The World Before the Game Started


Napoleon decided not to invade Russia or betray Spain.

After invading Portugal - whose royalty fled to Brazil - , and starting a spectacular naval program, he took control of the English Channel for 21 hours, and invaded England, taking London by storm, and Great Britain surrendered.

In the Americas, many areas in New Spain were sold to the United States due to major financial problems, and in 1811, they -the U.S- declared war on Great Britain after urged by Napoleon, but failed to capture Canada, due to a very aggressive British defence, though, they - the Brits - lost some land to the Americans....

For the next years, Europe remained peaceful, under a Bonaparte rule, even with the reign of Napoleon II, in which France conquered Egypt from the Ottomans and expanded into Asia and Africa. In the United States, the American Civil War went in favor of the Confederate States with the support of the French Empire. And so the U.S was divided in to two. In South America, Portugal lives on in Brazil. After Simon Bolivar united much of South America, democratic Grand Colombia was formed, but the Joint Governments of South America is another rising power in South America. Spain is collapsing, and their vast remaining colonies in Central America cry for help, may it be from the United States, the Confederates or Grand Colombia; who knows, maybe even the British.

Greece declared independence defeating massive Ottoman forces with acts of miracles.

In Europe, in the year 1892, Napoleon III has the throne, Great Britain thirsts for revenge for their defeat that was more than 80 years ago, Prussia and Russia also look eager to reclaim French puppet-state Poland, and German States in the Rhine.

The United States looks north to Canada, and also looks to French African Colonies. The Confederates -who have modernized socially and share a bond with the U.S- look toward Spanish possessions in Central America.

And which side will the powers of Asia -China and Japan- side with if France the great powers of the France and Great Britain go to war, and events over time could possibly put the two colonial powers of France and Great Britain, against each other, which would start the Sixth Napoleonic War, or worse, the Great War



  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: (Anti-French): CrimsonAssassin 22:03, April 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Poland Kingdom of Poland: (Neutral) (Isolated, surrounded by enemies.) Bobalugee1940
  • Flag of Rhineland Confederation of the Rhine (French Puppet State): (Faces aggressive Austria.) Callumthered 05:13, April 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Spain Kingdom of Spain: (Economically recovering, though still has major problems) (Pro-French)
  • Flag of Italy Italian Union (Pro-French) (Center of Roman Catholicism, faces anti-French Austria from the east): AwesomePeruvian 19:35, April 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Portugal Republic of Portugal: (Newly independent, large prosperous colonies) (Anti-French)


  • Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Empire of China: (Large, peasant army, mediocre navy, easy hold to vast lands, quick expansion, weak against professional armies.) (Pro-French) Octiman10
  • Flag of Japan Japan: (Powerful navy, professional army.) Enclavehunter 22:33, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

North America

  • US flag 48 stars United States of America: (Prefers French over the British, allied with CSA, strong economy): AttackDog 00:47, April 3, 2012, (UTC)
  • Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865) Confederate States of America: (Pro-French,Social problems due to lack of workforce, allied with the U.S) TacoCopper

South America

  • Flag of Colombia Republic of Gran Colombia: (Major power in S. American.) (Highly anti-Spanish, and thus, indirectly, anti-French)


1.) One head mod, one sub-head mod, four mods.

2.) Please, be plausible, France cannot invade all of Russia in one turn, invade the British while they have control of the seas with the Royal Navy, and invade all of Africa in three turns and have a healthy economy.

3.) One nation per user.

4.) All negotiations must take place in the talk page, and presented in the main game as a final result.

5.) Mods are the only ones who can make natural disaster, social unrest, formation of rebel groups in an area, etc.

6.) You cannot just say "Begins economic reform," and in the next turn, have a booming economy. Especially with collapsing nations like Spain.

7.) Please restrain yourself from sending a man to the moon by the year 1909, and starting a moon colony in 1910. (Be plausible in technology!) Tanks can only be developed in the 1910's or above, military air planes 1917+, all other kinds of air technology will be obsolete. First air technology is in the U.S by the Wright Brothers.

8.) Mods will start events between nations. (Explosion of ships, other side blamed, border clash, etc.)

9.) We will use Algorithm depending on the situation. Go to the talk page to see the Algorithm. Of course, we won't have Algorthms for small things, (invasion of non-player nation).

10.) Turns are started only by mods.

11.) Britain and France aren't exactly best friends. (Remember, historical friendship, historical hate.)

12.) If a nation wishes to give autonomy or independence to a nation, they may do so, and a slot for the nation will be made for them in the nation page.

13.) All nations control their colonial possessions directly.

14.) Mods can scratch out implausibility on a turn.

15.) As we enter the 20th century, mid-20th centuries to be more specifics, imperial nations like France and the U.K who hold control of a lot of colonies will most likely suffer economic damage due to independence of many areas, and being too large for those nations to control.

16.) Try to be detailed: the more detailed, the more points you'll have in an Algorithm.

17.) Regularly, two turns = one year, until a major event break outs, and a mod sees fit, he/she can change it to 4 turns = one year. In EXTREME cases, 12 turns = one year.


Up to 5 mods, excluding the head mod. If you want to be a mod, put your name, if there is an (ACCEPTED) next to the name, you will be accepted, if your name is scratched out, you've been denied.

1.) Ianian58 - head mod (ACCEPTED, being creator and all.)

2.) IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. -sub head mod (ACCEPTED)

3.) DeanSims (ACCEPTED)

4.) RandomWriterGuy (ACCEPTED)

5.) Bobalugee1940 (ACCEPTED

6.) CrimsonAssassin (ACCEPTED)


Mods can create social unrest, sudden revolutions, accidents between nations, deaths of people, (emperor, whatever) but if they cross over the line, all mods will hold a vote if they want to eliminate him.


NE 19


  1. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 20:57, March 31, 2012 (UTC)
  1. DeanSims 16:06, April 1, 2012 (UTC)
  1. AwesomePeruvian 01:09, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Issues and Complaints

Italy has OTL Yemen and France has OTL Oman. This was resolved on the talk page. AwesomePeruvian 18:51, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

Can someone please change the color of the CSA? It just hurts my eyes trying to see what my nation looks like. TacoCopper

This map now reflects the agreed-upon dynamics of the Middle East. AwesomePeruvian 03:16, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

I should have Lebanon and the OTL UAE. RandomWriterGuy 04:36, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

No you don't! Stop being like that. We all agreed on it whether you like it or not, so stop being difficult!

Well, to make it honest, I actually had them earlier. I need them back! RandomWriterGuy 21:42, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Hey, guys! Please change the color of the CSA, it is hurting my eyes.


BEFORE WE BEGIN: Be as detailed as possible, the more detailed, the more points in an Algorithm. Two turns per year.

Event: Racial riot breaks out in Los Angeles after a black man is killed, and one of his friends at the scene is arrested. It is though, quieted down by the police of the U.S. Spain begins an economic reform to break away from dependence of its American colonies for their economy.

Greece: Greek Supreme Leader steps down, giving power to newly democratically elected president Alexander Georgiou. The nation celebrates their 10 year independence from the Ottoman Empire. A military plan is laid out publicly, the nation will concentrate on strategic locations across the young nation, amp up their navy, and concentrate on a more professional, smaller army. They offer free commerce with France, the British Empire, and the U.S. They raise the militia in their small, somewhat-isolated African colony.

British Diplomacy: Britain accepts and offers an alliance to Greece.

Greek Diplomacy: Greece thanks the trade agreement, but denies the alliance, for now.

Britain acknowledges the decline and continues to go about its business.

French Diplomacy: It asks Greece for an alliance and trade agreements. They ask it to join the Entente.

Greek Diplomacy: Greece accepts the trade agreement, but denies the military alliance, or their request to join the Entente.

United Kingdom: Britain continues to strengthen its colonies, army and navy while the mining of resources in the colonies as well as the promotion and construction of industries in the colonies, which begins and helps move the colonies on self -ufficiency on food and weapons should there ever be a war in which England can't access its colonies. All colonies are ordered to raise militias and train them 3 months for 2 weeks at a time while new guns will be shipped every time a newer and better gun I adopted by the British government. Settlers are sent to all of the colonies while some of the African colonies are offered up for sale as they would force Britain to divert troops there instead of to other fronts where they are needed much more.

Japan: Japan begins to strength its army and navy by creating reforms in the military, especially with the purchase of modern weapons from other countries, and training of the army by foreign officers. Meanwhile, industry begins to take over the economy of Japan, and the mass-production of goods.

British Diplomacy: Britain offers to help train Japan's army and navy and help industrialize Japan.

French Diplomacy: It asks Japan for an alliance and trade agreements and promises to help modernize the country. It tells them not to accept Britain's request.

Japanese Diplomacy: Japan agrees to France's alliance and trade agreements, and no help in modernization or training, as we are not in isolation, but do request to establish arms deals with French and British weapons makers.

French Diplomacy: It tells that Japan should not be aligned to Britain. They ask Japan to join the Entente. It agrees with an arm deals agreement.

Japanese Diplomacy: We accept to join the Entente. We will not be aligned with Britain, we just want arms deals with British weapons makers.

French Diplomacy: It tells Japan that Britain is not the best reliable nation as it is a weak nation and that France is the one instead.


Actually, Japan was out of isolation in 1853.





Yes, once again, I did a grammar mistake. It's all right. And also, to the other nations with anti-French, pro-French, etc., you can change your choice, but it is greatly discouraged, and can be overruled by mods. Ianian58 12:43, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

China: China asks France for an alliance and ask for French officers to help train Chinese officers to train our forces and become a professional army and navy. They begin to begin massive farming projects and build massive farms. Mining operations are also started. Coal is found in Guizhou and Inner Mongolia Province, gold in Korea Province and Heilongjiang province and iron in Anhui Province. These resources are starting to be mined. The Emperor vows to make China as modern and powerful as the Western nations. Factories are built to mass produce different objects and railroads built across the country. The navy is improved.

British Diplomacy: Britain offers to help train China's army and navy and help industrialize China.

French Diplomacy: It agrees and begins to help modernize China. They tell China not to take Britain's request.

Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts Frances offer, citing a friendlier past. French officers are immediately put to work training Chinese army and navy officers

French Diplomacy: It thanks China. They ask it to join the Entente.

Chinese Diplomacy: China excepts

French Diplomacy: It praises China.

Prussia: King Wilhelm I calls for educational and military reform. Top priority is put on the military and education. This begins with the commissioning of a new school named Wilhelm's Estate School. It is a multi-level building for the education of persons age 10-22. Defenses are built along the border with Confederation of the Rhine. Prussia begins massing troops on the Polish border preparing for invasion. The Prussian Military Academy is created. All new technologies and tactics are researched at this facility. Research begins on a new kind of rifle that is intended to be extremely fast and extremely accurate. Prussia begins to expand its navy in an attempt to at least somewhat contend with Britain on the seas.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia sends envoys to Austria-Hungary and Russia asking for a joint invasion of Poland. If the invasion is a success, Poland will be split among the three countries. Prussia sends a trade agreement to Greece offering weapons and coal.

Greek Diplomacy: Greece accepts the trade agreement.

British Diplomacy: An alliance is offered to Prussia as well as help in building up Prussia's Navy. Troops will also be sent to help the conquest of Poland.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia accepts Britain's generous terms and offers to help Britain with its military technology

British Diplomacy: Britain accepts Prussia's offer and promises Prussia that should war with France occur, all of the Confederation of the Rhine will be given to Prussia. Prussia is notified that the alliance shall be called the Pact of Iron.

French Response: it will do anything to protect Poland.

USA: US begins to increase its military size. Research begins on new artillery piece. The new piece is expected to have greater range and accuracy and it will take around 2 1/2 years for a prototype to be produced. Military strength on the border with Canada is built up and President Stevenson creates the draft. In the first week 500,000 men age 21-28 are drafted into the military.

USA Diplomacy: USA sends an alliance request to France and asks for support should the US go to war with Great Britain

French Diplomacy: It agrees. It also asks it to join the Entente.

US Response: USA Agrees

France: France begins an ambitious plan to continue being the world's most powerful nation. They begin to expand their navy and military. They begin to research new military technologies. The economy is expanded across France as more and more factories are being built. To ensure that competition is checked, France allows its colonies to trade with each other and only with France. They begin recruiting men across their colonies to ensure that they are kept strong. It establishes the Entente, compromised for France and pro-French nations. France begins to supply its puppets Italy, Naples, and the Rhine Confederation military support to prepare themselves a possible battle against the country. It begins to aid Spain to prevent it from collapsing. They ask Grand Colombia and the Joint Governments of South America for an alliance and trade agreements.

Russia: Russia begins to build up its military by extending the sizes of several troops and multiplying the number of men in active service by 1.75, thus increasing it heavily. The Tsar also orders that new weapons are to be invented in the case of War against France. The Empire joins the Pact of Iron as an observer nation.

Prussian Diplomacy: Does Russia agree to the joint invasion?

Austria-Hungary: Austria-Hungary will join Prussia in the fight against Poland. They work on amping their military up to prepare for the fight, though their main focus is on calming down the Slavic population.

Prussian Response: Prussia offers 5,000 men to help calm the Slavic population.

French Response: It begins to fund Slavic separatists in the country.

CSA: Industries in the nation begin to be built up, through measures such as tax cuts and subsidies. Southern leaders are meeting with industrial leaders in America and Britain to try and get them to set up shop in the Confederacy. To deal with the problem of lack of workers, farmers are being "encouraged" to move to the cities by tax cuts, to actually forcing them to move.

​French Diplomacy: It asks it to join the Entente and establish an alliance and trade agreements.


Confederation of the Rhine (CoR): The Confederational assembly in Frankfurt approves the New Confederation bill, reorganising the country along a more federal model. The principalities will remain mostly in charge of their internal affairs and be able to maintain militaries, but the Confederation will maintain its own military, supplied with troops by the principalities. The Confederation will also have control over all foreign affairs. The CoR joins the Entente.


Mod Event: Minority Groups in Austria-Hungary (which in recent years, are nearly a majority by population) riot in the southern areas of the empire. The Ottoman Empire publicly encourages the riots. The King of Austria-Hungary was so angered, he ordered a declaration of war on the Ottomans, but his top advisors stopped him, and warned a war with the Ottoman Empire would put Austria-Hungary at a severe disadvantage.

Mod Event 2: France approves of the Confederation of the Rhine's bill, which reforms their government, and put them in charge of most affairs of their own, and foreign affairs, but can be overruled by France.

Mod Event 3: Spain no longer allows citizens in America to own guns, due to recent violence. 5,000 more men are sent to the 450,000 man 'garrison' which is the total of all the soldiers in their colonies.

Mod Event 4: Recently, France restricted their colonies to trade with other nations, this causes some discontent in Britain, and many other nations who rely on French trade like Greece and the Kingdom of Naples.

Greece: The recent French act to restrict their colonies power for commerce, makes the Greek Government to ask for trade agreement with the U.S, and the Confederates. Fortifications are built in strategic areas, the 90,000 man military goes through a 3-year-training event, so does the navy. 2,000 newly recruited men head to Greece's African colony, to defend it along with the militia. Resources are exploited from the colony, and farmers and miners are encouraged to work in Greece, while higher-classes are encouraged to start industries.

US Response: The US accepts and offers Greece an alliance.

CSA Response: The CSA also accepts the trade agreements.

Austria-Hungary: The Austro-Hungarian Empire spreads harmful propaganda regarding the Ottoman Empire. The propaganda makes it appear that the Ottoman Empire has betrayed France. Meanwhile, the Austro-Hungarian Empire works on quelling the Slavic riots.

Prussia: The 5,000 Prussian troops arrive at the King's palace in Vienna. They await the orders of the Austrian king. Prussia begins its invasion of Poland. It meets desperate resistance in the country but manages to make territorial gains. Prussian troops advance 87 miles in the first week and wait for the Austrians to strike from the south. Prussia authorizes for more aid to be sent to Austria-Hungary to help quell the Slavic riots. Prussia begins trafficking weapons to underground French revolutionary groups. Prussia's prototype rifle is completed and is called the Gewehr 92 Bolt Action Model

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia creates the Eastern European League and offers Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Greece membership. Gewehr 92 Bolt Action Model designs are given to Austria-Hungary

France: France reconsiders its recent law and allows their colonies to trade with any pro-French nations to ease the crisis. They begin to build defenses across France, its puppets, and its colonies. They apologize to Greece about the incident. They continue to help Spain get out of their troubles to prevent a total collapse. France declares war on Prussia by marching to Berlin after the Polish attack reaches France. They ask their allies to join. They call for all members to meet in the Entente page.

Dude, you're not going to reach Berlin that fast.

Algorithm on talk page, French forces take base in a good portion of the Prussian border, both sides have large casualties. Ianian58 23:22, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

USA: President Stevenson denounces both Prussian and French aggression in Europe. The US breaks its alliance with France and tries to negotiate peace between the two nations. In other news, a coup d'etat is launched in the US, replacing the democracy with a monarchy. Surprisingly, the American people are in favor of this change. The new King John I is of German descent and is very pro-Prussian.He offers Prussia natural resources and arms should the struggle between France and Prussia continue. King John I commissions the expansion of the large railroad system and asks Britain to help create the the D.C.-Quebec Railroad. The Naval Academies of Pearl Harbor and Norfolk are established as well as Fort Croaton, Fort Ocracoake and Fort Jamestown. The majority of American troops are pulled off of the Canadian border and re-based to the Border with Mexico.

IMPLAUSIBLE! The people would never support this, historically, Americans hated monarchies, especially at these years. Ianian58 23:21, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

I'm aware of that. But this is called alternate history for a reason. Supposed that in this timeline, the American people were not as hostile towards a monarchy. Suppose democracy wasn't working and they agreed that a single, strong leader

That's the number one mistake most people make. You assume that because of ALTERNATE HISTORY, you can be as IMPLAUSIBLE, ALTERNATE AND COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC AS POSSIBLE. NOT TRUE.

Monarchies are not necessarily undemocratic! Australia is a fine example of a democratic country with a monarch, as are Britain and Canada. And pretty much all modern monarchies.

Whoa! The majority of that move was implausible!

How does it directly affect this game/timeline? What does it do that makes USA have a better advantage?

US Diplomacy: The USA breaks its alliance with France and leaves the Entente.

French Diplomacy: It tells USA that Prussia attacked Poland, forcing France to try to defend Poland by attacking Prussia. They tell USA to reverse its actions against the Entente and France.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Confederal Assembly approves an expeditionary force to be sent to aid Poland. It consists of 5,000 men, mainly from Bavaria. The force seizes a small triangle of land bordering the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The Prince Primate also approves of the establishment of a colony in the Pacific. A naval squadron is sent to Tonga and Fiji to establish a protectorate.

(Is that too much detail regarding territorial gains? or enough?) Callumthered 00:59, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

Prussia: Prussia halts its invasion of Poland and shifts 3/4 of its troops west to combat the French threat. King Wilhelm I ask ll factories to shift to war production and to create more of the new weapons. The prototype cannon is sent to the front in an effort to tip the odds in Prussia's favor. The total men on the Western Front totals 3 million men with around 1/4 being armed with the new rifle.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia asks Russia and Austria-Hungary to take over the Polish invasion

French Response: It will cease fire if Prussia stops attacking France. After all, they did end invading Poland which allowed this option to open.

Prussian Response: Prussia accepts if it is allowed to make a small territorial gain in Poland and a small amount of territory from the Confederation of the Rhine

C.o.R: (Doesn't the algorithm on the talk page give France and CoR small gains in Prussia?) If any gains are to be given to Prussia, it would be the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

In my honest opinion, the gains that the C.O.T.R. were a bit unrealistic. COTR isn't exactly a powerful nation and it's not like they could walk into Prussian territory and take it with only 5,000 men. Prussia has an army of 3 million plus.

I will concede that, but the gains were not that large. And wouldn't quite a few Prussians be caught up in Poland? But I'll lessen the CoR's gains.

French Diplomacy: It rather demands to return to status quo ante bellum.

Prussian Response: Prussia accepts

CoR: Agrees to status quo ante bellum and pulls out of the small area of Prussia it had occupied.

Austro-Hungarian Response: We are having massive revolts in our homeland. Had you waited for the revolt to end, we could have helped.

Prussian Response (To Austria) (Secret talks): Prussia asks Austria-Hungary's opinions of the rifle they sent. Should they want more, Prussia is willing to give. The rifles should help calm the rioters and allow Austria-Hungary's military to get an advantage.

​ China: China's army and navy officers continue to get trained in the arts of modern warfare from French officers. China builds shipyards to upgrade the nations aging navy, they design new battleships of European and American design, similar to the Illinois-class battleships. Made of iron/steel, powered by coal and has early turrets. The Emperor, is impressed by the designs and orders the production of no less that 200 of these ships, within the end of half year 10 of these ships are built. Designs for a new rifle, are ordered. Factories spring up all over the country and start producing various goods. The iron, coal, and goal mines keep producing their materials. China offers to trade with France to keep each others economies together. China asks France to buy Hainan Island, as it is of majority of the population is of Chinese descent anyway and in return give France a permanent trade deal.

French Diplomacy: It is reluctant to do so, but due to a need for an ally, they will accept it.

Chinese Diplomacy: China thanks France.

CSA: We decline France's offer to join the Entente, stating that we wish to stay isolationist. However, we do ask for trade agreements from France, the US, Britain, Spain, Russia, Prussia, and Japan (don't feel bad if I left you out, just ask for some trade agreements). Industrialization continues. Coal Mines are built to help get the needed resources to make power, and railroads are being made to get products everywhere. Power lines are being set up, and factories are being helped by the new infrastructure.

