Music has been greatly influenced by the events of Doomsday and the new hardships it has imposed on humanity. A large swath of musical genres exist, and this page documents the musical landscape now present in the world.

Musical Artists

Some of the popular pre-Doomsday musical artists and groups survived Doomsday and still play their music for the world today. Other new artists and groups have appeared since Doomsday. Here's a list of some of the most popular musical artists and groups:

Musical Genres

There are many different genres of music, and on the majority of music stations seem to make the general divide between pre-Doomsday and post-Doomsday music. Some of the more unique post-Doomsday musical genres can be found below:

  • Siberian rock music takes its roots both in the Western rock and roll and heavy metal, and in traditions of the Russian bards of Soviet era, like Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava. Krasnoyarsk, Sovetskaya Gavan and Ulan-ude have become the main centres of development of the rock music.
  • Siberian pop music developed from what was known in the Soviet times as estrada into full-fledged industry, with some performers gaining international recognition.
  • Tibetan Yak Thrash Metal is a style of thrash metal focusing on drum rolls, heavy rifts and band members who usually wear Yak wool clothing; worn originally in order to stay warm in open air concerts in Tibet, but now a lot of the Yak wool is used in creating large hair extensions to emphasize the band's head-banging.
  • Anarcho-Punk Rock, a form of Punk Rock characterized by dark lyrics, abstract guitar solos and emphasis on vocals, while mostly ignoring central beats.
  • Australian Electro, a form of Alt Rock characterized by heavy use of synths, upbeat lyrics and tone, and emphasis on beat, while ignoring vocals, for the most part. Many Australian Electro bands, like Silky Ion and Electric Treason, reference their genre in their name.
  • Pirate Rock, a form of rock or Power Metal, characterized by pirate-like beats.
  • Power Punk, a form of Punk rock which mainly features strong beats with vocals, and little freedom with the guitar. It often uses synths to create other worldly background beats.
  • Portuguese Rock, a form of Rock which is very soft and almost all times the music is about love, divorce, separations in dating and things related with love and it's very popular in February.

Radio Stations

Music in the post-Doomsday world is spread mostly by the radio, which is now the dominant media platform, since almost all known nations have some sort of radio network for government or civilian use (or both), and most people have easy, affordable access to both home and portable radios.

An overview of the current state of radio across the globe can be found here here.

Some radio broadcasts can also be found in the Media archive.

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