Cabinet Members

State: Noam Chomsky

Treasury: H. Ross Perot

Transportation: Jesse Ventura

Labor: Jan Pierce

Agriculture: Jim Hightower

Energy: Bernie Sanders

Chief of Staff: David Cobb

Congressional Election Results

Other National Election Changes

2001: A Year of Terror

January came as President-Elect Nader would be sworn in front of the weary American people. Nader would outline strong eco friendly policies and to bring the "US into the era of 21st Century" and to honor Human Rights across the globe. These comments to relay to the radical shakeup of the foreign policy of the United States as President Nader and State Secretary Chomsky would draw up in February after the long confirmation of Noam Chomsky as State Secretary. Chomsky said that there wouldn't be "double standards" any more. President Nader would try and build support from Democrats in the Congress to aid him to support the bills he wants passed and this would go on for months as some in the media would label the Nader Administration as the "Nothing from Nader" Administration. As Nader had said, he would try and get a Healthcare Reform Act passed but Republican attacked this as the Democratic coalition foundation was not even enough as many other Democrats were bitter at Nader for costing them the election still. The only strong suppport was the few Greens that were elected in the 2000 Congressional elections. The Healthcare Reform Act was destroyed as some said and tested this coalition of supportive Democrats "Nadercrats" as they were called and Greens. Nader's approval ratings would be at 50% approval with the other 50% being disapprove or not sure.

Tragedy struck the country on September 11th, 2001 as President Nader would have been at a kindergarten photo op and would be informed that plane had just hit one of the World Trade Center Tower, the Twin Towers as they were called and would quickly leave the photo op. Nader would order that the FAA ground all flights and to assemble his national security team (Defense Secretary, State Secretary, Joint Chiefs, etc.) in Washington. There President Nader would be told that they had little evidence on the who's and why's and what's. Nader would shortly make an emergency declaration to the nation only shortly after the the second plane hit the Twin Towers, at this emergency speech to the country President Nader would say that the whole administration and agencies are working to find out who did this and orchestrated the attacks and would say that anyone who has family in New York City to surprisingly "to pray". Nader would soon leave and fly to "Ground Zero" in New York City and would call for anyone that could help to come immediately.

Nader would find out that the terrorist group Al Qaeda was a major perpetrator in the attacks on the nation and would say in an press conference that the United States, along with other nations, would find the backers and leaders in the major terrorist groups and bring them to justice by any means. This 'by any means" would become a international commando force to find and by "laser-like" use to break the back of the terrorist groups. All of this would be cloaked in a shady veil and would become Operation: Hunter. After the attacks, Nader gained a large boost in approval but many were worried about these veiled plans.

2002: A Year of Justice and Cost

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