​French Diplomacy: It agrees to the request. Yet they do not want it to ask Britain, Russia, and Prussia for agreements, as they do not want to feel threatened.

US Response: US accepts the trade agreement and asks the CSA for a joint build effort on the creation of the Eastern Seaboard Railway. The railway will stretch from New York City to Key West, while going through major cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond. US also asks CSA for an economic alliance. In the alliance, the US will help with CSA's industry and CSA will help USA with agriculture

CSA Diplomacy: The CSA, seeing a great chance to improve the nation's economy and help jump-start its industry, agrees to all of it.

French Diplomacy: It agrees to the request. Yet they do not want it to ask Britain, Russia and Prussia for agreements, as they do not want to feel threatened. It tells USA that Prussia attacked Poland, forcing France to try to defend Poland by attacking Prussia. The war is also over, so they tell USA to reverse its actions against the Entente and France.

CSA Diplomacy: We tell France that we are neutral, so that us trading with both sides will do neither side damage.

USA Diplomacy: President Stevenson declines France's request, joining CSA in neutrality.

Russia: Russia stays neutral in the Franco-Prussian War over Poland, and cuts all ties with warring nations. However, economic ties with Prussia and the Pact of Iron are kept. Merchants are forbidden to do trade with France and its allies.


NOTE: For the following (including this one) turns, 4 turns = 1 year


Greece: Total armed forces number 50,000 men. The main military production is to concentrate on the newest warships available. Mining and agriculture booms in rural areas.

Confederation of the Rhine: After pulling out of the small area of Prussia it had occupied, begins building up the Confederal Military. The militaries of each of the constituent monarchies are also strengthened with the latest artillery from France, including a Miterailleuse. The Navy introduces a small fleet of steam-powered, ironclad vessels. Tonga and Fiji decide whether to become a CoR protectorate

(Random. ORG: 1-5 No; 6-10 Yes: Tonga 10 YES; Fiji 5 NO). CoR sends a Governor to the new protectorate of Tonga.

CSA: Industrialization continues, and more infrastructure for the factories is being built. To attract workers, immigration from other nations is encouraged, and immigrants are being offered jobs in the government.

JGofSA: New presidential and senate elections take place in the Union. José Manuel Balmaceda (Senator for Chile) from the Frente Liberal Unido (United Liberal Front) won the presidency and become in first Chilean in reach that post. The ULF also won the majority in the Senate; for now the Senate is confirmed by 16 members; the political opposition is formed by the Partido Conservador Nacional, the Unión Radical and the Coalición Nacional de Independientes. Balmaceda begin a program of industrialization for the country, which include also military.

China: China builds more factories and mines, they are producing a variety of products and resources that help boost the country's economy. The residents of Hainan Island welcome the administration and rule of China, the benefits of the economy reach them and they are happy, army and navy bases are built on the island to help protect it. More of the new battleships are built, they are called the Shanghai-Class battleships. Engineers develop a new rifle, similar to the Mosin-Nagant rifle, called the Type-93 battle rifle. It is built in factories and supplied to the military, so far about 1/4 of the entire military is supplied. The French officers leave, the Chinese officers fully trained start training their troops.

France: France enters an economic boom thanks to the resources of their colonies. The government is praised for preserving peace in Europe after the Prussian-Polish incident. They meet with the JGofSA and ask them for an alliance and trade agreements and to join the Entente. They continue to help Spain get out of their troubles to prevent a total collapse.

Austria-Hungary: The Slavic Riots are majorly put down after a combination of force and diplomacy. The military is expanded.


Mod Event 1: The United States and the Confederate States who share very close national values, sign the Pact of the Americans, in it, U.S industries, and CSA industries are allowed to invest in both countries with more rights than any other normal industry from another country, roads are to be built in the CSA, and more farms are to be improved in the U.S, joint naval exercises will also take place in the Atlantic Ocean yearly, for the first time, the President of the U.S and CSA sat in a room with their families, and gave each other gifts as a gift of friendship.

Mod Event 2: Napoleon's III wife gives birth to a young boy, he is named, respectfully, Napoleon IV, and is to be the heir of the throne of France.

Mod Event 3: Grand Colombia elects Simon Bolivar as president in an emergency election after the past president was charged with corruption, the grandson of the legendary Simon Bolivar who created the nation, the nation rejoices as the legendary election ends with Simon Bolivar winning with 95 percent of the votes.

Mod Event 4: Slavic unrest in Austria-Hungary ends.

Mod Event 5: Communists in Russia rebel against the Tsar and set fire to St. Petersburg, riots break out in Moscow and Novosibirsk

Greece: The young nation of Greece, takes a step forward in diplomacy offering a military alliance to Austria-Hungary and Russia. The army is moved to the border, and fortifications are built. The navy publicly announces their new, large, powerful fleet of modern ships, taxes are raised on the higher class slightly with additional taxes on the middle class for certain things to pay for the fleet.

French Response: It warns Greece not to, as they cannot be trusted.

Greek Diplomacy: Greece ignores the warning, knowing they can trust Russia and Austria-Hungary.

French Diplomacy: It asks them if they still have loyalties to France, right?

Greece Diplomacy: Greece will, and when necessary, have joint operations with France, it would like to remind France it has no true loyalties to them, but it is true, France and Greece share old historical friendships.

Polish Diplomacy: The Polish respond that they believe that the Russians and Austro-Hungarians, along with the British and Prussians, are planning to bring all of Europe into a deadly war that will make the former Napoleonic Grand Wars of Expansion look like child's play.

France: France asks Chile and Colombia for an alliance and trade agreements and to join the Entente. They praise the USA and the CSA for resolving their differences and ending their rivalries. They continue to help Spain get out of their troubles to prevent a total collapse. They take advantage in the situation in Russia by supporting the Communists in exchange for becoming their ally.

JG Diplomacy: When you say Chile you mean the Joint Governments of South America, right?

Polish Diplomacy: The Polish Duke requests that the Polish be upgraded to the Kingdom of Poland instead of the Duchy of Warsaw.

Poland: The Polish Duke praises the French Emperor for saving Poland from Prussian imperialism. The Polish Duke enacts a conscription of all males 15-30 and they begin training into a formidable fighting force. It is estimated it will take nearly 2-3 years for Poland to be on par with the other powers of Europe in professional fighting strength. The Polish Duke sends a congrats to Napoleon III on his new baby.

Sorry for not responding/posting was visiting family Bobalugee1940 15:32, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

It's all right. Ianian58 15:38, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

CSA: The President of the CSA, John Ireland, celebrates the gifts given by the US president. Giant Agricultural companies are reporting increased profits from their expansions into America, and many Northern Factories in the CSA are also reporting increased profits. Meanwhile, all immigration laws have been removed, and many immigrants move to the CSA as a result. Many Russians have moved to the CSA as a result of the riots in Russia. This has helped ease the labor crisis, though some business men still can't find enough workers. However, a new liberal attitude has started on the East Coast because of the recent Russian immigrants.

You're controlling other people's nations.

Whoops, sorry. Just thought a ton of Russians would try to flee somewhere, and that they would try to flee to places most open to them.

No problem, but the most logical place is Prussia. Also maybe Japan.

I guess I will just keep where the immigrants are coming from in brief.

China: China continues producing the Type-93 rifles, now half of the entire military is armed with them. 10 new Shanghai-class battleships are built. The training of the troops in the army and navy is going fantastically and they are starting to look like the professional armies of the west. The Emperor sets up the Sun-Tzu Military Academy were promising youths will taught by the best Chinese army and navy tacticians, officers and mariners in the military arts, in the branch of their choice, (IE. the army and navy). The Emperor personally congratulates Napoleon on the birth of his son, and sends him gifts of tea, a type-53 rifle for personal use, and a fine horse from one of the best stables in the country. China requests that Britain return Hong Kong and Portugal return Macau. China is willing to pay the respective countries for the areas.

Russia: The Tsar sends the White Army after the rebels and relocates the capital to Moscow while all dissidents in Moscow and Petrograd are sent to Siberian Detention Camps. Fascism and Socialism are outlawed. The Tsar introduces limited democratic reforms. Reconstruction begins in Petrograd. The Great City of Novosibirsk is rooted out as the capital of the rebellion and most known communist leaders from there are deported to Siberia.

Confederation of the Rhine: Seeing the unrest in Russia as a sign of what is to come, the Monarchs of the member states introduce the Parliament of the CoR. The upper house shall be made up of all the monarchs of the member-states, and the lower house will be made up of elected representatives for each state. The Prince-Primate will be elected by the people from among the member-monarchs. In other news, the modernization of the military has continued, and the COR asks France for military advisors to help with the army, and asks the USA for advisors to help with the navy. The new protectorate in Tonga begins becoming profitable as German companies begin to invest there. Plans are laid down for the establishment of a colony in Southern Thailand (on the peninsula thing) and asks France for permission (since France has some sort of very indirect control over Thailand...I think) The Prince Primate sends a telegram congratulating Napoleon III on his son, hoping it will continue the mighty Bonaparte Dynasty forever. The CoR asks Prussia and Austria for a Pan-Germanic customs union similar to OTL Zollverein.

Polish Diplomacy: You cannot side with the Austrians and Prussians as they are part of the Pact of Iron against France. The Poles and other members of the Entente will accept a trade agreement but doing this is directly against France and may result in war with France.

​CoR: It is merely a customs union, but since France objects, the CoR rescinds its offer of a Zollverein Customs Union.

JG of SA: The government continues with the union program for industrialization.

Austria-Hungary- The interior of the nation is improved. Areas damaged during the revolts begin reparations. Meanwhile, they accept the alliance with Greece. Negotiations to maintain peace with France are established.


Mod Event 1: The British Prince of Wales' wife, Mary of Teck, gives birth to a son. He is named William V.

Mod Event 2: The Duke of Poland/Warsaw is killed at a rally by accident.

Mod Event 3: Tsar Alexander III dies of a heart attack that was imposed on him due to the stress of dealing with the rebellions.

Poland: The new Polish Duke, Fryderyk August III, is coroneted in Warsaw. He declares 30 days of mourning for his father. Many blame the Austrians for the assassination. The new Polish Duke continues to advocate for the advancement of Poland as the Kingdom of Poland. The Polish Army grows significantly after conscription sets into full swing, over 57,000 able bodied men from the ages of 15-30 are conscripted into the army. To deal with the labour shortage in factories after training
East Prussia purchase

Map after the purchase

the conscripts are allowed to return home if they are able to readily access an Army establishment. The Polish Duke sends a request to the Prussian King to ask if they could purchase some of Eastern Prussia from them for $1,000,000.

Prussian Response: Prussia declines Poland's offer.

France: It continues to support Russian Communist rebellions in exchange for becoming an ally of Russia. They invent new breeds of guns, allowing the army to improve in strength. They encourage Poland to develop its country and see the purchase of Eastern Prussia as a way to improve their situation. They continue to support Spain to prevent an economic collapse. They encourage French emigration to their colonies to increase control over them. They ask the Ottomans a deal for its oil companies to do business in Iraq, but will not allow anti-French nations to have the share.

Which Russia? The Revolution or the Correct Monarchy?


Russia: Tsar Nicholas II proclaims fifty days of mourning for his deceased father. All communists, fascists, and known socialists are deported to Alaska, where it is less harsh than Siberia. They are also given the option to get real work. More democratic reforms are introduced to make everyone shut up about the government's way of governing.

Prussia: King Wilhelm I's wife gives birth to a son. He is named Frederick I and is named heir. Prussia begins instituting barbed wire into its defenses. Gewehr 92s are now issued to every man in the military. The two prototype warships are completed and are named the Bismarck and the Barbarossa. A new currency is created and is named the Reichsmark.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia offers USA and CSA Gewehr 92s and offers the USA and CSA economic alliances.

Excuse me, but the correct Kaiser at this time was Wilhelm II, whose son was named Wilhelm. However, if you are not using the Hohenzollerns as Kaisers, then I am mistaken.

He's correct, Wilhelm I died back in 1888, then Frederick reigned for less than a year, then Wilhelm II ascended to the throne.

JG of SA: The industrialization plan initiated by the President Balmaceda also include the construction of an new capital city in the OTL Salta region; currently, the capital of the Joint Government is rotated each 3 year between the capitals of each one of the 4 states who belong to the Union. Until 1896, the current capital is Buenos Aires; the next should be Santiago. The Minister of Public Works indicated that the new capital only will be ready in 10 years. President Balmaceda prepares a reform for improving the economy of the union.

CSA: Industrialization continues, and more infrastructure is built. More immigrants come to the CSA in search of a better life. They also are seeking financial aid to help re-start their lives. Many refugees from the unstable parts of the world are coming here to get a new start. The minority populations on the East Coast are becoming larger, and it is estimated that 8% of the population on the East is foreign born.

CoR Diplomacy: Asks the CSA for an advisor to assist in the modernization of the CoR's Navy.

Greece: Offers a military alliance to Russia and Austria-Hungary. The military officially counts 76,000 men. The navy is set to grow for a few years.

Spain (Mod controlled for the turn): The current administrations bow to not let any colonies break free. Insurgency is strong in all areas but small islands like Puerto Rico where it is easy to control. They raise the taxes slightly on the upper classes in the mainland for the first time in many years, to pay the cost for the reformation of the Spanish Navy and army. They thank French aid, and ask for technological aid. Ianian58 06:03, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

Grand Colombia (Mod controlled for the turn): The nation now has Simon Bolivar, the grandson of the first Simon Bolivar, the liberator of much of South America. He promises economic industrialization and much needed reformation in the navy. Cities and other urban centers are paid more attention, due to so many people recently moving to more rural areas for better paying lives.

Confederation of the Rhine: A week is spent in Frankfurt mourning the death of the Duke of Warsaw, who is also the King of Saxony, a member of the confederation. Plans are drawn up for the invasion of Samoa from the base in Tonga, which should come to fruition by the end of the year. In Bavaria, the King reviews the first modernized division of his Bavarian army. The Prince-Primate asks France to send an advisor to assist with the army's modernization.

China: More factories are built. Most of the military is armed with the Type-93 rifles. 14 more Shanghai-class battleships are built.


We'll be jumping the last quarter of the year 1893, we resume normally, two turns = one year.

Mod Event 1: A powerful hurricane hits the eastern cost of the Confederate States and the United States, 7 are dead, the hurricane is so powerful, it reaches Newfoundland, killing 2, and then it even hit the tip of Scotland, it is one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded, as most of the damage is in the eastern cost in North America.

Mod Event 2: Ottoman unrest builds up in the Balkans, with many Slavs and other minor nationalities fleeing to the Balkans as Austria-Hungary easily defeats insurgent forces.

Mod Event 3: The British Empire begins building a new type of warship, and the project is closely kept secret with the designers.

Mod Event 4: Women are given right to vote in Parliamentary elections for the positions of Prime Ministers, changing a part of the long-unchanged Napoleonic Code.

Mod Event 5: The treasurers of Britain and France warn their respective monarchs that if they continue to build up their military, they may face economic problems, and should concentrate on modernization when there is a new kind of technology. (Both nations being the most advanced, with the exception of the U.S, who never really uses it.)

Statistics for Militaries of Nations (No Drafts) (Worldwide)

NOTE: If you think your numbers are inaccurate, in your turn, mention the numbers of how many soldiers you think you have.

NOTE 2: Remember, Europe has been at peace, only some few nations have larger numbers, but I promise you, when drafts are done, numbers are much, much larger.

France: 500,000 (Remember, France is an extensive empire.)

British Empire: 210,000 (Extensive empire.)

'Russia: 490,000 (Recent unrest forces raises in the military, plus extensive territory.)

Prussia: 254,000

Austria-Hungary: 232,000

Spain: 300,000 (Soldiers severely underpaid have little loyalty and inexperienced)

Confederation of Rhine: 152,000

United States: 80,000

Joint Governments of South America: 74,000

Poland/Warsaw: 25,000

Greece: 24,000

Confederate States of America: 32,000

China: 800,000 (Largely peasant-like)

Japan: 100,000

REMEMBER: If you don't think these are accurate, in your turn, mention the numbers. Ianian58 19:17, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

Greece: They finish fortifications along strategic locations, a series of ironclads are publicly sent out to the sea. They ask for Russia a military alliance.

Spain (Mod controlled for the turn): The nation begins to give money to companies, hoping they will start more jobs for people. The navy keeps going modernization. Taxes are raised even slightly higher on the higher class.

CSA: We agree to help the CoR modernize their navy. A day of mourning is held in the nation, for when the hurricane hit, a ship of immigrants was on its way to the ports of Wilmington, and was sunk in the disaster. President Ireland has personally given citizenship to the families of the immigrants. More immigrants are let in, and a large amount get jobs in helping rebuilding the destroyed East Coast. A large amount of money is put into the re-building of the East Coast.

China: China's Army and Navy are now on almost on par with the European nations. Students fill the halls and training grounds/waters of the Sun Tzu Military Academy. The Emperor makes a series of edicts to modernize the country. Schools and universities, hospitals and police stations are to be built all over the country. Roads and railroads are also to be built to connect the nation and lastly telegraph and telephone lines built to connect the nation. Research on electricity is commenced. The people are extremely pleased with the Emperor's edicts and are filled with exuberance and national pride. The Emperor asks again to buy Hong Kong and Macau back.

Poland: The Duke Fryderyk August III organizes a Saxon Army, as he is the King of Saxony as well, that increases the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw and the Kingdom of Saxony to nearly 55,000. The Polish Duke also enacts conscription in Saxony. The Polish Duke signs a grant allowing for the building of railroads all throughout Poland and Saxony. The Polish Duke re-organizes the Winged Hussars that are made of the most skilled cavalry men, they are considered widely to be deadly harbringers of death. The Polish begin to call for an investigation into the death of the prior Duke as they believe that the Austrians killed him in a political assassination.

CoR: Despite the fact that Warsaw and Saxony are in personal union, Saxony is a part of the Confederation of the Rhine, and in future, please refrain from saying what happens in it. But the stuff in that turn was fine :)

Polish Diplomacy: Fryderyk August III asks France to promote Poland to a Kingdom

Joint Governments: The first factories are built, while the government makes a series of change in the administration for optimize resources. Part of that resource is put for research in new technologies.

Kingdom of Italy: (here goes nothin') The Kingdom of Italy (KOI) searches for trade rights and alliances in and around the Mediterranean. A group with considerable amount of members begin to lobby the French for political independence. Prime Minister Cavour also begins talks with the Kingdom of Naples

USA: The United States asks CSA to jointly create the American Union. Making a loose economic federation. The US wishes to create the Amero as the standard currency for North America. The Union will allow new markets to open and for goods to flow freely between nations. There will be a parliament with representatives directly elected from both nations. In other news, rioting breaks out across the country and President Stevenson has to declare martial law. A sniper school is started in Quantico, Virginia using the Prussian Gewehr 92s. 500,000 men are drafted and stationed in San Francisco.

US Diplomacy: USA offers CSA a military alliance and membership in the American Union. USA also offers Prussia industrial and agricultural aid

CoR: The Prince-Primate sends a telegram to President Stevenson asking him to send a military advisor to assist with the modernization of the CoR's navy.

CSA Diplomacy: The CSA accepts membership in the American Union. It also informs the CoR that it has sent some advisors to help with modernization.

France: Napoleon III listens to his advisors and begins a plan of technological modernization. They begin a secret project that would change the history of naval technology forever. They agree to Spain's request. They give aid to USA and CSA to recover from the hurricane. They plan to expand the colony of Oman to conquer other parts of the Middle East. They allow women's suffrage in France. It continues to support Russian Communists.

The CSA thanks France for its aid.

Italian Diplomacy: The Kingdom of Italy lobbies the honorable French government for the granting of independence. We wish to enter negotiations for our independence.

French Diplomacy: It tells them they are independent as long as they remain loyal to France and DO NOT MAKE ANY DEAL WITH BRITAIN.

Italian Diplomacy: in exchange for full political independence, The Kingdom of Italy agrees to remain loyal to our former masters and to never strike a deal with their enemy Great Britain

Polish Diplomacy: The Polish request that the Duchy of Warsaw be promoted and renamed to the Kingdom of Poland.

French Diplomacy: It agrees, and as it told to Italy, DO NOT STRIKE A DEAL WITH BRITAIN OR ITS ALLIES!!

Confederation of the Rhine: A new law is passed in both houses of the Parliament of the Confederation stating that all able-bodied men aged 18-21 must enlist in the military of their state monarchy. That way, in case of war, the Confederation will have a base of trained men to conscript. The Confederational army conducts some exercises in Mecklenburg, trying out the new artillery. The latest bolt rifles are introduced to the Army of the Confederation, and military scientists begin research into creating a weapon similar to the Maxim Gun. The navy launches its first completely ironclad warship, which has three turrets. The island of Nuie is taken from the CoR base in Tonga.

Am I the only one who thinks CoR having Pacific colonies is completely implausible?

I sort-of agree, it is slightly implausible, but the sizes are small, and I've seen more implausible things happen and be allowed (The U.S starting a colony in Italy, etc.) and don't worry, starting colonies have consequences. I'll deal with it. Ianian58 01:30, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Definitely implausible.

The German empire in OTL owned Samoa, the Marshall Islands and a quarter of New Guinea. Far more implausible colonies occurred in OTL: Denmark once owned parts of India, and Austria-Hungary possessed concessions in China. The CoR had a sizable population, larger than Prussia alone, so I think having two small islands in the Pacific is not entirely implausible. But if I am officially told to rescind the moves, I will. Callumthered 02:33, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Sounds sound (haha, that looks funny) to me.

