Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Buzzard's Bay
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Language English, Lóspíx (Moorish)
Ethnic Group Jersites, Yonkers, Moors
Demonym Moorsbayer
Government Elected Council
Population ~50,000 
Established 1972
Currency Various

Moorsbay is a settlement in Buzzard's Bay. It is one of the few cities with significant Moorish population, and is an important trade city on the East Coast.


In 1972, Settlers from Jersey founded a small trading outpost near the Water, shipping fish and salt inland, and shipping copper, lumber, and furs outward. As new merchants came, the City grew naturally, and trade with other city states became the bread and butter of its people. Over the next twenty years, many more settlers from all over the coast, including many Moors settled in this new port. Moors make up about 30% of the population, mostly working class, but with some merchants. Other minorities include Yonkers, Kweinzers, and Jersites.

Historical Accounts

One Major historical account of early Moorsbay is "Trun Cha Abawt Murzba" (Good/Great Tales of Moorsbay). It is unknown who wrote the short novel (notably written in dialect), as it has been transcribed many times. The original copy is written upon various collections of parchment and wood pulp paper in Moorish Cursive, and kept in the Historical Vaults of Yale at the behest of Moorish Historical Enthusiasts. In New Yonkers, bound books are printed and shipped to all manner of locations, in Moorish, English, and Russian.

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