The Napoleonic Age was a period of history from 1815 to ???? marked by great cultural, technological, and political changes throughout the world. The Napoleonic Age is generally accepted to have begun with the signing of the Treaty of Prague on 20 October 1815. The French Empire is regarded as having been the most powerful and influential country in the world during this period, though occasionally had its place challenged by Russia, the United Kingdom and others.

The point of divergence is early June 1815, when Napoléon Bonaparte occupied Brussels and then withdrew in the face of two Coalition armies (the Anglo-allied army under Wellington and the Prussian army under Blücher). Most importantly, Napoléon then scored major victories on 16 June at Ligny and Quatre-Bras (more so than OTL), causing greater casualties to the enemy armies at a cost of fewer French lives. This then had a drastic impact on the history of Europe, as the Emperor was able to eek out a victory at the Battle of Waterloo, shattering the British and Prussian armies and allowing him space to breathe. He then went on to defeat Archduke Charles at the Battle of Fürth, ending the War of the Seventh Coalition and ushering in the Napoleonic Age.

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