Russia: Tsar Nicholas II increases the Army from 485,000 men to 490,000 men in case of war, which seems very likely. The Tsar encourages people to start businesses in the East and in Alaska to boost the economy. Merchants are encouraged to increase trade and sales with Prussia and its allies, as well as Canada (for Alaskans), and even France, because France's economy is doing somewhat better than the other nations in the world.

Prussia: The Prussian Army now numbers 4 million men. Wilhelm's Estate School is open and already has 28,000 students. King Wilhelm I creates a cabinet with new offices. The Department of War, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security. The secretaries are listed in correspondence of their department: Otto von Bismarck, Carl von Liechtenstein, Adolf Koch, and Albert Schweitzer. The navy is built up and is now 3rd to Britain and France. Prussia is running out of natural resources and is looking for someplace to expand. Troops began to mass on the CoR border and an ultimatum is delivered.

4 MILLION MEN? Talk of implausibility! The United States TODAY, has only one million men, and the biggest military today, China, has a little more than one million men. And considering your population doesn't even reach 40 million, many are woman and children, how the hell are you going to have 4 million men. Or do you mean in drafts? If it is, it's still implausible. (Prussia would number 2.3 million in draft.) Ianian58 13:48, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Meant to say 3 million w/ draft. My bad though I was tired when I wrote that XD.


I'm aware. Feel free to drop it to 1 million. I just want half of my strength mobilized.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia demands the CoR surrenders some of its northern territory or face destruction by the Pact of Iron.

CSA Diplomacy: We demand that Prussia leave CoR alone, or they will face a declaration of war by the CSA.

French Diplomacy: Same thing as the CSA.

CoR: Prussia has no real need for more northern territory. It already has good, deep harbours which could be (and were) easily used for Naval bases. Galicia in Austria-Hungary has the third largest oil deposits in the world at the moment, which you should have easy access to, seeing as you are allied to them. The CoR actually does not have many natural resources (like oil and coal).

Prussian Response: Prussia backs down and in a complete about face, King Wilhelm I attempts to improve relations with France and as an offer of friendship, ships designs for Gewehr 92s to France


Mod Event 1: The Poles in Galicia begin to demand that they be given back to the "motherland" (Poland)

Mod Event 2: The Dutch begin to demand an independent Dutch State, protest have so far not become violent.

Mod Event 3: A typhoon strikes the French Philippines. The typhoon kills 72 from the floods and heavy winds. Many hundreds are injured. Thousands of francs are lost in property damage.

NOTE: For the future, do not start turns for 2 days, until further notice, due to recent slow in Map Games. Ianian58 23:12, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, I just thought if I made the turns faster the trends might reverse. Plus it is really boring waiting for two days when you really like the game. Bobalugee1940

NOTE: The Italians (Kingdom of Italy) have been granted independence from their former master France.

Poland: The Polish Army continues to grow as they enter their second year of modernization. The Army of Saxony creates the 1st Saxon Hussars that number roughly 1,000 members. The Army of Poland's Winged Hussars Division begins to train heavily in modern cavalry tactics and many begin to realize that the cavalry will most likely be severely limited in the next war. Poland gives 25,000 francs to the French Philippines after the typhoon.

Greece: The nation, noticing rising tensions in Central Europe, introduce new naval warships. They offer again an alliance to Austria-Hungary.

The British Empire (Deansims hasn't been on in a while) (Mod controlled): Raises garrison in African colonies and in India. They continue building a new type of naval warship. They begin a new recruiting and training for soldiers. Ianian58 23:12, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Russian Diplomacy: Can we have a portion of Canada? We will give you a couple million rubles and some naval equipment and ships.

Russian Diplomacy: Again, can we have a portion of Canada?

If no response is given before tomorrow, I will use to get results.

OK, too late. I bought it, 1-7 Yes, 8-20 No, 4. Hooray! I'll fix the map.


The Proposal.

Russia: Russia pulls out of the Pact of Iron for secret reasons. The Tsar continues to encourage people to do more business in efforts to raise the economy. Russia also asks if a portion of Canada can be bought from the British. The First Democratic elections are held in Russia. A new President and a New Duma are elected. The Tsar transfers certain powers to the President as per the new constitution established following the Burning of Petrograd. The Tsar commissions the Petrograd Memorial in Petrograd for all those who lost their lives at the hands of the "despicable communists."

Prussia: King Wilhelm I create the Veteran's Benefits League. The League will pay veterans for their service and/or disabilities as a result of their service. Prussia offers France aid for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines and King Wilhelm I requests a meeting with Napoleon III in Paris, in an effort to improve relations between the two nations. Social Security is established for all over the age of 60. Women are given the right to vote in the elections for state secretaries. Queen Eva I spearheads the movement for women's rights with the support of her husband.

Prussian Diplomacy: King Wilhelm I requests a meeting in Paris with Napoleon III.

Can you please tell us who is the King/Kaiser? Who was he in OTL?

In OTL 1894 it was Kaiser Wilhelm II, BUT I am not using the Hohenzollern dynasty.

Oh, oK, thank you for explaining.

Austria-Hungary: The military is expanded and the alliance with Greece is accepted. The Austrians work on peaceful negotiations with France.

Polish Diplomacy: Duke Fryderyk August III advocates for the Austro-Hungarians relinquish the
Napoleon's Europe

New Map of Europe if A-H accepts

Polish sectors of Galicia. The Duke says that they will give 700,000 francs in return for the areas.

Kingdom of Italy:'After finally being freed from foreign control, Prime Minister Cavour receives the blessing from the king of Italy to be the formal head of the new Italian state. Cavour's first action is to annex the Kingdom of Naples and create his vision of a united Italian peninsula. He also searches for alliances and trade agreements with other nations. Lastly, he begins a program to greatly raise, develop and modernize the Armed Forces.

Annex Naples? Naples is an independent state, you'd have to invade them to do so......Ianian58 23:50, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

It's a French puppet state, it's in the Italian peninsula, and Cavour has been in negotiations with them. Plus it's a non-player nation anyway...

USA: President Stevenson launches a nationwide poll on the feelings about a monarchy ruling the US. The results are surprising with 70%-30% with opposing the majority. The US accepts Prussia's offer of weapons and begins replicating the rifles. The rifles should be issued to all troops within 6 months. President Stevenson drafts the military to its maximum capacity. The standard of living has increased in the US, with wages being higher than they have ever been. Minimum wage is established and children can now work at the age of 15

Please, I know you put that 70 percent of Americans don't feel like being ruled in a monarchy. But really, stop it, the Americans at the time prospered, they saw themselves as the father of democracy. Now, if the U.S was in a Great Depression, in an unpopular war, monarchies were prospering crazily, many democracies were collapsing....also, there isn't some sort-of royal family in the U.S, so it would have to be some well-liked President's family.....

It's not like it is giving the US some great advantage. What's wrong with having a little fun and putting a twist on something?

It changes the course of the whole game, technically.

Please elaborate on how it does this.

Let's say Kaiser Wilhelm's first cousin's sister-in-law's nephew's wife's mother's cousin's uncle's great-grandson's father's niece's fiance's lawyer becomes King. He will re-align America to Prussia's side.

Now let's say Tsar Nicholas's wife's uncle's nephew's brother's in-law's coworker's boss's daughter's boyfriend became King. He would ally with Russia.

I know you're going to say that you wouldn't do that.

I, personally, would like to see a King dominate America, but unfortunately, that is implausible.

All right but you don't have to be so uptight about it.

No monarchy. It is official.

Joint Governments: The Defense Minister inform that the organization of the armed forces will be modernized. While, the production in the new factories increasing.

China resigns from the game and gives control to mods.

WTF? Why?! You were doing so well! D:

Confederation of the Rhine: The roll out of the latest bolt-rifles continues throughout the Confederation's armed forces. The CSA naval advisor helps with the launching of a squadron of ironclad frigates, which will be based in the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. A rail work network connecting the entire Confederation is begun, with completion expected in three years. Italy is asked for a trade agreement. Tonga and Nuie are combined into the Pacific Island Governate, which is controlled by the Confederation as a whole. A small garrison is raised there.

CSA: More infrastructure is built, and many factories are benefiting from this. More immigrants move to the CSA thanks to the removal of most restrictions, and more workers are available. The East Coast, for the most part, has been repaired.

France sends aid to the Philippines to help anyone caught in the disaster to be aided. They battle out the rebellion in the Netherlands. They tell Austria that return to status quo ante bellum would be enough, but no territorial concessions. They thank Prussia for their aid.

Polish Diplomacy: The Duke once again asks for the Duchy of Warsaw to be upgraded to the Kingdom of Poland.

French Diplomacy: Do as wished.

Italian Diplomacy: the Italians ask our most prized ally, France, to give their blessing to the annexation of the Kingdom of Naples into the Italian State. We believe a united Italy would be stronger ally to you than a divided one. Will you concede that territory to us?

French Diplomacy: Do as wished.

Italian Diplomacy: Prime Minister Cavour commends France for their generosity. He will travel to Paris in order to shake hands with Napoleon personally. The Kingdom of Italy has annexed the Kingdom of Naples and proclaims the Italian Union under Prime Minister Camillo di Cavour.

Polish Reaction: The Polish rejoice that their beloved land is finally back to its proper place among nations. Duke Fryderyk August III is crowned in Warsaw as the King of All Poland. Poles worldwide break into jubilant celebration at the restoration of Poland. The King's first act as the King of Poland is to officially rename the Duchy of Warsaw and the Kingdom of Saxony to the Polish-Saxon Commonwealth. He dubs the former Warsaw Army as the Royal Polish Brigade.

Italian Diplomacy: Italy congratulates the Polish kingdom at its new independence and restoration. Prime Minister Cavour hopes to attend these celebrations. As another nation that recently became independent from France, the Italian Union offers trade agreements and an alliance to Poland

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: The King accepts the alliance with the Italians. He also formally invites the Italian Prime Minister and other government officials to attend the celebrations.

Confederation of the Rhine Diplomacy; The prince-primate heartily congratulates the new King of Poland, and hopes for stronger ties with Poland in the future.

Italian Diplomacy: PM Cavour greets the Confederation of the Rhine and asks it to enter an alliance with us.

CoR Diplomacy: The prince-Primate would be greatly pleased to accept the alliance and to propose a trade agreement. He also asks if Italy is still a monarchy, and if so, who is King?

Italian Diplomacy: PM Cavour is pleased at this response. The Italian Union accepts the trade agreement. Italy is no longer a monarchy, it is a parliamentary republic under Prime Minister Camillo di Cavour


Mod Event 1: The Poles in Galicia continue to revolt against the Austro-Hungarians. The protests grow more and more frequent as the Kingdom of Poland-Saxony becomes established.

Mod Event 2: The dhimmī (tax on non-Muslims) is increased in the Ottoman Empire, as a result 17 Italian, 3 French, 4 Austro-Hungarians, 12 Russians, and 2 Polish-Saxons are arrested and sentenced to seventy five years in prisons for "evading the dhimmī and attacking the stability of the state"

Mod Event 3: Portuguese speakers in the French Guiana demand to be given back to Portugal (Brazil).

Poland-Saxony: The King demands that the two Polish-Saxons be released to Poland-Saxony from the Ottoman Empire. The Polish-Saxon Army is increased to 85,000 (55,000 from Saxony and 30,000 from

Map of Europe after Poland-Saxony annexs Galicia

Poland) as they continue to modernize. The Polish Winged Hussars increase to 2,500 elite members. The Polish Winged Hussars adopt a rigorous and uniform training process is equivalent to the OTL Parris Island BMT. King Fryderyk August III demands that the Austro-Hungarians give Galicia to Poland-Saxony.

Russia: The Tsar, now very content with the acquisition of the North American land, appoints his brother, Mikhail, as the Grand Duke of Alaska, Mikhail I. Russia asks for the prisoners back from the Ottomans and requests that no more Russian begin to go to the Ottoman Empire unless on tourist trips. The Russian Foreign Visiting Agency is established.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy (secret): King Fryderyk August III asks Russia if they would join into a joint invasion of Prussia and Austria-Hungary.

Russian Diplomacy: The Tsar politely declines, stating that he does not want to ruin relation with anyone.

Greece: The Greek Army finishes training, they begin to negotiate with the British for a closer information about new warships. The economy has slight improvement.

Italian Union: As Prime Minister Cavour is in Poland-Saxony attending the celebrations of his ally, the Italian army (now called " La Sforza") is continuing to be modernized and increased. The Navy is being developed and created as well. Society is also inproving. The Italian Union demands the safe return of the 17 Italians being detained in the Ottoman Empire.

France: Seeing that Russia left the Pact of Iron, it asks it to establish relations with each other. He promises to support Poland and Italy in their programs as it would never leave its allies behind. France refuses the Portuguese speaker's requests and begins putting down the rebellion brutally. Unrest of the Netherlands ceases. It asks Poland-Saxony to join the proposed invasion. It breaks diplomatic ties with the Ottomans after what they did to the French people. They also demand them to return.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: The Polish agrees to allow the French to join into the proposed invasion.

Russian Diplomacy: The RFVA agrees to open relations with France, although the Tsar politely declines to invade Prussia and Austria-Hungary, because he does not want to ruin relation with any nation at all. However, limited aid will be provided to both sides.

CSA: More infrastructure is built, and more factories open up because of this. More people immigrate to the CSA for jobs. We also inform Italy that we have recognized their nation and ask for trade agreements.

Confederation of the Rhine: Asks Poland-Saxony if it is needed for the invasion of Galicia. New agricultural techniques are researched. A national census indicates that the population has reached approx. 34.39 million people. As another frigate rolls off the docks, the new navy conducts maneuvres in the Baltic Sea.

French Diplomacy: It asks the Rhine Confederation what it will take after the war.

CoR Diplomacy: The CoR would want the Austrian Kingdom of Bohemia (the bit that sort of juts into my territory).

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: You are needed for the invasion


Mod Event 1: Ljubljana, Slovenia, is hit by an earthquake, causing major damage in the region.

Mod Event 2: Anti-Ottoman feelings in Italy, France, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Poland-Saxony begin to develop, with many calling for the destruction of the nation.

Mod Event 3: Poles in Galicia continue rioting against Austria-Hungary with support of the Polish-Saxons.

Mod Event 4: Unrest in French Guyana and the Netherlands cease.

Mod Event 5: Brazil begins mobilizing in the northern border after the Portuguese Uprising in French Guyana has been crushed.

France: It begins to prepare for war against Prussia and Austria-Hungary. They send troops to French Guyana concerned of the Brazilian situation. New gun types are made. They send troops to French West Africa to prepare for an invasion of Prussia's only West African colony.

CSA: More infrastructure is built, and more factories are built thanks to this. More people immigrate to the CSA. The military is built up, just in case any violence breaks out in the nation.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Do you wish to help invade Prussia and the Austro-Hungarians?

CSA Diplomacy: We will not violate the rights of other nation's sovereignty.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Could you at least help in the war at sea and in the sending of supplies to the Entente?

CSA Diplomacy: Depends, what's the cause of this war.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: The liberation of people in Austria-Hungary and the unification of Germany in Prussia under the CoR.

Poland-Saxony: The Polish-Saxons continue to make demands of Austria-Hungary to release Galicia into the Polish-Saxon Commonwealth. The Polish-Saxons begin to mobilize forces in preparation for the invasion. The Royal Saxon Army and the Royal Polish Army begin conscription. Their ranks swell to nearly 300,000 troops after all males 15-45 are conscripted.

Italian Diplomacy: Prime Minister Rudini asks our great allies the Polish-Saxons to be allowed to join in on the invasion of Austria-Hungary, as the new prime minister has deep hatred for the Austrians.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Yes please help

'ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be taking control of Deansim's nation, Great Britain, for a long time, until he returns, he hasn't made a single edit in Alt History in weeks. Ianian58 23:36, April 12, 2012 (UTC)'

I think he was banned. Or blocked. Whatever you refer to it as.

His ban is gone, but even so, he has not come back.

Great Britain: The nation is outraged by French crushing the "people's voice" in French Guyana, they begin to send information to Prussia and Austria-Hungary in emergency contingencies, they begin recruiting soldiers in Africa, for a tougher garrison, the navy's budget is increased, and more ships are to be built yearly. Admirals and planners continue to work on a new generation of ships.

Greece: The nation begins trading specifically with French North Africa.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: Guys, slow down with the map game turns, please remember, two days per turn, due to lack of turns from our own players. Ianian58 23:36, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

Ummmm - why we are all here and are the core players. If they don't like it they won't play it.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Cavour has died and is given a full state funeral in Rome, presided over by the Pope. The Union is in a state of mourning in the wake of their beloved leader's death. He was revered as the person in charge of Italy's Unification. The new Prime Minister, Antonio di Rudini, is a staunch anti- Ottoman and anti-Austrian. He begins his leadership by making last minute developments to the army before a planned event he does not disclose.

Confederation of the Rhine: Forces of the Confederation are mobilized and there is a buildup of troops on the border with Austrian Bohemia. The militaries of the individual member-states are also mobilized.

Prussia: King Wilhelm I pledges support for Austria-Hungary and chastises France, Poland-Saxony, and CoR for their unwarranted hostility. Troops are massed along the borders with Poland and CoR and defenses are built up on both fronts. Maxim guns are purchased and distributed along the fronts and along the defensive wall along the CoR border. All industries are geared into total war effort. In other news, the first graduating class of Wilhelm's estate school is personally given their diplomas by King Wilhelm himself. King Wilhelm then goes on to give a speech on how all of Germany should enjoy these benefits as a unified nation. Research begins on an upgraded model of the Gewehr 92 and developing a faster rail system.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia offers to renew its alliance with Austria-Hungary and Britain and offers an alliance to the United States and Confederate States. Prussia also asks USA for raw materials such as oil and for goods and arms.

US Response: The United States agrees to all terms.

French Response: It asks the US not to side with Prussia.

Russia: Tsar Nicholas II attends the very first meeting of the Russian Duma, stating that "Russia has entered a new age. A new age of peace, prosperity, and glory. This Russia is a new Russia. This Russia is a Russia for the people! It is a Russia by the people! It is a Russia of the people! The Good People of Russia can make their own decisions, their real decisions! This Duma will last forever, for all of Russian history! Let this be a symbol of our new Russia!" The New Russia Declaration, as it comes to be called, becomes a symbol of the new, reformed, democratic Russia. The new President decides that Russia will be divided into several divisions, with the greatest one, the Alaskan one, being a special territory of Russia. Industrial revolution is encouraged in the nation. New guns and weaponry are introduced to the Army. Russia asks France, Prussia, and America for new and improved, advanced weaponry.

Italian Diplomacy: Prime Minister Rudini greets the Russians. He offers them a trade agreement and an alliance.

Russian Diplomacy: Russia accepts to trade agreements. Although the Tsar has denied the alliance, the Duma justifies it by stating that Russia wishes to stay out of all alliances. Russia only wishes to fight for what is right.

USA: With the influx of new immigrants, President Stevenson creates Immigration Services (IS). This agency helps immigrants find homes and stable jobs in the USA. The military begins researching the possibility of a new type of boat that would allow troops to go into shallow water. The boat would be run by a giant fan powered by a steam engine. The first M95's begin to roll out of the factories of Colt weapon manufacturer. The weapon is of a bolt action design and fires the .30-06 round and the rifles are designated the M95 "Liberty." President Stevenson declares support for Austria-Hungary and Prussia and condemns France for its hostile behavior. President Stevenson offers to ship the new M95's to Prussia. The US also proposes to the CSA that citizens be allowed to move freely between the two countries in an effort to increase income and trade.

Hey buddy, we (the Russians) also asked you for some highly advanced tech stuff. Mind giving it to us? Also corrected your post.

What did you "correct."

French Response: It tells the US that Prussia started everything and says France should not be blamed.

US Response: France is the instigator of these renewed hostilities and will be treated as such. Prussia asked to become friends but you snubbed them with your nefarious schemes

French Response: Fine. It will end he proposed invasion. Happy?

Polish-Saxon Response: If France abandons us we will be forced to find friends elsewhere, possibly not those friendly to France...

Italian Response: Prime Minister Rudini has decided to pull out of the invasion for the time being.

Austria-Hungary: The government works on stopping the riots in Austria-Hungary. They increase their troop level in case of invasion, but they attempt to negotiate peace with the potential aggressors. Furthermore, Polish-Saxony is told to keep its nose in its own territory.

US Diplomacy: US asks A-H for an alliance

Italian Diplomacy: Now that Italy has pulled out of the invasion on A-H , Prime Minister Rudini seeks a non-aggression pact with the Austrians.

Joint Governments: President Balmaceda inform to Union Senate the progress in the country in the last year. The industrialization program in each provinces has had a good result, providing several new employments to the people, which has begun to move from the camps to the cities. Due to this, the government has decided to use part of the new resources for improving the conditions of the people who arrive to the cities.


Mod Event 1: The Poles in Galicia are attacked by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Over a dozen die at the hands of the Austro-Hungarians.

Mod Event 2: Polish-Saxon King, Fryderyk August III, has a baby boy. He is named Fryderyk August IV after his father.

Mod Event 3: There are calls from the CSA and USA to become one nation after their split thanks to growing relations.

Mod Event 4: The Ottoman Empire begins to push all non-monotheists out of the borders.

These are incredibly controlling.

France: It cancels its role in the invasion of Prussia and Austria-Hungary in order to repair relations with the Americans. They condemn the situation in Austria-Hungary and use it as an excuse to go to war. They ask Poland-Saxony when the invasion will occur. They ask Prussia to return to status quo with France before the incident of war.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Please help in the invasion, it is starting now.

CSA: More infrastructure is built, and more factories are built up. More people immigrate to the CSA, and get jobs in the growing manufacturing industries. Many extreme Confederates begin protesting any attempt to join America. A large amount of men who fought in the Civil War are also protesting.

