Alternative History

The Spanish had intended an invasion of the mainland of Mexico but were taken in a ruse by the wise Aztecs. Leading the Spaniards into a trap on one of the bridges of Tenochtitlán, Cortés and his men were trapped. As Cortés was being dragged off by four Aztec warriors, Cristobal de Olea threw himself forward to save his leader, only to be slain as well.

In a matter of hours Cortés and his sixty men were taken to the Great Temple, forced to dance before the Aztec god of war, Huitzilopochtli, their hands and faces flayed, and their beating hearts torn from their chests. The heart of Cortés was sent to his men to be returned to the King and Queen of Spain as a witness to their ferocity against such would-be invaders.

In exchange for their lives, the few surviving men of Cortés were forced to surrender all their knowledge of technology before they escaped. One of Cortés' men, Francisco Diaz goes insane during his Aztec captivity. The Aztecs believe he is touched by the Gods and treat him with great respect. It is from Diaz that the Aztecs gain most of their knowledge about Spain, the Old World, its politics and technologies (see The Codices of Francisco Diaz). Diaz also dictates the "Aztec Bible" and is considered the father of the cannibal Cult of Jesus Christzalcoatl. The Aztec had learned, and sent embassies to the south and north, to recruit those other native nations to the cause of defense against the white invaders, speaking of their cruelty, treachery and deceptions.

The Inca were prepared for Pizarro and the rest of the western empires were forewarned and Spain's colonial interests were thwarted.

Rumors abound of the existence of the Anasazi, but none have ever been substantiated. Some suspect it is fueled by the Zuni or Hopi OIndians, as a means to protect their lands from the British American States.

The Aztec nation did not survive much past the 16th century, but strong mezo-American states took its place, leading to a native confederation that resulted in limited coastal colonies for the Spanish, which, toward the end of the 18th century were integrated into the mezo-American kingdoms and chiefdoms.

Spain, blocked in America, turns against North Africa. This starts a European swamping of North Africa and the Middle East, culminating in the Battles of Jerusalem in 1698 and Mecca in 1724, showing a complete reversal for the Muslim world, with Sunni Muslims relegated to an extreme minority status.