Alternative History

The Monterey Lawless Zone is a term used by the government of the Chumash Republic to designate what used to be the county of Monterey.

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Monterey County suffered greatly from Doomsday it so far at least three known nuclear weapons hit the area, destroying Salinas, Fort Ord, and Fort Hunter Liggett. Like most regions of the world this one fell into anarchy soon after Doomsday, criminals, rioters and looters ruling the streets for the years after. Some 15,000 civilians are believed to have died.

Outlaws Rule

The exact date is not known exactly, but sometime after Doomsday outlaws began to take the streets, dividing the area up into gang enclaves. The more peaceable survivors were at the whim of the various gangs that ruled the towns across the county. These outlaws lived a life very similar to that of the Wild West Era, robbing, looting and otherwise doing whatever they wanted. Violent gang wars quickly erupted, and it is believe 5,000 "civilian" casualties occurred from the gang wars alone.

Possibilities of Joining Chumash or Santa Cruz

In 2000 the region gained a southern neighbor in the form of the Chumash Republic, and soon after it gained a more violent one to the north, Santa Cruz. The raiding bands of outlaws were soon killed off or driven out by the slave raiders of Santa Cruz traveling through the zone, ostensibly to raid Chumash. Any outlaws who tried to attack Chumash were killed or arrested.

In 2010 Chumash enacted the Expansion of Land Act, extending its claim to territory in what had been San Luis Obispo County. While the Act was originally to include the abandoned town of Monterrey, President Vincent Armenta struck the clause from the legislation, claiming he did want his nation to appear as a ruthless expansionist. Santa Cruz showed no interest in expanding its territory, but due to the frequent amount of raiders passing through the area it might have been considered de facto Santa Cruz territory. With the successful Californian invasion and annexation of Santa Cruz, the Republic has stated that they are executing plans to clean up Monterey County, and hopefully rebuild the abandoned city of Monterey.