They'd only be like 50 years old, if they were 20 in the war. That is the average age for politicians...

Screwed up with the math. My bad.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Prince-Primate condemns Austria's use of force against the Poles in Galicia. He also congradulates King Frederick Augustus III on the birth of his son. A prototype dirigible airship makes its debut flight in the Kingdom of Westphalia. The military sees the future potential for such craft, and a "Military Dirigible Authority" is created to monitor and help with research into airships. A small troop is raised armed with a Maxim gun style machine gun. Women are given the right to vote in elections. Government incentives help with the opening of many factories, textile, arms, and chemical. A young Albert Einstein wins the King of Wurttenberg's scholarship to attend the National University in Frankfurt.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Please help in the invasion, it is starting now.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Rudini reverses his decision to pull out of the proposed invasion. He condemns the uses of force on the innocent Poles in Galicia. Rudini mobilizes the Armed Forces to the eastern border with Austria-Hungary. He will soon draft people into the military but only if needed. The Italians will definitely fight the Austro-Hungarians for the good of our allies in Poland and in order to take a chunk out of the hated Austrians.


Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: Please help in the invasion, it is starting now.

Poland-Saxony: King Fryderyk August III declares war upon the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Kingdom of Prussia after the news of the Poles being attacked reaches Poland-Saxony. The Royal Polish Army slams into Galicia and quickly liberates the Poles from the region. All of West Galicia is liberated by the end of the turn as the Polish Winged Hussars attack the Austrian positions. Several Light Cavalry units attack into East Galicia and cause much havoc and disrupt supply lines through the region. The Royal Saxon Army attacks into Prussia and quickly takes several border regions, they quickly overwhelm the Prussians on the border and advance to 7 miles outside of Berlin after heavy fighting.

French Response: It joins the war against Austria-Hungary.


Mod Event: 1 Zionism is founded in Switzerland, an ideology that calls for a Jewish state in their homeland in Israel.

​Mod Event: 2 Poles in Galicia continue to revolt as the Poles and the French attack the country.

​Mod Event: 3 Thanks to French efforts, Spain enters a period of economic prosperity, and hopes to work together with the two other Latin American states (except Brazil).

​Mod Event: 4 A border incident occurs when a Brazilian man is shot by French border guards. This causes tensions to increase.

​Mod Event: 5 Crowds of people protest in the cities calling for the unification of USA and CSA.

France sends its troops towards the Austrian motherland to destroy the heart of its might. They send supplies and weapons to the Galician Poles to intensify their rebellion. They apologize to Brazil about the incident, though they continue to fortify the northern border.

Poland-Saxony: The Royal Polish Army liberates all of Galicia from the Austro-Hungarians after the Austrian Army is surrounded in Lviv and forced to surrender. The POW's are sent to work in West Galicia to help rebuild the area. The Royal Saxon Army launches a massive attack against the Prussians and captures Berlin from them. The Saxons Cavalry then advances again against the Prussian and massive fighting takes place.


Italian Union: Apart from his standing army, Prime Minister Rudini drafts an army of 100,000 to be included in the invasion. The Italian Union hereby declares war on Austria-Hungary. La Sforza (Italian Army) crosses the border in the east with Austria-Hungary and begins their massive invasion into A-H's western provinces. Rudini sends a small 15,000 man force to aid the Polis-Saxon campaign as well. The actual non-drafted army will move soon but for now they are defending Italy's borders on all sides and troops are stationed in Italy's islands as well. The navy begins to patrol Italian waters. Any non-allied ship found in Italian waters will be destroyed.

Joint Governments: Infrastructure across the nation is improved, while the government begins a program for increase the population in the Patagonian territories. Also, the Military industries show the first sign of development. The Joint Governments offer trade agreements to France, Spain and the CSA.

French Diplomacy: It agrees.

Britain: Britain offers Russia the rest of Canada in return for an alliance. Britain offers its African colonies up for sale as the industries in those areas have by now been built up that they are basically self sufficient. Britain. Britain sends troops to defend their Prussian ally as well as mobilizing there armies to full force. A new thought is brought up in Parliament, the creation of a British "Commonwealth of Nations", and it soon gains ground throughout the country until finally it is agreed upon and all British colonies in the world become members of the new British Commonwealth, and industrialising of all the colonies continues as does the agricultural advacement in all of the colonies. Gold and Diamonds continue to be mined in Africa.

Russian Diplomacy: We'll take Canada, but no alliance. How about trade agreements and land, ships, and weaponry? @France: Just so we don't piss you off, you can have the same things we're offering to the Brits.

British Diplomacy: No Alliance, no Canada.

Wait up, we're already allies through the PoI, I think.

Then how come you have western Canada?

I bought it for a jillion rubles, oil, ice, and naval ships.

I never approved that. Damn mods, no offense, can I please revoke that, I never approved and being banned I didn't have chance.

Actually, I used 4-20 no, 1-3 yes, got a 2.

I wasn't here, I will give you some other colony if we switch it, please?

Err ... maybe we can forget about the rest of Canada. Some other colony? Which one?

I will help you conquer Persia and Afghanistan as well as Scandinavia as well as giving you what I assume is the colony of Kameroon and the one in West Africa.

How bout we help you get Afghanistan for Canada?

Sorry, but I need Canada and Afghanistan a bitch to hold on to. Excuse my language please.

CSA: More infrastructure is built, and more factories are opened up. People immigrate to the CSA in search of jobs. The military is built up in response to the war in Europe, and neutrality is declared. More people join the military, and the number is raised to 50,000 troops total. Meanwhile, in the cities violence breaks out as pro-unification protesters and pro-independence protesters meet each other during a protest.

Austria-Hungary: The country in its crisis condemns the aggressing nations. They announce that, despite attempting peaceful communications, the aggressing nations continued to be openly hostile towards Austria-Hungary. The Italian forces to the south are held back and much ground in Galacia is retaken, though the French offensive takes a lot of land in Austria-Hungary. They call for any able-bodied nations, especially the USA, Prussia, CSA, Britain, and Russia to help save Austrian lands.

French Response: They will agree to a peace treaty. The two terms are: Galicia will be handed to Poland and status quo ante bellum will be placed.

Confederation of the Rhine: Invades Austrian Bohemia from Bavaria with an initial force of 50,000 men under the King of Bavaria. All the militaries of the member-states are mobilized, as well as the army of the confederation. The Pacific Islands Governate is put on high alert.

Greece: The army numbers 80,000 men. The navy is impressive. The economy continues to prosper nicely. They declare support for Austria-Hungary calling the invasions unjustified, they stay neutral though.


4 turns = one year.

Mod Situation: In Austria-Hungary, Galica has been recaptured by the Poles, Saxon's offensive into Prussia have failed, but inflicted some casualties on the Prussian, yet Austria-Hungary and Prussia remain defiant against Poland-Saxony. Austria-Hungary though, suffers a problem, fighting three fronts, one against Poland, another in their lower border with Austria-Hungary, one in modern day Croatia against French Forces which landed there, and one where they have a defensive position of mountains against the Italians around their own two borders. Russia and the British have remained neutral, but Britain has promised to declare war on any nation that attacks Prussia again. In result, Austria-Hungary and Britain reaffirm old relationships by signing a military alliance, yet Russia stays quiet, and they could change the tide of the war in whoever side they join. The Ottoman Empire has decreed they will make a decision in a few months (next turn) and what of the United States and the CSA?

Mod Event 1: Brazil declares war on France, they urge Britain to do the same, Brazilian forces have results in South America, but French Forces hold firm in coastal areas.

Mod Event 2: A revolt occurs in Poland-Saxony over the war, and seen though it is ruthlessly curushed by the Army, it begins to form a wave of bitter resentment against the government as more Poles die at the hands of the Army for small offenses such as protesting the draft.

Ummm... the war was started at the request of the Poles to liberate Poles, this is thus impossible Bobalugee1940

Mod Event 3: People in the Balkans revolt against their Ottoman rulers, resenting Muslim rule ever since it happened.

Prussia: A new offensive is launched against Poland. It makes good progress but is halted 75 miles from Prussia's pre-war eastern border. King Wilhelm I has all industries geared towards producing war materials and rationing begins. 500,000 men are drafted and are trained and sent to the front. Production begins on the Gewehr 98, a more accurate version of the 92. Machine guns are sent to the front along with a prototype Howitzer.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia asks Russia for a military alliance and to attack Poland. Prussia also asks USA and CSA for military alliances and aid

British Diplomacy: Britain lands troops in northern Poland and establishes a foothold in the northern part of the country. Prussia continues to be sent aid.

France: It takes Austria and begins advancing into Hungary. Angered about Brazil's and Britain's actions, they send troops to Poland to defend them from the British and declare war on Brazil and make naval raids at the southern cities. They ask the Joint Governments and Spain for help.

That is not only extremely ASB, but also where is your algorithm?

Sorry. Not good at those. Need someone for it.

JG Diplomacy: The Joint Governments President agrees to join to France in his war against the Brazilian aggression.

Britain: Britain asks for a universal ceasefire between all nations in the war and a peace conference.

French Response: It asks for status quo ante bellum.

British Diplomacy: Britain agrees on this proposal with one exception, what does France want so Poland can be annexed?


NOT REALLY. Poland was partitioned between other European countries before. And what about Greece, Bosnia, etc, they were all conquered. Portugal was conquered by Spain. It is possible.

Those countries were all bordering. Secondly, Prussia/Germany and Russia did not take Poland, they divided the Duchy of Warsaw. And all your examples were done right; those were invasions, not annexations.

Poland will be independent. Yet it can have Galicia.

Who gets Galicia, iIhave an idea, we don't give Galicia to anyone,and it becomes its own country.

Sounds good to me.

Seriously, cool, we should take land from both A-H and Poland, to make the country, that way it's fair, should we begin border talks on the talk page so we don't clog up the game now?

Russia: By a majority declaration of the Duma, the Russian will remain completely neutral in this war and begins an embargo on stuff from warring nations.

Italian Union: La Sforza is launched in a massive campaign into A-H. With plans to take Istria and South Tyrol as well as other western provinces. We will continue our advances; however the Italian people are weary of war and vote Prime Minister Rudini out of office. A new, diplomatically minded person is elected into office, his name is Luigi Pelloux. PM Pelloux will continue the advance into A-H unless a peace treaty is reached; he really wants this war to be over.

CSA: Worried about the war in Europe, it begins building up its military. The number of men in the military reaches 75,000. More infrastructure is built, and more factories are set up. More people immigrate to the CSA. Meanwhile, a full scale riot breaks out in Atlanta, when a Unifer (pro-unificationer) killed a Civil War veteran. Looting soon followed, and the National Guard was called in to stop it.

Poland-Saxony: The Royal Polish Army swings down into Eastern Hungary where they capture the majority of the eastern parts of Hungary. The Winged Hussars attack several key supply locations near Budapest and on the Danube, they completely raze these areas making supply difficult. The Royal Saxon Army sets up defensive positions against the Prussians, they are able to stop the Prussian attack after a massive battle that claimed the lives of 2,000 Saxons and 3,400 Prussians. After being informed of the talks of partitioning Poland the King asks Napoleon III directly to help stop any sort of partition and it also states that it will accept nothing less than the full annihilation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and that Poland will, at the very least, have Galicia.

Britain and France have agreed to make Galicia a new nation as a buffer state and jointly protected by both France and Britain, but no alliance between the two powers themselves. Both A-H and Poland will lose land.

Hold up, bro, this is a job for the Russians. We are OD neutral.

I know, but a joint French-British statement about it under threat of force might make it work, and if Britain does intervene to create the nation of Galicia, it is asked that France not attack Britain, as Britain doesn't want anything but a buffer state between Poland and Austria.

But a joint Franco-Anglo-Russian statement would work better. That would scare the hell out of everyone else.

All right that's better. I will be gone for a while (about a week) Britain will stay at peace but will attack with full force if attacked. Britain will also do all it can to peacefully end the war and create Galicia form both A-H and Polish territory as a buffer state. Britain will help France in this matter and issue a joint statement with them against the war and creating Galicia. Please don't mess with my country while I'm away. DeanSims 20:32, April 15, 2012 (UTC)


Poland gets Galicia. Everything else comes back to normal.

No, the agreement was that Galicia should be independent.

Joint Governments: The Armed forces are mobilized and the Military industries is increased. The troops are sent to the border with Brazil and the Navy prepares to begin block to the Brazilian ports. The Minister of Defense prepares the order to recruit young men for be trained.

Confederation of the Rhine: The expeditionary force arrives outside Prague, but stops when the government agrees with Britain and France and declares a ceasefire in Bohemia. The government supports the idea of a Galician buffer state and the rest as status quo ante bellum.

Greece: The Greeks warn the Ottoman Empire to not enter the war, or they promise to declare war on them. 200,000 men are drafted with standard equipment as a show of force.


Mod Event 1: Most of Europe involved with the war against Austria are now ready for a peace settlement. Many want Galicia to return to Poland and status quo ante bellum.

Mod Event 2: Brazil is overhwhelmed by Joint Government forces in the south, but is constantly a stalemate in the north against French forces.

Mod Event 3: Protests for the unification of the USA and CSA continue.

Mod Event 4: The growth of Zionism leads to an increased settlement of Palestine by Jewish settlers.

Mod Event 5: Bulgaria and Serbia declare independence from the Ottomans.

France: It holds the peace conference at Warsaw to discuss the peace terms. It calls for Galicia to be turned to Poland and for status quo ante bellum. They continue to send troops to French Guyana against Brazilian forces. They send aid to Balkanian separatists against the Ottomans. Napoleon III begins to focus on an extensive naval project: to improve its navy in technological and size terms to replace Britain as the leading maritime power.

Italian Union: La Sforza pulls out of western Austria. Prime Minister Pelloux is en route to Warsaw to discuss peace terms. Meanwhile, Italy celebrates the end of the war. The Italian Union begins to improve its navy. The Union also declares its support for the Zionist movement, as PM Pelloux's family is Jewish.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Prince-Primate, King William II of Wurttemberg, travels to Warsaw to take part in the Peace Conference. He advocates for a Galician buffer-state under joint Austrian and Polish protection. The Confederation's troops in Bohemia will pull out when peace is secured.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: We will settle for West Galicia as East Galicia is mainly Ukrainians while the West is mainly Poles.

Poland-Saxony: The Royal Polish Army is beaten back by the Hungarians back to the border of Galicia. The Poles and Ukrainians in the region assist their liberators and set up a defensive line against the Austro-Hungarians. The Austro-Hungarians are stopped cold at the defensive line as the massive earthen works and trenches make the area impassible. The Polish Light Cavalry attack stations deep behind the lines. The Saxons also stop the Prussians entirely. The King sends several thousand Francs to the rebels in Serbia and Bulgaria.

Been a long time. Should I start the next year?

Prussia: Prussia launches an offensive in to Saxony (Can someone do an algorithm for this?). 500,000 men are drafted and Gewehr 97's are sent to the lines along with the new MG97. King Wilhelm calls for Galicia to be and independent state and for the Prussian liberation of Saxony, as Poland should preside over an area of ethnic Germans.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia asks CoR if unification between the two states would be out of the question. They claim this will be better for the German people

CoR Diplomacy: Look. We're hardly going to say "yeah sure, have our sovereignty, we don't need it." The thing is that the larger states in the CoR (Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Saxony, and Westphalia) are not going to want to give up their rights. However, I think that much closer bonds between ALL the German nations (Prussia, CoR and Austria) should definitely be established. I propose a German Economic Bloc, which would be able to benefit all Germans (especially those in business).

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: If you declare a cease-fire with us we will help you gain Austria while we Hungary will be given independence.


Mod Event 1: Most of the Balkan nations gain their independence, with Greece gaining its OTL territories and most Balkan countries in their OTL borders. Greece and Bulgaria continue to fight the Ottomans over Eastern Thrace and Constantinople.

Mod Event 2: Protests in the CSA and USA continue to grow.

France: It declares war on Prussia when they hear Saxony is attacked. They celebrate their victory against Brazil and demand this region from it. They support the Balkan nations against the Ottomans. They condemn the situation in Palestine.

Poland-Saxony Diplomacy to the Warring Nations of Europe: The Polish-Saxon King proposes to the peace talks this new map of Europe (a full list of changes later):

Poland-Saxony: The Polish-Saxon King advances the idea of his proposed treaty. The Polish Army in Galicia continues to resist the Austro-Hungarians. The Saxons though are beaten back relentlessly deep into Saxon territory. The Saxons are surrounded in Dresden and are completely cut off by siege but they continue to hold against all odds. The Polish and Ukrainians continue to hold off the Austro-Hungarians from advancing.

CSA: It builds roads, and begins a new system of railroads around the country, they expand their navy nicely. Protests are tolerated. Polls show the majority of the people in the CSA don't honestly want a union with the U.S. (Player asked me to do his turn. Ianian58 20:14, April 17, 2012 (UTC) )

Sorry, contradicts mod event.

Spain (Mod-Controlled): The nation faces major insurgency problems, which do not allow them to enter the war in Europe, they an explosions kills many as the building of the Panama Canal continues. Ianian58 20:14, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

​French Response: They suggest Spain try to reform the colonial system so that these problems would be reduced.

Ottoman Empire (Mod controlled): They refuse Poland's treaty, stating they will not lose all of the Balkans and their other colonies to nations who didn't even participate in the war. The Ottomans never even truly participated. Ianian58 20:14, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

French Response: If it does not recognize the treaty, they will punish the country severely.

Ottoman Response: We never participated in the conflict- the treaty has no right to intervene in Ottoman Sovereignty. | We are not obliged to sign and accept the treaty. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:16, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

French Response: If you do not concede to the demands of the Jews in Palestine and the Balkanians, I will gather a group of nations to punish you.

Greece: The nation introduces a newer series of Ironclad ships, strengthening the navy to a powerful on in the Mediterranean. They exploit their African colonies.

RANDOM MOD EVENT: (Nations who posted can make their response): Brazil makes a successful counter-strike as a brilliant General named Lucas Cruz obliterates one of the main bulks of the Army of the Joint Governments of South America, other Brazilian forces against France, encouraged, make fierce counter-attacks, most end in failure though, but some make success. Brazil asks for a peace treaty with France and the JGoSA. The Grand Colombian Government quietly builds up their navy and military, modernizing it to French-British standard, having an army numbering 200,000 men. (No mod or player can control Grand Colombia but head mod, or sub-headmod.)

Polish-Saxon Reaction: The Polish-Saxon King sends his regards to France after the many deaths. The King also sends regards to Brazil and asks them to allow the French and JGSA to bury the bodies.

French Reaction: They agree to the peace treaty, but demand the northern region from it as a punishment for starting war.

JG Reaction: We also agree to peace treaty, but demand the OTL Paraguay region.

Brazilian Diplomacy: It will give the lower half of OTL Paraguay to JG, and the northern region excluding coastal areas to France. Brazil will pay 10 million in U.S currency to both nations.

French Diplomacy: It agrees to the treaty.

JG Diplomacy: The JG also agrees with the terms.

Russia: In domestic matters, Russia economy is doing very good and is progressing from the efforts of the new Tsar, who is referred to as "The Great Progressive" among the Russians. The navy continues to build up and naval exercises are practiced in the Black and Caspian Seas. Duma midterm elections are held for the third time. 27 new Duma Members are elected and the highly liberal Nationalist Party gains more seats. The Federal Party is created and wins 12 seats. The Tsar, who is liberal, is glad to see the Nationalists win a majority of the 40 seats put up for Election. A brilliant general, Vladimir Nikolay Dmitryovich (Vladimir Nicholas Dmitryovich in the West) becomes famous in the Russian Army, while an equally great Naval Commodore named Nikolay Aleskandrovich (Nicholas Alexandrovich in the West) wins a major battle against other forces in training activities in the Caspian. The RSS Nicholas II is built in Petrograd and sent out to the Russian Arctic Fleet. A new type of warship is built, with several of these rolling off the factory lines and joining the navy. The number of men in the Army is raised to 500,000. A landing is mage in Greenland and the Tsar proclaims that this will be the next land of Russia. If enough Greenlandic people agree to become people of Russia and join up with the local militia and enough Russians go there, the Tsar promises three Duma seats.

Polish-Saxon and Austro-Hungarian Treaty has been signed. It entails:

The region of Galicia shall be ceded entirely to the Polish-Saxon Commonwealth

The Polish-Saxon Commonwealth is henceforth withdrawn from the Entente and to pursue a diplomatic end to the Prussian-Polish War.

The Polish-Saxon Commonwealth shall apologize for the beginning of new war in Europe after all hostilities end.

The Polish-Saxon Commonwealth must sever their alliance with France.

The Russians call all that BS but OK, if Austria-Hungary agrees, I'm OK with that.

French Response: WHAT?! You can't seriously do that! D:

Polish-Saxon Reaction: Jubilant masses fill the streets of Warsaw as the hostilities end between them and the Austro-Hungarians. The Poles and Ukrainians meet with the Austro-Hungarian Army as peace falls over the land like the light of the morning star. The former POW's of the Polish-Saxons and of the Austro-Hungarians are released to their respective countries as joyous families meet their loved ones. The main Ukrainian force is christened as the Royal Ukrainian Army and they, along with the Royal Polish Army move to the north to defend against the Prussians.

Gran Colombia: In Gran Colombia corner of the World, the military and navy are slowly being built up, with new warships being built and more men joining up.

Joint Governments: Armed forces stay in his positions in the war frontier, while the peace talks take place.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Pelloux pulls La Sforza completely out of A-H. He apologizes to the Austro-Hungarians for the invasion made by his predecessor, former Prime Minister Rudini. He seeks amicable relations with Austria-Hungary after all of that, now that the Union is under a more rational leader. Meanwhile, modernization of the army continues and society is improved. PM Pelloux gains popularity for leaving an unpopular war. Celebrations begin in Rome. Former Prime Minister Rudini was murdered outside his home in Tuscany by an unknown group of people, the government is currently launching an investigation.

