Muskogean Republic
Flag of the Creek Nation
Location of Muskogee Map Muskogee (VegWorld)
Official languages Muskogee, English, other languages official in their specific areas
Capital Jackson
Largest City Jackson
Population 2,152,000
HDI 0.862
Republic formed 1858
Currency Muskogee Dollar (MKD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Mississippi, eastern half of Tennessee, some northern parts of Alabama and Georgia, and northwestern South Carolina

The Muskogean Republic was formed in 1858, soon after which the southern provinces of New England seceded and invaded the new nation. After the Great Pemhakamik War, Muskogee had increased its area, taking some northern parts of the Confederate States. Although the population used to be quite spread out, now by far the highest population density is gathered in cities near the Mississippi River.



63% Non-vegetarian
37% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

59% Muskogee (Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, (Florida) Seminole, etc)
14% Multi-race
12% European
06% Natchez (=Nochi)
04% Yuchi
03% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal
02% other


48% Christian
23% Catholic
17% Protestant
08% Quaker
20% Non-religious
18% Cathar
13% Aboriginal beliefs
01% other
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