David, a king of Israel. In Judaism, it is believed that 'the Messiah' will rule the Jews during the Messianic Age. This future king is expected to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem, usher in an age of peace, and restore the Sanhedrin (rule of Judges), etc. This Messiah is to be of David's line through his father and anointed with holy oil. To Christians, the Messiah has already come, and the man who the Jews post -hrist acknowledge as 'the Messiah' will actually be the Anti-Christ whose rule as told in the Book of Revelations will see the kings of the Earth deceived by him and the world consumed in the ire while thousands if not billions die for the word of Christ. Those seeking to restore the line of David to the throne of Judah/Israel are Zionists who are working towards the aim of preparing for the Messiah king.
  • Shintoism

Non-Religious Support

Non-Religious Support or Secular Support for Monarchy comes largely from the efficiency of government under such a system but has other support. Eugenicists, for example, believe that Hereditary Monarchy is effective in generating the best leaders - people bred and schooled from an early age to handle matters of state. Eugenicists thus look at a Monarchs pedigree quite often and if a Monarchy subscribes to a scientific breeding program it's seen as all the better for the state by Eugenicists as hereditary woes that have been the bane of past monarchs (from inherited insanity to congenital defects) can be bred out for a strong, competent, and learned head of state. Monarchy also has non-religious support in that not everyone can be 'king' and internal power struggles only serve to hinder and damage the state; thus having a clear line of succession avoids such harmful conflict.

Althistory Wiki in Monarchist World

(While I can't say the internet as we know it would exist I have found myself thinking about what this site would be like and thus the following concepts)


Similar to OTL's version the administration of the wiki has modelled its aesthetics on a police force through without an FBI the force they drew from was something akin to Scotland Yard. That force is the "Temporal Protection Agency" or TPA.

Althistories of Note

  • Aristocracy - Aristocracy is a timeline that sees the Forbe in France end in a Parliamentary Victory giving power of the state to the nobility. It was originally created under the name 'Le French Aristocracy' but AtomicHoover imposed a shorter name. The timeline was quickly abandoned and put up for adoption by its creator who found the whole ordeal of researching the POD more confusing than they at first believed it would be. Someone else picked up on it and expanded it to a rise of Aristocracy in other nations.
  • Catholic Earth - An alternate history aimed at spreading Catholicism with a strong pope across the globe; establishing a form of Religious Monarchy on Earth with the Pope's Temporal Power affirmed.
  • Columbus Sails from Portugal - The timeline examines how Portugal may have handled colonization of the Caribbean in the place of Spain with the POD being King John II of Portugal financing Columbus's voyages. The administrator of the timeline has attempted to examine how the world would be impacted by such a title as 'Grand Admiral of the High Seas' of which Columbus requested. The administrator decided to have such a title evolve into a position that settles disputes on the high seas and may call upon the navies of any nation to enforce such settlements. Members of the wiki community have been sceptical of this but find it amusing.
  • Columbus Sails from England - The timeline has its POD being King Henry VII of England financing Columbus's voyages.
  • Democratic World - Democratic World is an AB- Biased timeline that sees the Parliamentary forces win the English Civil War, causing a domino effect that cascades throughout Europe and into the new world. It has a European war between a democratic liberal Europe (most of Europe) against the Tsardom of Russia with the Tsardom collapsing into a Republic. It sees most of Eastern Russia shatter into free states. Due to Monarchist World having never seen a massive successful democratic/republican government bias has led to China being fragmented republics (rather then the Republic of China we know in OTL) with only a few persons bringing up the Roman Republic as a counter to the bias but such persons are reminded of Caesar. Zhao and Han are examples of the Chinese Republics explored in this alternate history.
  • Pax Britannia - Pax Britannia is an AB-Biased timeline built around British conquest of the globe.
  • Spanish Rule - It's another AB-Biased timeline built around Spanish conquest of the globe. Its POD is the Spanish winning the Anglo-Spanish War which started in 1585. It's also on the Spanish Language site under the name Regla Español.
  • Virginian King - A timeline in which the Parliamentarians win the English Civil War and execute King Charles I causing the once united by the king's personal union British Isles to shatter into the republics of England, Scotland, and Wales while Charles II escapes to Virginia and takes on the direct governance of the colony as 'The Kingdom of Virginia'. The political fragmentation of the British isles is used as justification for no successful attempt by the victors of the Civil War to take Virginia and assumes that Berkeley would be capable of mounting a defence, especially with the king present citing royalist privateers who fought in North America during the English Civil War as further justification.

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