Confederation of the Rhine: While glad that Poland-Saxony and Austria-Hungary have signed a treaty, the CoR hopes that the close relations between itself and P-S continue. Troops are withdrawn from Austrian Bohemia. The CoR demands that Prussia withdraws from Saxony (a member of the CoR) and pursue a treaty like Austria has.


Mod Event 1: Greece and Bulgaria continue to fight against the Ottomans. Growing numbers of Palestinian Jews cause major discrimination in the region.

Mod Event 2: People in Poland and France joy that peace has finally come.

Mod Event 3: Protests in CSA and USA continue.

Mod Event 4: A small Communist uprising occurs in the Caucasus. (It should not be too long to be put down)

Mod Event 5: Spain agrees to make certain reforms to decrease instability.

France: It begs Poland not to leave its alliance. They continue to demand that the Ottomans concede to the Greek, Bulgarian, and Jewish demands. They praise Spain for its efforts to rebuild itself.

Polish-Saxon Diplomacy: It was either that or the war continues, do not worry friend, I shall not attack you or your allies, but I shall not act for you either. The Polish-Saxons shall not forget how good of a friend you have been to us. Vive la France! Vive la Poland!

Spain (Mod-controlled): The country begins a plan to build-up its economy and continues to stabilize the government. They allowed their colonies to have a certain degree of autonomy and make social and political reforms.

USA (Mod-controlled): People in the USA call for unification with the CSA. They ask Russia to buy British Colombia for $10 million.

China (Mod-controlled): The country continues its industrialization and modernization. They begin to build a railroad system stretching across the country.

Japan (Mod-controlled): The country continues its industrialization and modernization. They begin to build up their navy to possibly take control of some overseas colonies.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Pelloux begins peacetime reforms in the country through many programs. The economy will be boosted within the next few years through economic reform. Pelloux shows his support for the Zionist cause.

Polish-Saxony: The Polish and Ukrainians attack the Prussians and take some miles of land in the south of Prussia in an attempt to relieve the Saxons. The Polish and Ukrainians begin to make some small heady against the Prussians. The King instates the former East Galicia as the Duchy of Ukraine and installs the popular leader, Viktor Yanukovych, as the Duke of the Ukrainians.

French Diplomacy: They declare war on Prussia to protect Poland.

Prussian Response: Prussia asks for peace with Poland and France. In return for keeping Saxony, Prussia will give Poland access to the sea.

Scrawlandian Response: Hold up you freaking out European governments! What in the name of God's Grace is happening here? You just got out of a war! Chill off for a while! Everything is unstable and everyone who came home will revolt if they have to go back to war. I'm sorry, but that goes.

I actually kinda liked Prussia's offer

Greece: The young nation keeps attacking the Ottoman Empire, making an official declaration of war, as they reach the Golden Horn, they offer Bulgaria a union under Greece.

Grand Colombia (Mod-Controlled): The military is planned to have 230,000 men. Popular grandson of the liberator Simon Bolivar, wins re-election for the third time, now being the longest running president of the country, rail-roads and well-made roads are common across the country, as the nation now suddenly holds the title of the best Navy of South America, after the somewhat defeat of Brazil against JgSA and France.

Russia: The Duma passes the Utilary Declarational Anti-Socialist Act, approved by the majority of Nationalists and Federalists. This will prevent all forms of socialism (commies, fascists, whatever) from becoming too big and the authorization of the creation of a new section of the military: the Stand-By Socialist Units, who will be employed to remove socialists from Russia and exile them to Alaska or Greenland. Speaking of Greenland, Grand Duke George and the Tsar extend the Greenlandic Territory and encourage more people to go there. All twenty-seven leaders of the communist uprising are captured by the RSBSU and exiled to the Far Northwestern and Far Northeastern Part of Alaska. The President begins his reelection campaign since the Election will be held next year. The Federalist Party's Presidential nominee Georgy Zhukov is killed in a ship wreck in the Bering Strait.

Confederation of the Rhine: The army of the Confederation remains on the border of member-state Saxony to monitor the situation. A trade agreement is asked of Greece.


Mod Event 1: Military advisors in France, Prussia, and Poland advise their countries to cease all military operations and wars in Europe due to the violence already endured.

Mod Event 2: Protests in USA and CSA continue.

Mod Event 3: Communism and socialism is mostly suppressed in Russia, now only operating in Russian Canada and Siberia.

Mod Event 4: Brazil falls into civil disorder has the people rise up against the government for their defeat in the war against France and the JG.

Mod Event 5: Unrest in the Ottoman Empire continues to grow. The Straits region and Constantinople fall to Greek and Bulgarian forces. Inspired by the events in Palestine, Kurdistan declares independence while Turkish Armenians ask for Russia for protection. Jews declare independence as the State of Israel.

Poland-Saxony: The King recognizes the Jewish state and sends 13,000 dollars to Israel. The Polish and Ukrainian Armies stop their advances and begin to dig in. They prepare trenches and huge earthen works. The King, in secret, asks Prussia for a peace treaty that would give them Saxony but the Polish would gain access to the sea. The Saxon Army in Dresden refuses to surrender to the Prussians as they continue to resist them.

Prussian Response: Prussia agrees to these terms. King Wilhelm I asks for better relations between the two.

Prussia: Prussia begins to shift troops away from the border with Poland and concentrates them westward. King Wilhelm I proclaims support for and recognizes the State of Israel and begins sending aid to the small nation. King Wilhelm offers any Jews wishing to go to Israel free passage on Prussian ships. New battleships are built however, Prussia's navy is now one of the larger navies of Europe but is still less powerful than France or Britain. King Wilhelm proclaims the need for Anschluss (union) with the CoR for the good of the German people. Prussia creates the Germanic Peoples' Federation and invites Austria-Hungary and CoR to join.

Prussian Diplomacy: King Wilhelm I contacts Napoleon III in an attempt to better relations between the two nations

Polish Response: We need to set the border as to what exactly it is, I was thinking that big 'blob' on the top of Prussia could be relinquished to Poland.

Prussian Response: I was thinking the outer edges of the "blob" so the Prussian people don't get upset by losing so many Prussians

French Response: It agrees.

Confederation of the Rhine: Hopes Prussian Saxony will remain a member of the Confederation. The Germanic People's Confederation...Do we remain independent? Is it like a confederation of independent nations? If it is, the CoR will join.

As a result of the loss of Saxony the Polish-Saxon Commonwealth is officially dissolved by Royal Decree and the Kingdom of Poland is proclaimed to all nations.

France: It recognizes the new state of Israel and begins funding the independence movement. The French navy is greatly expanded and upgraded. They begin to research on submarines, zeppelins, and underwater mines. It agrees to Prussia about repairing their relationships and attempt to try to agree on a consensus on certain issues.

Largest navy? HAHAHAHA, no. And no one has the foggiest ideas of a general concept of tank. Ianian58 20:49, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry. I removed the false stuff.

British Empire (Mod-Controlled): The nation reveals a military project that was worked on 10 years, they introduce a new kind of warship. (Modern-day Pre-dreadnought.) They also increase the navy's budget, and navy production is increased twice. The army goes through a change of procedures in battles, gaining information from the wars in Europe recently. The economy is very strong due to explosion in areas around Australia, India and Africa. Ianian58 20:49, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

Greece: They are stunned by the new warship the British have introduced, and attempt to remake one, but fail. The nation's military reaches 80,000 men. An offer for a union for Bulgaria under Greece is urged to the Bulgarians.

Grand Colombia (Mod Controlled): Roads are improved, a new surge of literature calling for the continuation of Simon Bolivar's dream of uniting South America form. The nation has the largest military and navy in America. They begin funding rebellious movements in Northern Region of Brazil. Ianian58 20:49, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

Confederation of the Rhine: Glad of the end of the violence in Saxony, the Confederacy gets back to normal. The CoR does not want an Anschluss with Prussia, but the mercantile community pressures the government into joining the Germanic People's Confederation. New frigates are constructed for the Navy of the CoR. Bavaria increases its state army by introducing conscription. Women are given the right to vote.

Italian Union: The Union officially recognizes Israel and Kurdistan. Economic reforms are conducted to better the lives of the Italian people. Prime Minister Pelloux offers any aid that Israel may need. The navy and the army continue modernization and improvement, both conducting military exercises on the island of Sardinia AwesomePeruvian

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia asks Italy for a trade agreement and an alliance.

Italian Diplomacy: the Union agrees to all terms hoping for good relations with Prussia

Russia: The Russians decide to ante up the navy even more. Men are requested to join the navy and the number of naval personnel is raised to 350,000. However, when the Wars end in Europe, all troop raising is ended. In popular culture, a very pacifist movement arises in literature and art. Two Duma seats are given to the Greenlanders. That specific area is expanded greatly.

Joint Governments: After the celebrations for the victory in the war against Brazil, the President Balmaceda (in the new capital of Santiago since 1896) order a new series of measures: Industrialization must be continues and expand to other territories in the nation, where people still living in poverty. Also, the current roads need to be improved and also a new chain of railroads need to connect different areas in the union. The troops who participate in the conflict, after be rewarded, receive order to train to the new recruits. New shipyards are built in each state. The new territory of Paraguay currently in under the administration of a military governor designated by the President, but in the Congress is discussed that new law to integrate it as new state of the union.


''Mod Event 1: Brazil is taken over by a new government which abolishes the monarchy.

Mod Event 2: Britain's newest naval invention alarms the world, who begin drawing new plans for their own designs

Mod Event 3: Protests in the CSA and USA continue.

Mod Event 4: Thanks to disorder in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Bulgaria seize the Marmara and Aegean regions of Anatolia.

Mod Event 5: Arab rebels join the Jews for their independence in Hejaz and Asir.

France: It begins researching the dreadnought to catch up with Britain's naval technology. They ask for a group of nations to fight with France to defend the Jews and Kurds from Ottoman oppression.

USA (Mod Controlled): The government already decides to ask the CSA for reunification now that the protests have gone very strong.

CSA (Mod Controlled): They receive the request from the USA and are now thinking of reunification.

Spain (Mod Controlled): ​Spain's economic, social, political, and stability problems have been reduced. They begin to prepare to expand their empire somewhere.

Poland: The Polish King sends troops into the newly acquired Regiony Morskie na Północ (English: North Sea Region) to quell any sign of resistance, though few are shown as many have fled the area after the treaty. Thousands of Poles "colonize" the now mostly abandoned regions to the north. The majority settles in Königsberg and begin work at the ports. The first Polish merchant ship is launched, named the JKM (Engish: His Majesty's; Polish: Jego Królewskiej Mości) Krakus, after the legendary founder of Krakow. The JKM Krakus makes its maiden voyage to France and back unharmed. The Army of the Ukraine is promoted to the Royal Ukrainian Army, much to the satisfaction of its commanders. The Poles recognize Kurdistan and Hedjaz and send 13,000 francs to both countries and they send 20,000 francs and hundreds of arms to Israel.

Königsberg is split down the middle by the looks of the map. Just letting you know. I guess it can be called Polish and Prussian Königsberg respectively CommanderOfTheFourthReich 18:52, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

Note: Nobody make a turn, let me do it. I have things planned. Ianian58 20:08, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

Greece: The nation strengthens their possessions in the new areas captured. Mining industries prospers.

Great Britain (Mod-Controlled): Four more pre-dreadnought battleships are introduced, marking it up to five pre-dreadnoughts. They do- with no dispute have the strongest navy of the world. They increase their navy's budget even more, lowering their army budget slightly. Taxes are lowered in African Colonies but raised slightly in England itself. Ianian58 20:08, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

Grand Colombia (Mod-Controlled): Stunned by the new naval design of Britain, the navy goes through research.

Confederation of the Rhine: Amazed by the new British warship, the Confederation begins focusing on its own, fairly poor, navy. A new warship is commissioned to be the flagship of the fleet. It will be a variation of the British ships. In the army, Grey uniforms are introduced as the universal combat uniform, although the colourful Napoleonic-style tunics will remain the dress uniform. Plans are laid in the Pacific Islands Governate to invade and annex Samoa, sometime early next year.

​Sorry. I think all the islands are already taken.

Cool, that's fine. Just wondering, who has them?

Italian Union: The army is now fully modernized and reinvigorated. The Navy reveals a secret plan that was begun several years ago and is to be completed soon. Meanwhile, society improves and the economy prospers. Prime Minister Pelloux sends monetary aid the state of Israel.


Note: Once again, two turns, one year. We'll be jumping directly to 1899.

Mod Event 1: The Ottoman Empire collapses as Istanbul is lost to Greece and Bulgaria, rebellions spring up in modern-day Turkey, and all other area of the Ottoman Empire's control is lost to rebel groups, as in a few weeks, generals, officers, and the Sultan himself and his heir are killed by widespread unrest. Before entering the 20th century, the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist, now being divided by hundred- if not thousands of small groups. (Which means areas are up-for-grabs for foreign powers.)

Mod Event 2: Tensions between Greece and Bulgaria go bad as both sides disagree on how to divide themselves in the Balkans, with Greece wanting to keep its modern-day borders plus coastal lands all the way to Istanbul (or Constantinople if you will.) and Bulgaria wanting to divide the Balkans equally. The only stable state in the former land of the Ottoman Empire is the Jewish State of Israel.

Mod Event 3: France builds a pre-dreadnought class warship, effectively picking up to Britain, yet still behind in terms of quantity and quality. Most nations other research for pre-dreadnought battleship fail due to lack of proper information.

Mod Event 4: Unrest builds up in African colonies, especially those of France.

Mod Event 5: As much older people in the CSA and the USA speak up their opinions, mainly civil war veterans, protest do die down effectively, with larger groups calling for friendly relationships with the CSA and USA, but no unification, overwhelm pro-unification groups which have shrunk.

Mod Event 6: The CSA builds a new impressive system of roads, having one of the best in the world

Russia: Russia adds two more pre-dreadnoughts to the navy (Which the Russians made last turn, somebody deleted my post.) and are stationed in all bordering seas. (We have four now.) The Duma passes the Imperial Naval Improvement Act, which means that millions of more rubles will be poured into anteing up the naval forces and the navy itself.

France: It celebrates their pre-dreadnought warship, though they continue to research and improve on it. They send troops in Africa to keep order. They hold a conference in Paris to discuss how the land Greece and Bulgaria conquered will be divided.

Italian Diplomacy: Italy asks its ally France to please allow them to have a copy of pre-dreadnought warships

Spain (Mod-Controlled): They begin to prepare for war against Thailand to establish their very own Asian colony. They begin to build up and expand their military and get help from France.

Poland: The Poles launch a poorly made pre-dreadnought ship for test trials, the ship is quickly swamped because of the bad design and costing the Poles thousands of francs. The Polish Army though has more luck as they begin research into chemical warheads for artillery. The first trial of the weapon is spectacular as the chlorine gas is carried by the wind into an unpopulated area exactely as expected. The Poles begin mass manufacturing chemical warheads. The Poles also begin research into an effective bolt-action rifle. The Polish generals begin to draw up plans for a possible invasion of the fractured Middle East.

Joint Governments: A new President is elected in the nation. Julio Argentino Roca, from the Argentina state. He continues with the process for that each state improved his infrastructure.

Confederation of the Rhine: Offers to buy the Danish Virgin Isles from Denmark. (Can someone do a RNG for that?). Work is stopped on the construction of a pre-dreadnought battleship, and the workers and supplies are instead used for two new Frigates. Hundreds of fireworks are imported in preparation for the centennial celebrations. Karl Benz unveils a new automobile, and presents it to the Grand Duke of Baden.

CSA: Impressed with its great infrastructure, the government decides that it is time now for factories to be able to develop greatly. Money is put into factories, and more people get jobs there, helping the economy. Many government officials are relieved that the protests have died down, and they celebrate that they will keep control of the CSA. Meanwhile, more people immigrate to the CSA.

British Commonwealth: Britain continues to help industrialize its colonies which are now able to militarily supply themselves for up to 5 years in case of war. France is asked if talks on how to get friendly relations between the two can begin. Britain invades Persia and begins to conquer the country with the help of the very industrialized Indian Republic (Which is part of the Commonwealth), the very well trained and numerous amount of troops from India allow over 6 million troops to fight in Persia.

6 million? No. I'll accept around 341,000 in the military of the Indian Republic.

French Response: It agrees.

Austria-Hungary: The Austro-Hungarians quickly swoop in to pick up the pieces of the Ottoman Empire, sending propaganda regarding Austria-Hungary, now largely rebuilt from the war, as a safe haven.

Italian Union: Italy takes a part of the Ottoman Empire as well, parts not already taken by Austria-Hungary. The Navy unveils its own iIalian-brand warship after almost a decade in the making, named La Sforza Nautica. It will become the flagship of the fleet. Research continues to improve ships like the Sforza nautica. The new warships will practice off the coasts of Sardinia, Sicily, and Italian North Africa.


Mod Event 1: The two sides of Europe (the pro-French and the anti-French side) are meeting in Geneva to open negotiations and help ease tensions.

Mod Event 2: With the Ottoman Empire in civil disarray, its Arab territories have gained independence. Christians, especially those in Russia and France, call for their countries to destroy the country once and for all.

Mod Event 3: Jews and Arabs in the newly independent state of Palestine declare war on each other, which are fighting for the same land. Most Westerners favor on the Jewish side.

Mod Event 4: The British invasion of Persia has caused the rise of anti-Western sentiment whose followers call for a jihad against the invaders. Islamic fundamentalism has now begun, but for now only restricted to Persia.

Mod Event 5: Most of the unrest in Britain's and France's African colonies has been reduced.

Mod Event 6: Colombia and Brazil establish the South American Pact to defend themselves from Spain, the JG, and France.

Mod Event 7: The Balkanian Slavic peoples call for a unified state named Yugoslavia. It causes horror from Greece, Romania, and Albania, who fear a mega-state in the region. The peace talks in Paris, meant to ease the tensions, have fallen apart. (Oh, and since the Ottoman Empire is in disarray, ALL European areas of that empire are now independent)

France: It arrives at Geneva to discuss the issues that need to be resolved. It declares support for all aid to the Jews in Palestine. Hoping to gain territory from the Ottomans, they declare war by invading Lebanon and Yemen. (Someone make algorithm for this) They are concerned about the South American Pact and begin mobilizing French Guyana. They continue to improve on the dreadnought.

Spain (Mod Controlled): They declare war on Siam to gain a new Asian colony. The navy attacks the eastern Thai coast while troops head for Bangkok. They arrive at Geneva to discuss the issues needed to be resolved.

Russia: With the dawn of the new century, two more pre-dreadnoughts are introduced to the navy, while research begins into the OTL dreadnought. The Duma decides that the Russians will not invade the collapsing Ottoman Empire. Russia becomes a strong proponent of an anti-Yugoslavia force.

Italian Union: The Italian research into dreadnoughts will also begin before the summer of 1900. Its strongest pre-dreadnought ship, La Sforza Nautica has been redone and 3 final versions have been created. The original prototype is to be scrapped unless another nation wants it. The army has completed modernization and the navy's program will be completed in about 2 years. Prime Minister Pelloux's term is over and Giuseppe Saracco becomes the new Prime Minister. Support for the Jews in Palestine is declared.

Poland: The Marynarka z Królestwa Polskiego (Navy of the Kingdom of Poland) (MKP) launches the JKM Warsaw as its first ship of war, it is a cruiser that is perhaps one of the faster ship of war. In its sea trials it is shown to reach nearly twice the speed of the British Pre-Dreadnoughts, although it is much less armed or armored. The Polish build three more cruisers (JKM Lech, JKM Ukraine, and the JKM Galicia). The Polish Army continues to develop chemical weapons for use in the next war. They also begin designing gas mask for their own soldiers, just in case. The Polish King refuses to recognize the Arab Israel and sends the JKM Warsaw and the JKM Ukraine to the region. The Poles though condemn the French and British invasion of Middle Eastern nations.

Balkan Union: Greece and Bulgaria form a political union called the Balkan Confederation (, 1-7 no, 8-10, yes. 9) with a long-range goal of uniting the Balkans and then later expand. A pre-dreadnought ship is introduced to the new union.

Bulgaria has become an enemy of Greece because of their desire to unify with all the other Southern Slavic countries. It completely contradicts the mod event.

We really should update the map....


Mod Event 1: With French support, the Jewish Palestinian faction starts to destroy its Arab counterpart. The Jews, who are the southern side, and the Arabs, who are the northern side, continue to battle it out for Jerusalem.

Mod Event 2: Iraq (with Kuwait, a part of the country) and Syria have declared independence from the Ottoman Empire. Both countries are under the idea of being anti-Western and Islamic fundamentalism.

Mod Event 3: Greece, Romania, and Albania declare war on the Slavic Countries (Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Mod Event 4: Communists, mostly those who escaped from Russia, have settled in the Ottoman Empire, who starts a revolution in the disordered country.

Mod Event 5: Strikes occur across Europe and America, who call for improved working conditions and better pay. Russia is the most affected, with millions demanding governmental reform and the transition to democracy.

Mod Event 6: Thailand succumbs to Spanish military superiority, as the southern parts of the country are now Spanish-ruled.

Mod Event 7: Galveston is hit by a powerful hurricane.

France: They continue to support the Jews in the fight for Palestine. They condemn the idea of Islamic fundamentalism and begin blocking this idea from its Muslim territories and promote Christianity more. France agrees to enact improvements for workers' conditions and better pay.

