Alternative History

Monarchs of England (and other states) 1685 to 2009


James Charles Edward - King James II (of England) James VII (of Scotland) born 1635. Reigned 1685 - abdicated 1689, died 1701.

James Francis Edward - King James III (of England) James VIII (of Scotland) born 1688. Reigned 1689-1766.

Charles Edward - King Charles III, born 1720. Reigned 1766 - 1788.

Charlotte - Queen Charlotte I, born 1753. Reigned 1788 - 1789.


George William Fredrick Hanover - King George I, born 1738. Reigned 1789 - 1820. (Unification of English and Scottish thrones in 1801).

George Augustus Fredrick - King George II, born 1762. Prince regent 1811 - 1820, reigned 1820 - 1830.


Charlotte Augusta - Queen Charlotte II, born 1796, reigned 1830 - 1853.

William George Leopold - King William IV born 1817, reigned 1853 - 1876 also King William I of Belgium 1865 - 1876.

George Leopold Henry - King Henry IX born 1843, reigned 1876 - 1911.

Arthur David George - King George III, born 1870, reigned 1911 - 1915.


Victoria Mary - Queen Victoria, born 1888, reigned 1915 - 1919 (Changed family name to Windsor (after her favorite Castle) shortly before death in 1919).


William Michael James - King William V, born 1890. reigned 1919 - 1959, also Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia 1941 - 1959. In 1922 Ireland votes to remain part of the newly named United Kingdoms (comprising England (with Wales as part of it), Scotland, Ireland, America, Belgium and from 1941, Germany and Prussia)

William Fredrick George - King George IV, born 1925 reigned 1959 - 2008. In 1997 Wales declares independence from England, it takes King George IV as its monarch and is included in the United Kingdoms.

Fredrick George Albert, King George V born 1969, reigning 2008 to present, Upon the death of his mother Queen Margrethe II he will assume the throne of Denmark. (Denmark at this point will become part of the United Kingdoms)

Upon King George V death King George V's eldest son Prince Henry George Haakon will become King of Great Britain, America, Ireland, Belgium, Prussia, Denmark and Emperor of Germany, leader of the commonwealth (which contain 47 nations) and will probably take the name King George VI or less likely Henry X.

Upon the death of his mother, Prince Henry George Haakon will also assume the throne of Norway, at this point Norway will become part of the United Kingdoms.

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