Herr Werners Weihnachten (Parlour Games)
Directed by Eberhard Kleinfeld
Written by Klaus Quidde, Marlene Wensing
Starring Geoge Artus

Marlene Wensing
George Serner
Anna Lang
Hans Wedemeier
Jens Dehnkamp

Solveig von Garnier
Studio DFA (Dortmund Film AG)
Release date(s) 10th December, 2014
Running time 15 minutes
Country Imperial City of Dortmund
Language German intertitles

Herr Werners Weihnachten, Mr. Werner's Christmas, is a 2014 comedy film featuring much of the talent from Dortmund Studios. Intended as a short bonus for audiences before main features many parlours have been overwhelmed with demand and are now advertising it as a main attraction.

Several cast members and the production crew have said it was only intended as a bit of fun, especially following the long and troubled production of Dortmund Studio's flagship film Infinity and have been taken aback by the positive reception it has been given by the public.

Set over a whirlwind fifteen minutes the film sees the tired Mr Werner leave work, being jostled by crowds on the tram, arrive home and attempt to relax for Christmas. However he is continually disturbed by neighbours, friends and family looking for food, drink and money. His final visitor is his daughter, played by Solveig von Garnier, who brings supplies and decorations to brighten up his house.

The character of Mr. Werner is played by the pioneering slapstick actor Georg Artus who was enticed out of retirement by Klaus Quidde and Marlene Wensing's script.

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