Spain (Mod-Controlled): It continues to take most of Thailand. The Kra Peninsula is now controlled and Bangkok is now sieged. For religious reasons, they begin to support the Jewish Palestinian side.

Russia: Russia condemns Spain for invading Thailand.

French Diplomacy: It asks it to be an observer state for the Entente.

CSA: Money is put into Galveston to help it re-build. Meanwhile, the Government refuses to pass laws to improve working conditions, however will help create more jobs to decrease competition in the job market to increase wages. Meanwhile, more people migrate to the CSA.

Entente members meet here.

Italian Union: La Sforza Nautica's 3 copies will be named: LSN Roma, LSN Sicilia, and LSN Napoli. Research into dreadnoughts has been going for a few months and is making good progress. The navy is very proud of these new ships as is Prime Minister Saracco. The anniversary of PM Cavour is celebrated in Rome.

Poland: The King agrees to help labour conditions by offering a 20% tax break on the factoires and mines that increase labour safety. The Poles launch the JKM Courage, the JKM Caesar, and the JKM St.Thomas. They are all cruisers. The JKM Courage and the JKM Caesar arrive in the Middle East and raise the number of Polish warships in the region to five. The vessels begin to launch attacks into Arab Israel to help the Jews. The Poles also perfect their chemical warheads to be nearly 90% lethal. The warships in the Middle East launch some of these shells into Arab cities that have resisted bombardment, nearly 21,000 Arabs die in Haifa from the chemical shells and the test proves the weapon decisive.

Prussia: King Wilhelm I is assassinated by Communists extremists within Prussia. His brother, Ludwig I, takes over. In a move that shocks the world, King Ludwig I offers an alliance to France and Poland and asks to join the Entente. The main reason for this is Prussia wants to be able to acquire territory without facing the might of the French Army. Military reform begins and the Prussian nation is now largely industrialized. Prussia cuts all ties with Britain and offers to help Poland and CoR develop their military. Production begins on an early dreadnought and is expected to be finished within a year. King Adolf I asks France to help Prussia develop its navy.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia requests entry into the Entente and cuts all ties with Britain

French Diplomacy: It agrees. They would also agree to establish better relations.

Mr. Führer of the Fourth Reich, could you change his name please? Adolf wasn't a really common name among Prussian/German royalty. More common were Wilhelm (William), Friedrich (Frederick), and Ludwig (Louis).

I will. But why does it really matter?

Just a little touch of plausibility. :)

All right. I was just wondering. :D

Confederation of the Rhine: Is amazed and happy with the sudden change of heart of Prussia, and hopes for stronger cooperation between our two German peoples. Work begins anew on the construction of a pre-dreadnought. A small naval task force is sent to the Middle East, to monitor the situation unfolding there. The Confederation is free from the pro-democracy protests occurring around Europe, because of the already powerful and inclusive democracy in the country.


'Mod Event 3: Europeans condemn Poland's heavy use of chemical weapons, and meet in Geneva to discuss whether to limit them or not.'

'Mod Event 4: Prussia, the Rhine Confederation, and France are now heading to closer relations thanks to Prussia's generous offer.'

'Mod Event 5: The Chinese begin aiding the Thais against Spain.

'Mod Event 6: Queen Victoria of Britain dies.'

'Mod Event 7: People in Ireland protest for independence.'

Rule: Only the head mod and subhead mod can write mod events and new turns. Suggestions for mod Events are welcome.

Sorry. :(

It's OK.

I put my suggestions in the talk page.

France: France asks Poland to limit its chemical warfare due to the display the destructive power at Haifa. With the two Germanys heading towards peace and friendliness, it hopes that their hostilities will end. They take over Kuwait from Iraq, yet advance no further as it is all what they want.

Spain (Mod-Controlled): Spain, knowing that they cannot beat Russia or China, asks to let them have the peninsula part of the country and in turn, they will leave. They also, call for Poland to reduce its chemical weaponry.

How would you fellows respond if the Russians helped the Thais to boot the Spaniards out of their countries?

Changed it.

Ok, I changed it to the Chinese, since the Chinese player quit. Might want to rewrite that post.


Russia: Russia contemplates sending aid to the Thai. Greenland Area expanded. The Russians condemn the Poles for using chemical weapons against whoever it was. Russian Orthodoxy begins to seep out the borders.

It was against the Arabs.

Oh, OK, thank you.

Italian Union: The navy's program is at full force, research into dreadnoughts continues. La Sforza (Italian National Army) begins to experiment and test chemical weapons after the Poles' display at Haifa. If approved they will be integrated into La Sforza.. Meanwhile, the economy keeps going strong, gaining popularity for the new Prime Minister, Giuseppe Saracco. Saracco is content with the good relations created between the Union and the two Germanys. LSN continues its naval exercises on the coast of Italian North Africa.

Poland: The King refuses to stop the production of chemical weapons and states that "if deadly weapons can't be used perhaps we should all use swords and spears, they're much less deadly than guns and bombs, and perhaps we should all fight with flowers too and candies, so much less deadly than a simple bomb." The Poles begin to research more into pre-dreadnoughts. The Poles launch three new cruisers the JKM Valiant, JKM Death, and JKM Fire. The Poles land a contingent of army troops (from the Royal Polish Army) into Israel and they assist the Israelis with taking the West Bank from the Arabs, the Poles offer the Jews if they would also wish to gain the Trans-Jordan. During the offensive into the West Bank the army uses hundreds of deadly chemical weapons killing 50+ thousand.

Jewish Palestinian faction (Mod-Controlled): Sure.

French Response: it condemns Poland's refusal, saying that if every country uses them too much in every war, human loss would be at a massive scale.

Russian Response: The Russians say that using chemical warfare is unsportsmanlike and cowardly. If you want to fight, get up and fight.

Joint Governments: President Julio Argentino Roca (in the current capital: La Paz) implements new measures for improving the armed forces. New military industries are built. Also, a new series of defenses are built in the borders with Brazil and Colombia. Also, new trade agreements are offer to Prussia, Japan and Russia.

Prussian Response: Prussia agrees

Prussia: Prussia begins shipping weapons and raw materials to France and other Entente members. The military is upgraded and new artillery is invented. Another dreadnought is produced. King Ludwig I creates a free healthcare system. Prussia supports Poland's right to have chemical weapons and Prussia begins producing its own nerve gas agent. The Prussian Military drafts an invasion plan of Russia and Austria-Hungary and calls it Operation Western Fist. Prussia proposes this plan to France.

No. Europe just had a war. This is massively implausible.

French Diplomacy: Russia is an ally, so we cannot invade that. However, Austria is a good target.

Prussian Response: Prussia is ready if France is

Austrian Diplomacy: Traitors! We were your allies!

CSA: More Factories are built, and more people immigrate to the CSA. More money is put into the road system to maintain its high standards. Also, new billboards are put up to encourage people to join the military and to encourage patriotism amongst the Citizens with slogans like "There is no way like the CSA way".

Confederation of the Rhine: In response to Prussia's gifts of materials and weapons, we in turn send mineral resources and our own weapons. An airship reconnaissance corps is established. Research begins into the use of chlorine in weaponry.

Can we start the next turn?


Austria-Hungary: Austria-Hungary works on expanding its military.


Mod Event 1: Spain backs out of Thailand, keeping only Kra by permission of Thailand, Russia and China.

Mod Event 3: Spain is forced to declare a cease-fire once Russia and China intervene. They ask if it can keep the Kra Peninsula in exchange for the end of the war.

Mod Event 4: The Geneva Convention, compromised of most of Europe (except Poland obviously), who agree to ban to use of chemical weapons. They put sanctions on Poland until it can renounce its chemical warfare.

Mod Event 6: Asir and Hejaz are officially independent from the Ottomans.

Mod Event 7: Turkey descends into anarchy, being divided into the Communist, pro-Western, and Ottoman factions.

Mod Event 8: Kurdistan asks for Russian protection against possible aggression from Turkey or the Arab Union.

Mod Event 9: The Armenians are now independent from Turkey and ask Russia for annexation.

Mod Event 10: After a border incident at Greek Eritrea, Ethiopia calls for war.

Mod Event 11: Somalian pirates begin raiding the French colonial coasts of Yemen and Somalia.

Mod Event 12: After the CSS Lee is accidently fired on by a Spanish naval ship, tensions increase between Spain and the CSA.

Mod Event 13: Finland begins rebelling for independence, though it is only small, it will keep on growing.

Mod Event 14: Avezzano, Italy is devastated by an earthquake.

Mod Event 15: A locust plague hits Palestine, devastating the Jewish Palestinian Movement.

Mod Event 16: Irish people continue to protest for independence.

I thought I put it all in there since Scraw is pretty slow right now.

Confederation of the Rhine: Automobiles have become very popular amongst the rich. The King of Bavaria has financed and equipped an expedition to the Arctic to explore the Arctic wastes. It will leave in March. The airship reconnaissance corps continues research into airship technology, and improves observation techniques. The Confederation hopes to be a part of the Franco-Russian plan to invade Austria-Hungary, and hopes to gain parts of Bohemia.

Europe just had a war. Can we not drag it into another? Thanks.

Sorry, I had thought the Franco-Prussian was still going ahead. I will erase it.

Austria-Hungary: Austria-Hungary works on expanding its military, especially its navy. They denounce any potential aggressors into a war, stating that a war would be catastrophic for either side. They attempt diplomacy with all potentially hostile nations.

CoR Diplomacy: The CoR would like to offer a trade agreement to Austria-Hungary.

Italian Union: The Union has perfected its chemical shells and has built an arsenal prepped for any situation, research will continue into these shells as well as phosgene and mustard gas. Prime Minister Saracco pledges not to use them for petty reasons or just because like the Poles did in Haifa. Also, the Union's first dreadnought is completed, named LA ROMANA. The army will continue research. Also, the Union will condemn any invasion of Austria-Hungary, stating that countries seem to really like invading it.

France: It praises Spain for backing down any further from preventing the war from becoming any more disastrous. They begin researching on nuclear science thanks to scientists Marie and Pierre Curie, yet their work has just started. They still condemn Poland for their abusive use on chemical warfare and established economic sanctions to protest it.

CSA: The CSA asks the US if it can buy some land to border Mexico. It asks for the land below the most West Point of Texas. Meanwhile, industries are prepared for possible war with Spain. National Draft begins, and over 100,000 men are drafted this year.


Mod Event 1: Spain goes under a temporary state of emergency to hopefully calm the unrest after the disaster.

Mod Event 2: China, Thailand, and Japan establish the Asian Alliance, an anti-Spanish alliance mainly to keep the power of Spain in Asia at bay.

Mod Event 3: Jews manage to accomplish many gains at the west Bank, though still struggling after the locust plague.

Mod Event 4: The Iranian government sues for peace, which is forcibly annexed into British India.

Mod Event 5: Islamic groups bomb governmental buildings in Fez, Algiers, Tunis, Quetta, Delhi, and Karachi.

Mod Event 6: After a boundary incident between Ethiopia and Greek Eritrea, Ethiopia declares war on Greece. Greece asks France for help.

Mod Event 7: Marie and Pierre Curie make the first discoveries of radioactivity. Their discoveries are on the beginning though.

Mod Event 8: Colombia begins mobilization to take advantage of Spain's instability to seize Mexico.

Mod Event 9: Duke George I or Russian Greenland is lost in the Arctic Circle while his ship looks for more land Russia can get.

France: It begins funding Marie and Pierre's research, seeing the potential of the new technology. They begin to help restore order in Fez, Algiers, and Tunis after the terrorist attacks. France declares war on Ethiopia to help out Greece. They build up the defense in French Guyana after hearing what Colombia is up to.

I do not think the player for the US is still playing. Could someone do an RNG for my proposed purchase of a small tract of land from Americ? TacoCopper

RNG: Not for now.

Looks like I gotta do this the hard way.

CSA: The Military, after preparing for war, invades Spanish Islands in the Caribbean. The Generals hope to be able to use Cuba and other positions for a potential invasion of Mexico. Meanwhile, they tell France and other major powers that the war was a result of rising tensions with Spain. They also ask for no one to help Spain, as it is an imperialist nation which takes over other nations.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Arctic Expedition has discovered a large archipelago north of Russia (otl Franz Joseph Land), naming it King Otto Land, and claiming it for the Confederation. After establishing a base there, they attempt the Pole, but return unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the airship corps continues to research into the reconnaissance capabilities of Airships, and also into rigid airships. The military has taken an interest in making an armoured automobile, but developments are kept quiet.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Saracco unveils Italy's second dreadnought on the island of Sicily, it is named IL CONQUISTATORE. Chemical shell arsenals are expanded more into full-fledged arsenals, stored in undisclosed locations. Once again PM Saracco assures other powers that Italy will not abuse the power of these shells like the Poles did. Research into phosgene and mustard gas continues, with them being tested late 1902 and being integrated into La Sforza in 1903. The economy continues strongly and PM Saracco is expected to be reelected in the elections of 1903.

Russia: Tsar Nicholas II dispatches a fleet to find his brother in the North. By accident, this fleet reaches the Pole (Woohoo!) in the search. The Russians asks if they can get the King Otto Land. Three new dreadnoughts are introduced: the Tsar Nicholas, the Duke Michael, and the Duke George.

How could the fleet reach the pole? It is covered all-year round in thick ice.

By...walking and not knowing where they were going? (This is the march that never ends; Yes it goes on and on my friend...some people, started walking it not knowing what it was, and they discovered the Pole just because this is the March that never ends...REPEAT!)

CoR: Respectfully declines Russia's request, but allows them unlimited access to the islands (excepting the bases of the Confederation.)

Russian Diplomacy: Russia gratefully accepts.

I dunno if it's plausible to say about the Arctic discovery, but with current technology, skill, and knowledge, I guess it's good.

Joint Governments: Industrialization of the territories has duplicated in the last years. Modern railroads (under the control of a state company) now connect the principal cities of the Union. The soldiers in the Army now reach to 82,000 men. In the shipyard of Puerto Montt is built the first national model of dreadnought. In the next year should be launched.


Mod Event 1: Cars, one of the world's greatest inventions, are becoming manufactured worldwide as they grow in popularity.

​Mod Event 2: Dissatisified by the lack of the Spanish government's ability to handle the situation, liberal revolutionaries begin revolting against the reactionary government.

​Mod Event 3: Spanish instability means that the CSA have made easy gains in Spanish territories. Cuba is easily captured by the CSA.

​Mod Event 4: Also wanting land, the USA joins the CSA to seize Mexico.

​Mod Event 5: The Russian Arctic Exploration inspires many to try to discover the South Poe. European nations bet on their best explorers to discover this great land.

​Mod Event 6: Surprisingly, Ethiopia manages to have some strength to hold out thanks to its modern weaponry. Yet lack of military expertise does cause them to make certain losses though.

​Mod Event 7: Spanish instability causes Thailand to declare war to take back their losses.

​Mod Event 8: German unification movements grow in Austria, Prussia, the CoR, calling for a pro-French united German state.

​Mod Event 9: Colombia invades southern Spanish Central America learning the instability back at Spain.

​Mod Event 10: Islamic fundamentalist rebellions spark out in Baluchistan, Azerbaijan, and Bengal. British India is put under martial law to get rid of British India of the rebellions.

​Mod Event 11: Afghanistan becomes an Islamic fundamentalist state.

​Mod Event 12: The Jewish Palestinians seize control of the West Bank and push forward in OTL Jordan.

​Mod Event 13: Irish independence protests turn to violence as the British constantly refuse. Terrorist organizations are formed and declare war against Britain.

​Mod Event 14: The Ottoman Imperial side of the Turkish Anarchy loses support due to their reactionary ideology. This leaves just the pro-Modern and communist factions. However, the Islamic Fundamentalist Party of Turkey rises up in the Imperial's place. Mostly, however, the IFP, which follows Sharia to the last word, is gaining momentum.

​Mod Event 15: Syria and Iraq declare war on each other due to a boundry dispute.

​Mod Event 16: Unrest grows in the French and British Congo areas.

​Mod Event 17: Heppner, Oregon, suffers a severe flash flood.

France: France sends troops to the Congo to quell the unrest. The price of cars as been lowered to the point even the middle class can have them. They remain neutral to the conflicts in the Middle East, Thailand, Mexico, Central America, and India, though express concern. They continue to battle their way through Ethiopia, though the mountains do make it hard. They prepare their best explorers for their trip to the South Pole.

British Commonwealth: Britain offers France a deal to split Europe between themselves.

CSA: The Army asks the US to let troops through US Territory. The Army launches an amphibious invasion using the CSA's strong navy into Mexico. The Cuban Ports allow for the Navy to have easier access to the sea. The Army lands on Veracruz. The army makes strong advances into the State of Veracruz. Meanwhile, many national industries are directed toward the war.

British Diplomacy: The CSA is offered troops and support.

CSA Diplomacy: We agree, and if they help, we will give you Spanish Central America.

Italian Union: Prime Minister Saracco is reelected by a landslide due to his popularity for making the Union into a strong power in Europe. Chemical shell arsenals are finished, expanded, and stored in undisclosed locations. Phosgene and mustard gas have effectively been integrated into the Army's arsenal. The Italian Fleet, La Sforza Nautica, is expanded as well. 3 more LSN ships have been created apart from the other three created years ago. Italian North Africa is expanded and modernized.

USA (Mod-Controlled): The USA begins to help victims in Oregon recover. They begin to invade Mexico and help give the CSA aid to tackle the Spanish. It agrees to let CSA troops through US territory.

Colombia (Mod-Controlled): It easily advances throughout Central America. They support the CSA and USA in their goal to conquer Spanish America.

Confederation of the Rhine: An Antarctic expedition is kitted out by the King of Westphalia and sails southward. They make landfall (at otl Kaiser Wilhel II land), name it New Westphalia and claim it for the Confederation. They set up camp, and make plans for a march to the pole. The military tests its first rigid airship, designed by Count von Zeppelin. It is a success. A prototype armoured car is built, but many alterations will have to be made for it to be of any use in real war. The confederation begins a drive for Prussia and Austria to become member states of the Confederation, making a united Germany, for all Germans. Elections are held, with the liberals keeping a majority in the House of Commons.

Russia: Russia decides that since they made the North Pole, they can make the South Pole. Alexei Feodorovich is appointed as the head of the expedition. They land at the Falklands and prepare to go south from there. Russia invents a "zeppelin" of its own.

Austria-Hungary: The Austro-Hungarians propose a strong alliance between A-H and Prussia. The alliance, dubbed the Alliance of Germany, should allow the nations to work together before they become one nation. The alliance is neither pro nor anti-French, allowing for flexibility either way. Meanwhile, the military is expanded.

Prussian Response: Prussia accepts.

Greece (Mod-Controlled): Greece continues to hold out against the Ethiopians at Eritrea, although they face difficulties. They make an alliance with Albania and Romania against the region's Slavic states from trying to forma mega-state.

Joint Governments: Finally, after be passed by the Senate, the President promulgates the law that creates the new state of Paraguay. The new region will have his own democratically elected Governor, and will berepresented in the Senate by his own representatives. The Army continues being improved.

Poland: The Poles continue to help the Jews capture the Jordan. They send nearly 2,400 troops from the Ukraine to the Holy Land where they re-enforce the Poles already there and the Jews. The chemical rounds continue to be lethal death machines as they fill the streets of cities and kill thousands. The Poles also launch the JKM Jupiter, JKM Venus, and the JKM Mars and send the JKM Mars to the Middle East. The Poles complete their work on dreadnought technology after watching the CoR's dreadnoughts. They launch the JKM Neptune as the first dreadnought in their fleet. The Poles send the JKM Neptune to Spain to help the royalist.


Mod Event 1: Anti-Polish mobs appear across Europe, condemning its heavy use of chemical weapons.

'Mod Event 2: The race to Antarctica begins! The winning nation will appear next turn.

Mod Event 3: Greece is overwhelmed in Eritrea and is forced to retreat from their colony. At the west, France makes gains despite obstacles.

Mod Event 4: The CSA and the USA make easy gains in Mexico. Northern Mexico is under CSA and USA influence, while Mexico City is being sieged.

Mod Event 5: Central America falls under Colombia hands.

Mod Event 6: Santo Domingo is captured by CSA forces while Pueto Rico is under CSA siege.

Mod Event 8: Spain falls under disarray. Portugal declares independence. Liberals take southern Spain.

Mod Event 9: Spanish Thailand is now taken back by Thailand.

Mod Event 10: War breaks out in the Balkans when the region's Slavic states (the Yugoslavian League) declare war on Romania, Greece, and Albania.

Mod Event 11: Irish separatism becomes a major problem, as now they have the support of most of the Irish people.

Mod Event 12: Iraq manages to overwhelm Syrian forces, and are now looking to conquer the country.

Mod Event 13: Muslims and Hindus clash in northern India, causing chaos in the region.

Mod Event 14: Saudi Arabia is established covering the OTL area of the OTL country.

Mod Event 15: Denmark and Swedo-Finland form the Scandinavian Union despite the small Finnish rebellion that is now losing.

Mod Event 16: Brazil, due to Spanish disorder, invades Spanish West Africa.

Mod Event 17: Another Dutch uprising occurs in French Netherlands.

Mod Event 18: Azerbaijan rebels for independence against Britain.

Mod Event 19: A Croat and Slovene rebellion occur in Austria-Hungary.

Mod Event 20: There are calls from Prussia and the CoR to unite.

France: While it protects the Polish embassy from the rioters, it does not approve of its actions of over-abusing chemical weaponry. They send troops to the Netherlands to quell the uprising. They continue to fight through Ethiopia and manage to make gains despite difficulties.

