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Muslim conquest of Transoxiana
Saracen Jihad
Date Between 7th century and 8th century
Location Transoxiana, Turkestan, Central Asia
Result Muslim victory
  • Islamization of Transoxiana
  • Spread of Islam amongst the Turks
Umayyad Flag Umayyad Caliphate Türgesh Kaghanate

Göktürk Empire

Sogdian rebels
Transoxianian allies

Commanders and leaders
Umayyad Flag Qutayba ibn Muslim

Umayyad Flag Muslim ibn Sa'id †
Umayyad Flag Al-Kharashi
Umayyad Flag Junayd ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Murri
Umayyad Flag Sawra ibn al-Hurr al-Abani
Umayyad Flag Sa'id ibn Amr al-Harashi
Umayyad Flag Asad ibn Abd Allah al-Qasri
Umayyad Flag Nasr ibn Sayyar

Suluk Khagan

al-Harith ibn Surayj
Kapagan Khan
Bilge Qaghan
Kul Tigin
Divashtich †
Karzanj †


The Muslim Conquest of Transoxiana, also known as the Arab Conquest of Transoxiana, refers to the conquest and conversion of the region of Transoxiana by the Muslim Arabs as part of the Muslim conquests.

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