Alternative History

This is a list of events in the Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff universe.

  • A Reich Divided... 1947: Hitler dies, civil war in Germany.
  • Cold War 1948: A cold war begins between Germany and the United States.
  • Balance of power 1948: The United States and the Soviet Union plan a joint attack against Germany.
  • Endgame 1949: The final phase of World War 2 begins...
  • Cold War part II 1950: Nazi Germany and the USA compete for World Domination
  • Escalation 1969: A new president is elected...
  • Pax Americana 1995: The Third Reich Collapses, and the USA is the world's only superpower.
  • A New Enemy 2001: Terrorists attack the United States, and World War 3 is on the horizon...