Tsar of Alaska
Coat of Arms of Alaska (The American Republics)
Coat of arms of Alaska
HRH Prince Michael of Kent 62 Allan Warren
Nicholas III
since 13 August 2000
Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent Peter, Tsesarevich of Alaska
First monarch Nicholas II of Russia and Alaska
Formation 2 October 1918
Residence Alexandrov Palace

The Tsar of Alaska (Russian: Аляскинские царь) is the hereditary ruler and head of state of the Tsardom of Alaska. According to the Alaskan Constitution of 1972, the Tsar is a constitutional monarch, and is the foundation of the executive, legislature, and judiciary in the federal and each state jurisdiction. The Tsar is the personification of the Alaskan state and, as a matter of constitutional law, is Alaska. The current and fourth Alaskan Tsar, since 13 August 2000, is Tsar Nicholas III. Imperial succession is determined according to common and statute law, which stipulates the throne is inherited by the sovereign's eldest living, Russian Orthodox child or, in the case of a childless sovereign, the nearest collateral line. As such, Nicholas' son, Tsesarevich Peter, is heir apparent.

As all executive authority is vested in the Tsar, their assent is required to allow for bills to become law and for letters patent and orders in council to have legal effect. While the power for these acts stems from the Alaskan people through the constitutional conventions of democracy, executive authority remains vested in the Crown and is only entrusted by the Tsar to his government on behalf of the people, underlining the Crown's role in safeguarding the rights, freedoms, and democratic system of government of Alaskans, and reinforcing the fact that "governments are the servants of the people and not the reverse". Thus, within a constitutional monarchy the sovereign's direct participation in any of these areas of governance is limited, with the Tsar's normally exercising executive authority only on the advice of the executive committee of the State Council of Alaska, with the Tsar's legislative and judicial responsibilities largely carried out through the deputies of the State Duma as well as judges and justices of the peace. The Tsar today primarily functions as a guarantor of continuous and stable governance and a nonpartisan safeguard against abuse of power, the Tsar acting as a custodian of the Crown's democratic powers and a representation of the "power of the people above government and political parties".

The Alaskan monarchy was first formed in 1918 following the establishment of Nicholas II as its first Tsar, 13 years after being overthrown in the Russian Revolution of 1905. The Monarchy of Alaska considers itself to be a continuation of that of the Russian Empire. From its beginnings as a restoration of the former Russian autocratic regime in Alaska, the Tsardom gradually evolved through successive monarchs and governments into its present form as a constitutional monarchy.

List of Tsars

at time of accession
Arms Birth
Death Claim
Nicholas II
Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov
2 October 1918

1 August 1925
Nicholas II by Boissonnas & Eggler c1909 18 May 1868
Alexander Palace
Son of Alexander III of Russia and Maria Feodorovna of Russia
Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine
Winter Palace
26 November 1894
5 children
1 August 1925
Alexandrov Palace
aged 57
Alaskan Constitution of 1918
Alexis II
Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov
1 August 1925

3 October 1927
George Alexandrovich of Russia by V.P.Mischenko (1892) 12 August 1904
Son of Nicholas II of Russia and Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia
Princess Alexandrine of Prussia
Berlin Cathedral
13 October 1923
2 children
3 October 1927
Alexandrov Palace
aged 23
Son of Nicholas II
Alexander IV
Alexander Alexeievich Romanov
3 October 1927

13 August 2000
Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, 1937 23 May 1925
Alexandrov Palace
Son of Alexei, Tsesarevich of Alaska and Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna of Alaska
Princess Irene of the Netherlands
Alexandrov Palace
15 June 1955
4 children
13 August 2000
New Arkhangelsk Hospital
aged 75
Son of Alexis II
Nicholas III
Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov
13 August 2000

HRH Prince Michael of Kent 62 Allan Warren 3 October 1957
Alexandrov Palace
Son of Alexander IV and Maria Feodorovna of Alaska
Olga Dmitrievna Volkova
New Arkhangelsk Cathedral
17 January 1979
3 children
Living Son of Alexander IV
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