Italian Union: Phosgene and mustard gas shells are perfected and included in the Union's arsenals. Prime Minister Saracco declares support for the Greeks in their conflict with the Slavic states, as both of our regions were classical civilizations. Saracco threatens the Slavic states with chemical warfare if they don't stand down. Apart from that, the Union continues to prosper. Austria-Hungary is asked if it needs help putting down rebellions.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Antarctic Expedition returns to the base in New Westphalia, and are expected to stay there for some years, in preparation for an attempt at the pole. The Prince-primate, on advice from the parliament, issues a letter of denunciation to Poland, telling them that although they are close allies, perhaps they should stop using chemical weapons on such a large scale. Work continues on making a battle-ready Armoured car. Army Zeppelins make flights over the Baltic Sea. Albert Einstein is made a professor at the University of Frankfurt. The Government calls for Prussia to become an autonomous member state of the confederation.

It would more likely be the other way around.

​Not in this game's context. Prussia in this game is small, and does not have its rich western lands. It is Not, in my opinion, the biggest German power. And Bismarck hasn't even been mentioned in this game. The CoR has the majority of otl Germany's land, population and culture. It is fully democratic, and gives members large amounts of autonomy.

No one would really get to the Pole within the next two years.

​Fair enough. I'll change the Antarctica a bit.

CSA: With the situation in the Caribbean and Mexico almost under control, an army of 15,000 heads off to Spain toward rebel areas to give them aid their revolution. When they land, they help the rebels take Spain, though it will take time to defeat the government. President Ireland announces that he will seek re-election. His opponent, Liberal Daniel Chamberlain, tries to sell the President off as a warmonger, while Ireland says that he will bring much needed stability to Mexico and to Spain with this war, as they have shown themselves incapable of doing it.

Russia: The Russians declare support for the Greeks and their pals, but do not declare war on their enemies. Russia establishes a base at OTL James Ross Island, naming it Alexander III Island. Grand Duke George is found near the North Pole stating that "he left Greenland to find the Pole for the Russians."

Joint Governments: Industrialization process focus in Paraguay and Patagonia. Armed forces continues his expansion and prepares for any new conflict.


Mod Event 1: Spain is completely taken over by the revolutionaries. All of their overseas possessions are now lost (Mexico to the USA and CSA, Central America to Colombia, Spanish Caribbean to the CSA, and Spanish Thailand to Thailand).

​Mod Event 2: Portugal asks Brazil to be in a union now that it is independent.

​Mod Event 3: The Jews continue to make gains against the Arabs in the Jordan thanks to poison gas. The environmental downturns, however, due play a toll for the Jews as well.

​Mod Event 4: The Yugoslavian League is overwhelmed and immediately surrenders. They promise never to be one nation again. Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia are all annexed by Austria. Albania gains Montenegro. Romania gains northern Bulgaria while Greece gains Macedonia and Southern Bulgaria.

​Mod Event 5: The members of the race (France-1, CoR-2, CSA-3, Russia-4) begin to race to the pole. Using RNG, the winner will be revealed next turn.

I did a RNG and Russia and France both came up four times out of ten tries. Thusly, the CSA and CoR are out of the race. Hail France and Russia! Let's see who will win!

​Mod Event 6: Ireland rebels for independence, and asks anyone for help.

'Mod Event 7: 'Anti-Polish demonstrations continue throughout Europe.

Mod Event 8: Syria is annexed by Iraq.

France: It stays neutral in the Irish conflict, though has sympathy for Ireland. They praise their expedition team to Antarctica and hope they come back with a good victory. They undergo a technological breakthrough in nuclear science as new elements are being added to the Periodic table.

CSA: With the war coming to a close, time for reconstruction has begun. CSA troops in Spain begun to come home, and a large amount of money is sent to Spain to help them develop industries and build up an economy. Meanwhile, Texan settlers and wealthy businessmen move to Mexico in search of
Proposed Division 1
cheap land and labor. Factories begin to be built up in Mexico, and we ask the US again to buy the area between CSA Mexico and the CSA (a RNG is in order). Meanwhile, we propose the following border for everyone who helped the war:

RNG: (1-5 No, 6-10 Yes: 4, No)

Darn it!

Poland: The Poles continue to help the invasion of Jordan. The Polish King organizes the Royal German Army from Germans in Polish lands. The Royal German Army is sent to the Basque Country in northern Spain where they quickly re-establish order under the Polish banner. The Poles support the newly independent Thailand with 10,000 francs. The Poles also endorse the "liberation of the broken Spanish lands and that by the end of the decade we hope that they will have been pacified and allowed to be a part of a nation once more and taken from this horrible anarchy."

Russia: The Russian Expedition leaves Tsar Alexander III Island in hopes of beating the French to the Pole. In Russia, the Polish Embassy is shut down after angry Russian citizens burn it down. Russia also closes the Russian Embassy in Poland in case of danger. An embargo is place on Poland. In Thailand, Russian troops begin to leave since order has been restored to the independent country/nation.

What island is that?

Joint Governments: In the current capital of Montevideo, the President sees the current progress in each state of the Union. The ports of the Rio de la Plata are improved, while the agriculture in the central Argentina and Chile show good levels of production. More people are sent to the Strait of Magellan's for occupied that lands. Also, the government noticed the current race for reach the south pole, and decide begin to prepare an own expedition to the Antarctic during the next years.

Britain: Britain agrees and sends 135,000 additional troops to help suppress the rebels in Mexico, although Britain backs the CSA wanting more land, and offers 350,000 more troops to help take that land by force should need be. Britain begins to withdraw troops from Ireland and grants Ireland independence except for Ulster, which allows Britain to tend to more important matters.

​Are you even paying attention to what is going on in Ireland? Look at the mod events!

CSA Diplomacy: We thank the British for their aid, stating that they were fundamental in the war. We tell them that Mexico should be stable, and that you should focus on Ireland.

Britain; Britain is done in Ireland, Britain offers the CSA a deal giving the CSA a huge chunk of the USA and Mexico while Britiain sends troops and blockades the USA. France can have the Pacific Coast States.

You're not even done! The mod event says it is still going.

Do you read anyone's posts????? LOOK AT MINE!!!

Oops. Sorry.

CSA Diplomacy: We agree to a US invasion.

French Response: It thought the CSA was kind to the USA. It says it will do everything to protect the USA.

CSA Diplomacy: I think we should cancel our invasion, Britain. Otherwise, we are screwed.

French Response: Thank you.

British Diplomacy: America is offered some land in Africa for Mexico and the land between the two halves of the CSA. The British Yucatan Colony is ceded to the CSA, giving the CSA a port on the Pacific Ocean.

USA (Mod-Controlled): It mobilizes for any possible war against Britain and the CSA. They thank France for their support.

Polish Response: We will help you if they attack

Italian Reply: Italy pledges support for the US

Italian Union: Prime Minister Saracco supports the US in a disturbingly possible second war with the CSA. As another chemical power, Italy supports Poland but NOT their overuse of their weapons. The Union and I believe France jointly warn Britain to stop their invasion plans for the US.

Confederation of the Rhine: The Antarctic Expedition decides against a push to the pole, and instead spends its time mapping, exploring, and doing meteorological and hydrographical experiments. A permanent station is established, for further expeditions. The boundaries of New Westphalia are demarked, taking in the coast, and stretching down with the lines of longitude to the South Pole. It is about the size of otl Adelie Land. Back in the Confederation, compulsory secondary education up to year 10 is introduced. The army is given new rifles, and the armoured car is ready, with a rotating turret (similar to the British Rolls-Royce model).


Mod Event 1: Fearing they will be destroyed, Britons rebel against any possible invasion against the United States.

For goodness sake, they wouldn't rebel, the Brits were very imperialist then.

​Mod Event 2: Irish people celebrate their independence.

Mod Event 3: Here are Russia's chances of winning: (1-5), and France's: (6-10). The winner of the race to Antarctica is ... FRANCE (RNG 6). The Russians unfortunately die along the way back home after being defeated.

I'm going to argue on that very heavily.

First of all, RWG is playing France and he did the RNG.

Secondly, he did only one rng, while I did 13 and RUSSIA WON SEVEN TIMES. For all we know, RWG is lying.

Thirdly, France never made any preparations to go to the Pole. All they said pertaining to the expedition was "France sends its explorers of to the Pole." Meanwhile, Russia set up a base and sent HEAVILY AND WELL EQUIPPED EXPLORERS AND SHIPS. Russia spent THREE YEARS working on this while FRANCE ONLY WROTE ONE SENTENCE CONCERNING THIS MATTER.

Fourthly, we all remember RWG's record in this game alone writing mod posts that benefit him. (No offense.)

I proudly declare Russia the winner of the race using unbiasedness.

​Mod Event 4: A humiliated CSA is forced penalties (certain economic tariffs, limiting of military, etc.) by the USA and all countries supporting it.

​Mod Event 5: Anti-Polish protests continue. Many Polish embassies worldwide are closed and all foreign embassies in Poland are closed as well.

​Mod Event 6: Portugal and Brazil unite to form the Lusitanian Republic. (Lusitania was a Roman province occupying Portugal).

Portugal is Brasil, and to add to that no European Portugal is existent.

Portugal gained independence when Spain was in turmoil.

​Mod Event 7: The Jews crush the Arabs and take control of all of Palestine. Due to effects of poison gas, however, they pay a huge environmental toll.

France: France demands Britain to back down since the CSA did the same thing. They praise Britain, however, for granting Ireland independence. People celebrate with great glee after their Antarctic expedition won and came back home alive.

Italian Union: The Union also demands that Britain backs down. Unlike the rest of Europe, the Polish embassy in Rome is kept open. Once again, the Italians are sympathetic to the Polish as another chemical power but DO NOT support its abuse of its chemical shells. PM Saracco is pleased that the British people are wise enough to do what is right and stop their government from doing something foolish. Meanwhile the economy becomes exceptionally strong and Italian North Africa is given province-status, effectively integrating it into the Union. Infrastructure begins in INA and industrialization follows at a quick pace. A third dreadnought is produced that is named IL MENTORE. La Sforza and La Sforza Nautica quickly grow as the government increases both of their budgets.

Confederation of the Rhine: Sends an ambassador to the newly independent Republic of Ireland, and the Lusitanian Republic is recognized. The embassy in Poland is closed in protest to Poland's use of chemical weapons. A Ministry for Antarctica Affairs is created to administer New Westphalia, and to coordinate expeditions. The prince-Primate congratulates the French explorers who reached the pole. A dreadnought-class battleship: der Vaterland, is constructed and joins the navy. An armoured car brigade is established in the army, and its members are given special training. The Navy is given control over the Confederation's airships. The naval secretary commissions three new Zeppelins, to be used for reconnaissance and bombing. He also commissions an inquiry into using aero planes for reconnaissance. More factories are opened in the southern states, with the Grand Duchy of Baden becoming the ironworks capital of the confederation.

CSA: President Ireland's, having won the election last year, approval ratings go into the trash after the recent humiliation. Infrastructure is built up, and so is industry. Meanwhile, in the face of rising tariffs against us, more factories are built to become more self-sufficient.

Britain: Britain offers the CSA an alliance that would severe the CS-Franco Alliance. America is offered an Africa colony for Mexico and the land separating the CSA's two parts. The Yucatan is ceded to the CSA as a gift which gives the CSA access to the Pacific Ocean.

CSA Diplomacy: We thank Britain for the Yucatan. Secretly, we agree to the alliance request, but publically announce that we will stay neutral, as we always have.

French Response: It warns Britain not to make a big, stupid, fat move.

Italian Response: Don't be foolish Britain, you got 2 powerful nations angry at you don't push it or you're in big trouble.

CSA Diplomacy: The CSA asks if Britain is doing anything that is upsetting these nations. Because whatever is it, we should negotiate it.

Britain: They think we will attack them and call us both idiots. The UK, to make up for the Confederacies abuse in peace terms, cedes to the CSA one of its African Colonies.

Joint Governments: Preparations for the Antarctic Expedition continues. The President Julio Argentino Roca support the decision of the state of Argentino about begin a series of operations against some groups of the indigenous peoples in the Pampas region who cause problems to the people who living there. Trade agreements are offer to Russia, Greece, Japan and the Italian Union.

Italian Diplomacy: We agree.

Prussia: Prussia produces to dreadnought class ships as well as one battleship. Prussia warns Britain to back down or face the consequences. Prussia agrees to become an autonomous state of the CoR, to the joy of the German people. Work begins on integrating Germany together more as well as planning for cooperation between the militaries of the two nations. King Ludwig I visits the capital of CoR to celebrate this occasion with the Prince-Primate. Prussia begins sharing its technology and supplies and industrial power with the CoR. Prussia also requests to build factories in the Ruhr and Rhineland.

CoR: The entire Confederation is overcome with joy at the news of the joining of Prussia. According to the terms of membership, Prussia will be allowed to maintain its own military, and will have an open border and free trade with the other members. But, a Prussian Army contingent would be appreciated in the Army of the Confederation. So, yes, the factories are permitted. And a squadron of armoured cars is given to the Prussian King as a welcoming gift.

Russia: The Russians hit the South Pole. That guy who was in charge of the expedition (forgot the name of the guy, lol) is given the nickname "The Pole Man" since he was the first man to reach both poles. (See my argument above about why FRANCE WOULD NOT REACH THE FREAKING POLE.)


1: Spain abolishes the monarchy and begins rebuilding itself from the ashes.

​2: The State of Israel is establishes as the Jewish homeland, though they do have to suffer the effects of poison gas.

​3: Palestinian Arabs flee to Arabia, reeling from their defeat in the war.

​4: A Communist group in Kurdistan deposes the government and establishes a communist government.

​5: Azerbaijan and Northern Iran rebel for independence against Britain.

​6: The Congo rebels for independence against France.

​7: Mexican separatists begin to appear.

​8: Syria-Iraq and Afghanistan support the Islamic rebels against Britain in Iran.

​9: Prussia and the CoR are now unified as the State of Germany.

10: The Dutch rebel for independence once again.

11: Ethiopia is now conquered, though Greece can have all of it.

12: (Sorry for not putting this in earlier.) Poland suffers economic problems due to economic sanctions for their misuse of chemical weaponry.

'France: To prevent Britain from being overpowered, they fund rebels in Iran and Azerbaijan. They send troops to the Congo and the Netherlands to defeat the rebellions. They continue to support the USA against Britain and the CSA.

Confederation of Germany Diplomacy: We offer France support against both rebellions, in the form of airships, armoured cars and men. In return, we ask for a small colony in either Africa of the East Indies.

French Diplomacy: It politely refuses, stating it can be handled.

Poland: The Poles withdraw from Israel and ask them to join with the Poles in an alliance (RNG please). The Poles returning home are greeted with much fanfare and are treated as heroes. The Royal Ukrainian Army in the Basque Country refuses to withdraw as Spain rebuilds itself. The Royal Basque Army is established (note: the Basque have always been separatists from Spain). The Poles recognize Azerbaijan and North Iran. The Poles give 70,000 francs to Israel to help rebuild the evironment after the chemical warfare. The King states that Basque Country is now an official apart of Poland and he appoints Imanol Zubiri as the Duke of the Basque Country. The Poles send the French a letter asking that the Poles can help suppress the Congo in return for a small portion of the Congo along the coast.

Confederation of Germany (excluding Prussia, who can still post turns): The Confederation offers France support in putting the rebellions in return for a small colony somewhere. The Confederation also recognizes the Kingdom of the Basques. Metrological experiments continue in New Westhalia. The Navy conducts maneuvres with the new zeppelins.

Austria-Hungary: The military is increased considerably. Meanwhile, Austria-Hungary announces their support for Britain. They fund the Netherlands rebellion against France and offer an alliance to the CSA and Britain.

French Response: It funds separatist groups in the country to cause disorder as retaliation.

Italian Union: We send military aid to France to quell rebellions in the Congo and the Netherlands to help out our friendliest nation. Meanwhile, PM Saracco funds the Islamic rebels in their struggle against Britain. Research is conducted into airships. Prime Minister Saracco welcomes the new German state and congratulates on its unification. The PM warns Poland against keeping part of Spain as the Union suspects it to be too expansionist. The newest dreadnought is introduced, named LA NAPOLITANA. Infrastructure is expanded in the North African province and a native governor is appointed. The Parliament is worried about Austria's military expansions and increases defenses on its border with A-H, fearing an attack.

Austria-Hungary Diplomacy: We're not going to attack you. In fact, I'd like a non-aggression pact with Italy.

CSA: The CSA announces that it is returning to isolation, though will remain on friendly terms with any nations that ask for friendly terms. We officially apologize to the US for trying to go to war with them, and as a symbol of forgiveness, President Ireland is visiting the US and a statue of peace between the Americas is being made. The US President is invited to put his hands in the cement in front of the Statue. Meanwhile, more money is invested in CSA Mexico to try and convince the Mexican Separatists that being part of the CS of A is better for them. Car Manufacturing Plants and suppliers are set up all around the CSA and Mexico.

Russia: Russia also begins to fund rebels in Iran. (I hope I'm correct, I'm kinda slow, I missed a turn or two.) The Pole Man is appointed head of the newly created Russian Expedition Agency by Commission of the State Duma. The embargo on Poland is continued. Russia continues to build "Zeppelins" and creates an Air Force.


Note, I am considering making Napoleonic Europe Revised, due to this game recently growing incredibly one-sided all-around, and some forms of implausibility especially around Israel and so on. Ianian58 02:40, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Then why was there little opposition to the mod events I made?! At least I could find my mistakes! RandomWriterGuy 04:59, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

I think it would be a mistake to restart the game. Just make it less "one sided" from now on.--Callumthered 07:48, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Then in that case, can someone try to do mod events other than me?

I kind of brought the one-sided argument up a while ago and nobody changed anything. I have no reason to believe the mods are going to change it this time. CrimsonAssassin 00:24, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

Joint Governments: New elections take place in the country. The winner result Pedro Montt from FLU. After assumed as President of the Union he is present in the ceremony of the first dreadnought built in the JG, in the city of Puerto Montt: The Libertad, which will be the new flag ship of the Union fleet. The President decided promoting the technology research in the country, with the hope become to the JG in a great advanced nation.

Can we start the next turn? As for the one-sided thing, just turn some allies into enemies with simple mod events. I mean come on the Entente has almost all the major powers of Europe and the Pact of Iron only has one member left!

I have the solution! Read the next turn!


Mod Event 1: Prussia leaves the Confederation of the Rhine and that King fellow who joined the Entente is assassinated. A new Kaiser is proclaimed and given the title Wilhelm III. He cuts all relations with the Entente and rejoins the PoI with Britain,'

Really dude? CommanderOfTheFourthReich 21:06, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Mod Event 2: The Spanish Republic is proclaimed from Madrid. The monarchy is overthrown and the Royal Family flees to France. The Republic joins the Pact of Iron.

Mod Event 3: Islamic fundamentalist rebellions grow across French North Africa, French Arabia, British Iran, and British India.

(That ought to save the game!)

Italian Union: Prime Minister Saracco shows his distaste at Prussia and Spain's joining of the Pact of Iron by severing all ties to those countries. Meanwhile research into airships continues. The Union remains weary of A-H but accepts the non-aggression pact they offered last turn. Saracco begins to campaign for a new and final term with former Prime Minister Pelloux running against him. This will be a close call considering they were both extremely popular but Saracco seems to have the upper hand because Italians see him as making the Union a strong power in Europe. Someone please do an RNG for this election. Meanwhile progress is going great in INA, as the locals are content with their elected native governor. New military and naval technologies are being researched with a secret project begun by both of the Sforzas.

Saracco Win (1-5), Pelloux Win (6-10) Result: 2 Incumbent Giuseppe Saracco is reelected in a close election for a third and final term.

CSA: The CSA stays neutral in the world as tensions seem to be increasing. Meanwhile, more Industry is built, along with infrastructure.

Joint Governments: The President Montt and the Senate decide remains the neutrality of the JC in any possible conflict, at least, while the Armed Forces complete his modernization process. In the shipyards continues the production of new Libertad-class dreadnought for the navy. New military bases are established in some abandoned region of the country and the soldiers begin a new and rigorous training. Also, officers are sent to different nations in the world for learn about new war tactics. Investigations about chemical weapons also begin. New universities are built in different cities, and education and health budget is increased. Preparations for the Antarctic expedition are almost completed.

Confederation of the Rhine (since Prussia's gone): The Prince-Primate is very disappointed that Prussia has left the Confederation, as he had really thought it would be beneficial for the German people. The military is built up, with a new class of armoured cars being produced. The Confederation refuses to recognise the Republican government in Spain, and recognises the monarchy's government-in-exile. New Dreadnought-class ships are planned. New scientific teams are sent to both King Otto's land in the Arctic, and New Westphalia in the Antarctic.

France: It breaks all ties with its longtime ally Spain for their traitourous actions, stating they have nothing to do about their situation. They rally their forces to North Africa and Arabia to deal with the rebellions.

Poland: The Ukrainians and Poles in the Basque Country withdraw back home after news of Prussia's treachery reaches them and they return in fear that Prussia might attack them. The Royal Basque Army begins conscription in an attempt to make sure that the Spanish will not attack them. The Polish King issues a conscription as they fear Prussia may attack them. The Polish King does not recognize the Spanish Republic or the Kingdom of Prussia and claims that both nations are illegitimate governments. The Royal Polish Army fully mobilizes and they begin to build earth fortifications along the Prussian-Polish border. The Polish Navy returns from the Middle East and three of the cruisers stay in the Basque Country and the rest return to Poland.


Mod Event 1: Rebellions continue across French North Africa, Arabia, British India, and British Iran. Britain rallies its forces (mostly Hindus from India) to deal with the rebellions.

Mod Event 2: Rebels in Egypt declare independence.

