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Tsardom of Muscovy
Timeline: Knightfall

OTL equivalent: Western Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Novgorod, Kiev
Language Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
Demonym Muscovite
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature National Assembly
Tsar Alexis I
Established 1283 (as Grand Duchy under Mongols)
Independence from Mongol Empire
  declared 1529
  recognized 1532

The Tsardom of Muscovy is an Eastern European nation. It achieved independence from the Mongols in 1529 with the help of the English. It was then called the Grand Duchy of Muscovy and was called that until the Anarchy began. During that time, several people attempted to seize control, but Michael Romanov, with the help of William III of England, won and became the Tsar.


Independence from the Mongols

Muscovy became important when the Mongols attacked. Daniel I was one of the first princes to ally with the Mongols in order to raise the city to power. His son Yuriy was given the title of Grand Duke of Vladimir-Suzdal. When Tver rebelled against the Mongols, Muscovy helped put down the rebellion.

Muscovy remained loyal to the Mongols in order to continue prospering, but when the Golden Horde began to face rebellions in the south, the Muscovites also decided to rebel.

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