Mod Event 3: Rebels in Kashmir declare independence.

Mod Event 4: Rebels in Morocco declare independence.

Mod Event 5: Sweden unites with Norway (Sweden-Norway) and joins the Entente.

Mod Event 6: Finland declares independence from Sweden-Norway.

France: It continues to put down the rebellions in Africa and Arabia. Obviously, they refuse to recognize the independnence of Egypt and Morocco and send lots of troops to ensure independence does not occur.

Russia: Russia lay claim to West Antarctica and names it (enter name of Pole Man here)'s land. Mid-term elections are held again. Russia gains designs to planes. (The USA should have discovered it in 1901. People can start building planes, but no planes in Air Forces yet.) Russia asks Finland to join Russia. Finland accepts. (RNG: 1-3 No, 4-10 Yes, 7) (Finland would be more than glad to join Russia.)

No I believe that Finns and Russians have always been enemies

British Commonwealth: Why are my commonwealth members revolting??? They are states in the Commonwealth and elect representives to Parliament, they shouldn't be revolting. But since they supposedly are, Britain tries to crush the rebellions with as little violence as possible, and these and promises of even more home rule manage to appease the vast majority of people in the British Commonwealth States, and with construction of more and more infrastructure and industry as well as helping fixing their economies quells most of the revolts and soon most of the "Colonies" (which they aren't), have renounced their declarations of independence and agreed to rejoin the British Commonwealth.

The rebels are anti-Western ultra-nationalistic Islamic fundamentalists. They will not agree to any resolution except independence.

Italian Union: The Union's airship research continues strongly, with a working model next year. Infrastructure is continuing at rapid rates in the North African province. Celebrations in Rome are held in honor of PM Saracco's win in the recent elections. The fifth dreadnought of LSN is launched, named LA SICILIANA. The Union under Saracco is rising the status and power of Italy in Europe

CSA: Industry is built all across the nation. From Steel Factories in Mexico, to Glass Manufacturing Centers in Louisiana, the nation is the most industrialized it has ever been. The military is built up, and more people sign up to become soldiers.

Confederation of the Rhine: Recognises the new nation of Sweden-Norway. Research begins into an armoured and armed train engine, for use in war. The Russian claim in Antarctica is recognised (so long as it does not overlap with our claim). An aeroplane is tested over Lake Constance in the Grand Duchy of Baden.

Poland: The Basque continue to build up fortifications along their border with the Spanish as they continue to worry that they will attack them. The Poles continue to build fortifications against the Prussians. The Polish King continues to refuse to recognize the Prussians or the Spanish. The Polish King issues an official proclamation for the creation of a Sejm (Polish Congress) that will be his official advisors. The National Polish Worker's Party gains 33% of the Sejm, the Communist Party of Poland gains 29% of the Sejm, the Christian Fundamentalist Party gains 21% of the Sejm, and the Republican Party of Poland gains 17% of the Sejm.

You still know your country is suffering economic problems, right?

No I didn't. I will post accordingly.

Prussia: Defenses are built up along the border w/ Poland and the CoR. Armored war trains and armored cars now enter full service. The new MG1's enter service boasting a fire rate of 800 rounds per minute. The C96 Semi Auto pistol is developed and is issued to all troops.

Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia asks A-H for an alliance as well as Russia

I'll be playing as the U.S, Grand Colombia for a while, along with my main Greek nation. Ianian58 22:31, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

United States: The United States declare neutrality in foreign affairs excluding those in the Western Hemisphere. Around this year, 2,000 men volunteer to fight for rebels in Africa and the Middle East, mostly patriotic men who wish to spread 'liberty' and have hateful grudges against monarchies. The U.S discourages these groups, but does not stop them. Full rights to blacks are given in the year, along with right to give women to vote by the Mearkle Law, which was proposed by a senator from New York. Many areas from Mexico refuse statehood, or independence.

Grand Colombia: It declares the Southern American Declaration, which states any nation that goes to war with a nation in South America, will end up fighting Grand Colombia. A surge of literature increases patriotism.

Greece: The republic which was increased in size times 3 in such a short time, finishes integrating territory. Tension with the other Balkan nation rises. The government declares a separation of church and state.


1: Due to rising tensions, two new political camps are formed: the Entente, consisting of Britain, Spain, Colombia, the Lusitanian Republic, and Sweden-Norway on one side and the Alliance, consisting of France, CoR, Prussia, Poland, Italy, and the USA on the other.

Poland can't be in an alliance with France because of the treaty between the A-H and the former P-S.

2: Poland continues to suffer an extremely harsh economic depression due to economic sanctions caused by Poland's over abuse of chemical weaponry.

3: Although independence fails, Morocco and Egypt still fight for independence.

4: Afghanistan helps the rebels in India and Iran to gain their independence.

France: It continues to fight against the rebellions in North Africa and Arabia. They support the Indian and Iranian rebels to weaken the UK. They demand Poland apologize for its abuse of chemical weapons or the sanctions will continue.

CoR Diplomacy: The prince-primate respectfully asks if the CoR can become completely independent, since it is still classed as a French puppet state.

French Response: It agrees, as long it remains loyal to France.

Italian Union: The economy is booming and Prime Minister Saracco's approval ratings stand at 94%, the highest in the Union's history. He continues to modernize Italian North Africa and builds evermore infrastructure. The prototype airship is completed and is a success, a new Sforza is introduced ( La Sforza Aeria, meaning the Aerial Force) Airplanes will be soon mass produced over a few years to fully integrate La Sforza Aeria into La Forze Armate(the Italian Armed Forces). The Union also supports rebellions in the Middle East and Asia to weaken the UK. La Sforza asks France to jointly fund, research, and participate in the nuclear studies of the Curies in an attempt to make the project go faster and to raise both of our statuses as strong powers. This, of course is a secret offer.

​Wasn't the first aeroplane tested just last turn?

Been five years since the plane was invented in the States.

Oh, okay, fair enough.

​Confederation of the Rhine: A prototype biplane is tested by the navy, and it is hoped that they will be able to join the Airships in the Naval Air Arm sometime next year as reconnaissance vehicles. The army's armoured trains have completed rigorous testing, and are ready for wartime use. Sanctions are partly lifted on Poland, since we aim to change the minds of Poland's politicians, not starve its population. Two airships are built, which are armed with large guns: for use in the Baltic. A division of armoured cars and some infantry are sent to British India to assist the rebels.

CSA: The CSA announces that it will openly trade with Poland, stating that using weapons in war is like using tools in a workshop. Meanwhile, more Industry and infrastructure is built up.

Poland: The Poles begin to feel the major effects of the economic sanctions. Many become massivly poor and bread lines appear in many cities. The Poles offer to sell the Basque Country to France in exchange for the total lifting of economic sanctions. The Polish King passes several reforms, as advised by the Sejm, that gave the state the ability to take full control of all railroads and the control of all corporations. The Sejm applauds the King's actions and continues to make suggestions to the King.

French Response: It agrees, but states they must apologize for their abuse of chemical weaponry.

Polish Response: We are sorry for abusing chemical weaponry.

British Commonwealth: Britain withdraws from the Entente, saying, no huge alliances for Britain, for it doesn't want a world war. Britain asks the CSA to continue industrializing its African possession and to turn them into Confederate states. Britain orders its Navy and Army is now fully equipped with Chemical weapons while a new weapon is devised: A Biological weapon, it is tested on some animals, and using smallpox and yellow fever as weapons, the British Commonwealth now has the ability to cause great damage to other nations in wartime by causing illness in the workforce as well as in the enemy armies. These new weapons are closely guarded. The CSA is given Yellow Fever and Malaria Bio Bombs for its military.


Poland recovers from their economic crisis when the economic sanctions have been lifted. Although Poland has apologized, they will have a lot of work to do to repair their worldwide reputation.

Persia proclaims independence.

Iran was a name suggested by Nazi Germany and was only adopted in the '30s, Persia was its name before that

Algeria proclaims independence.

Independence movements in Morocco and Egypt rise up again.

​France: It continues to put down the rebellions in those parts. They help Poland to recover from their economic crisis thanks to their apology. They begin research on radios, machine guns, tanks, and modern battleships.

Confederation of the Rhine: Two biplanes join the naval air arm as reconnaissance vehicles. All sanctions are lifted from Poland, and trade resumes as normal. The Expeditionary Force (troops and cars) leaves India and travels to Iran, to help them keep their independence.

Italian Union: Thanks to the extreme support of the overwhelming 95% of the population, Prime Minister Saracco discusses with the King his abdication. Due to the success of Saracco over his 3 terms, the monarchy loses all its power and becomes simply a national symbol and a presidential republic is formed, keeping the same name of the Union. With this, former PM Saracco becomes President Saracco and executive control becomes his and not the king's. All government forms except the monarchy are kept. Meanwhile, INA completes its integration as a full province of the Union. Airplanes roll off the assembly line and La Sforza Aeria takes off with its first few planes, conducting tests on Italy's islands. A sixth dreadnought, named IL SARACCO is produced and named after the Union's first president. Presidential terms are 5 years. La Sforza again asks France to jointly fund, research, and participate in the nuclear studies of the Curies in an attempt to make the project go faster and to raise both of our statuses as strong powers. This, of course, is a secret offer.

French Diplomacy: They agree to it.

British Commonwealth: Britain's army and navy as well as fledgling Air Force are now equiped with chemical and Biological Weapons (Malaria and yellow fever filled capsules), and to test them out the rebels in Egypt are beat back with a lesser strain of Malaria, and thousands of rebel troops desert and lay down their arms to the British, causing most of the Egyptian Rebel Army to defect or desert. The CSA is given the designs for Bio bombs as well as its designs for chemical weapons.

French Response: France sees this as a declaration of war on France and threatens war against it.

Poland: The Polish King thanks France for agreeing to stop its economic sanctions. The Polish Army moves 90% of all chemical weapons from the main artillery units and moves them to smaller specialized chemical artillery units, several infantry units are also assigned to these units and they are all specially trained to handle chemical weaponry, the units are then merged under a separate chain of command from the main army and they are formed into the Army Chemical Corps. The Poles launch the JKM Devastator as a dreadnought battleship. The Poles begin experimenting with aircraft designs and they begin designing the first flying boats. The Poles recognize Persia as an independent nation and sends them 70,000 francs and (secretly) a stock of nearly 1,000 chemical artillery rounds.

Joint Governments: Education measures continue being implemented by the Montt government. 3 Libertad-class dreadnought more are launched. During the next months, the first expedition to Antarctica will be sent. Trade agreements are offer to Russia, CSA, Greece and Japan.


Egyptian, Algerian, and Moroccan rebels clash with the French, though the French have the technological advantage over them.

Britain is being condemned by the international community for its enourmous use of biological warfare. Many also suspect it of possibly overusing chemical weapons. Tensions between the Entente and the Allies grow.

Northern Muslim India declares independence.

​France: France threatens war against Britain for its actions at the last turn. They continue to fight against the rebels in North Africa. They continue technological research on the military. So far, they manage to make airplanes and modern warships.

Italian Union: La Sforza Aeria continues to increase its numbers in planes and is becoming quite skilled after many successful exercises in Sicily. A permanent air force base is built on Sicily with more coming soon after the first is built. A seventh dreadnought is pushed out named IL FRANCESE (The Frenchman) in honor of the Union's French ally. President Saracco visits France to meet with the French government to discuss the issue with Britain. In the meantime, the joint Franco-Italian nuclear studies program with the Curies is beginning but it will be long before anything worthwhile goes on, the project remains secret and unknown to the world. La Forze Armate is placed on high alert with tensions rising in Europe. The Union funds the separatist movements in Britain's colonies.

Confederation of the Rhine: Ten more aeroplanes join the naval air arm. A new class of armoured car is made, this one with two rotating MG turrets. Naval exercises take place in the Baltic, and they include both surface and air ships. The Navy orders three U-Boats for next year. An airship, the Indien Luftschiff is sent to northern India to support the rebels there. The Muslim state in India is recognized. Meanwhile, in the Pacific Islands Governate, experiments are taking place turning tropical diseases into viable weapons. The results of the experiments should be seen mid next year.

Joint Governments: Finally, the first JG expedition to Antarctic begins. From the Patagonian city of Punta Arenas, the expedition conformed by people of each state begin his journey. President Montt also focused more resources in education and health.

CSA: We accept trade agreements with the Joint Agreements. Meanwhile, we thank Britain for the Bio-designs. Industry is built, along with infrastructure. Meanwhile, our Air Force and Navy are built up.

Joint Agreements? XD

Russia: Russia stays out of tensions by taking a neutral and isolationist stance. Stops adding zeppelins to the Air Force. Considers adding planes to the air force, but the plan is "shot down," so to speak. The plan is revived three months later and succeeds. Russia also recognizes the Muslim India and funds it to take the rest of India any how.

Greece: It expands and modernizes its navy and armies are shifted to defensive mountainous locations.


Oil discoveries in the Middle East begin prosperity for the region. Nations like France and Arabia begin the race to control this vital resource.

The French finally put down the rebellions in North Africa, with only minor guerrilla activity remaining.

The CSA is been viewed by suspicion after it receives plans for biological and chemical weapons.

​France: It still condemns Britain and the CSA and begins funding the rebellion in India. They continue to keep troops in North Africa to get rid of any more resistance presence.

Italian Union: The Union claims oil-rich areas of Arabia and Italy officially joins the race. We will support France against Arabia for an even division of the oil-rich region. Meanwhile La Sforza Aeria continues its great success, with even more airplanes being produced. Meanwhile, IL FRANCESE (the 'Frenchman' dreadnought) goes on a friendly expedition to the coast of France. An 8th dreadnought is produced named IL TEDESCO (the German) in honor of the Confederation of the Rhine. Italian North Africa is quickly proving to be a prosperous province. President Saracco warns the CSA against abusing chemical and biological weapons or it'll suffer the same consequences that Poland did. Nuclear studies continue, still unknown to the world. President Saracco believes that before half the century is over, France and Italy will become dominant powers.

CoR Diplomacy: We are very flattered by the naming of the new ship, and in return, name the twin-turreted Armoured Cars the Italianscher Panzerwagen. (Italian armoured car)

Confederation of the Rhine: Twenty more planes enter the Naval Air Arm. The twin-turreted armoured cars are produced in bulk. A naval expeditionary force steams into Bahrain, demanding the Sultan accept German protection. The Sultan is powerless to refuse, and so Bahrain becomes a CoR protectorate. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, a viable biological artillery-shell is created, and so a Biological Artillery Corps is formed. However, the Diet passes legislation restricting its use: 1. Only officers of the new corps will be able to handle them, and, 2. They will only be used in retaliation against a similar attack on the CoR.

CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure is built in the nation. We accept trade agreements with the Joint Governments (Sorry 'bout that, haha). Meanwhile, we tell everyone that we will not abuse Chemical Weapons. To make sure of this, a limit on how many Chemical Weapons can be used by Generals is made. Meanwhile, Oil Rigs are set up in Mexico and Texas to help drill for Oil. We ask the Joint Governments, France, Italy, CoR, and Britain (tell me if I forgot someone) if they want to buy Confederate Oil.


Mod Event 1: The Middle East becomes awash with discoveries of oil in Iraq, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, and several other areas.

Mod Event 2: The Italian dreadnought, IL FRANCESE, is sunk in Italian waters off the coast of Naples. All hands were lost.

Mod Event 3: In Berlin the Prussian Communist Party begins riots against the King, demanding the Democratic Republic of Germany is pronounced.

CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure is built in the nation. As more and more people start to drive cars, more oil is drilled in Texas and Mexico.

Poland: The Poles continue to re-enforce their borders against Prussian attack. The Poles begin to research the using of anti-defoliants via aero planes to attack enemy crops. The Poles also purchase plans for aeroplanes to be tested by the army. They immediately see the use of such vehicles and begin to fund research into stronger engines and sturdier aero plane frames. The Polish Navy moves several cutters and cruisers to the mouth of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers and begins to scout out possible locations for the landing of troops in the area. The Poles give their regards to Italy for the death of their sailors and send 10,000 francs to help further their search for bodies. The poles send 10,000 francs to the Communist Party in Prussia.

Sorry for not posting. I was busy over the weekend.

​Confederation of the Rhine: The Prince-Primate sends his condolences to Italy over the loss of the Francese. The machine Gun Corps is given more funding. From the new base in Bahrain, a force is sent to Qatar, and a similar ultimatum is given to them. Once again, the Sultan has no choice but for Qatar to become a CoR Protectorate. In response to the Communist riots in Prussia, the Parliament and the state Monarchs approve free healthcare programs, as well as compulsory schooling for children aged 5-17, as well as giving workers rights to compensation for redundancy.

Italian Union: President Saracco proclaims the Mourning of the Armed Forces Day, a day where all lost members of the Forze Armate are remembered especially after what happened with Il Francese. The ninth dreadnought that is produced this year will be named IL SECONDO FRANCESE as a replacement for the first one. The Union claims parts of oil-rich OTL Saudi Arabia and Iraq and will also set after other oil rich areas. The Nuclear studies program continues. La Sforza Aeria continues to mass-produce airplanes.

France: I condemn the sinking of the Italian dreadnought and send's its remorse towards the Italian people. With most of the Middle East now a zone of oil seekers, it tries to claim some of the oil by allowing any French oil companies to harness the resource.

Joint Governments: The President Montt create the Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ENAHC), after reunite all the oil and gas companies which belong to the State and also some minors companies. The new company control and regulate the production from hydrocarbon resources. The construction of the new capital in Salta currently is stopped.


The Communist Rebellion in Prussia continues to spread.

Most of the unrest in North Africa has ended. Since Britain's player was out, Iran and India are now independent.

The effects of the Communist rebellion spread across Europe, with many attempting a Communist rebellion.

Many companies and swarmed the Persian Gulf. Islamic nationalists fear occupation of the region and protest it.

​France: It sends aid to CoR to deal with the Communist rebellion. They claim most of eastern OTL Saudi Arabia and parts of southern Iran and other oil rich areas in the Persian Gulf. They send troops to the Middle East to defend their oil claims. They begin banning Communism and search everywhere for any Communism-related content.

Russian Empire: The Russian Duma passes the Second Anti-Socialist Act, stating that all open socialists are to be trialed and executed if necessary. The National Imperial Guard is deployed on all borders with other nations. Cars spread around Russia and the first tank (just a small armored car) is invented. Ten of the new class, of the Bronirovanny, are released. A full time defense line to the rest Europe named the (enter name here) Line is designed and construction starts in May and is expected to end at around the same time next year. (Enter name here) becomes Commander in Chief of the Russian Army.

CSA: More Industry and Oil Rigs are built in the nation. Thousands of people, working in Oil Rigs or Factories, start to buy cars, and Car Manufacturing in the nation rises. Meanwhile, we once again ask if people want to set up Oil Rigs in the CSA instead of the Middle East.

Confederation of the Rhine: The monarchs of the Confederation issue a joint statement, stating they will not abdicate; but will promote very socialist policies, such as worker ownership of many factories. The oil from the Bahraini and Qatari protectorates helps the economy to grow. In the elections, the Communist Party forms a coalition government along with the Liberal Monarchists. The remaining members of the Indian Expeditionary Force return to Frankfurt to jubilant crowds, and they are presented with the India Medal.

Poland: The Poles stop funding to the communist in Prussia as it sees it will affect the rest of the CoR. The Poles launch an invasion of Iraq via the coastal city of Basra. The Royal Polish Army lands in the city and quickly stops the opposition from the local army groups. The Poles soon take control of all of southern Iraq and prepares to strike against the Iraqis. The Poles begin to drill in the occupied Iraq for oil. The Poles refute the socialist properties that are beginning to manifest in other areas of the world, specifically the CoR.

Italian Union: President Saracco sees that to gain oil, a nation must prove its might. After about 1.5 year of planning, La Sforza is deployed to the Arabian Peninsula claiming it for the Union (except for Qatar which is a CoR protectorate). Arabian forces are quickly overwhelmed by the might of La Sforza in its debut since the Union's independence in 1894. The Union claims Northern Iraq and asks that Poland not intervene because we claimed the region 2 years ago and you entered anyway. La Sforza Aeria continues to mass-produce airplanes. Chemical arsenals are expanded due to war in the Middle East. Nuclear studies continue. La Sforza Nautica enters the Persian Gulf and establishes control. AwesomePeruvian 00:48, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Britain (I'll be using the nation since Dean hasn't made a turn in a while): It begins economic reform due to the loss of the colonies, colonies armies are raised due to economic importance. British Companies dominate in India. Closer relations are established with the nation. It plans on introducing a major military vessel the next year.

Doubt that would happen since India is still having hostile feelings towards the British.

You underestimate companies, it's happened many times before, in Africa, Latin America, and so on, the financial influence of the former owner was very powerful and still existed- but you make a point n the "closer relations", and remember, India is still poor, lacking creation in jobs and such, by this time, large business powered by big nations like Britain had monopolies in many nations. Ianian58 21:56, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Still, long years of British rule is a great humiliation. Also, look at Iran in OTL. After its pro-American shah was deposed, they eliminated all American influence in the country. So there will be no way unless used with force to re-establish in India.

There is a difference in the situation, yes. America highly influenced Iran, yet it was in an economical way, rivaled by Iranian companies, and other major foreign investors, like the Soviets, while in India at the time, was highly dominated by the British, and had no clear rivals until around the 50's. Ianian58 22:09, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Joint Governments: In the Senate begin discussions about that current status of the Patagonia, which is not a "State" instead is simply an autonomous territory, with a Governor named by the President. While, the army industry continues the development of the first chemical weapons for the defensive uses.


  • Mod Event 1: The Muslims in India create their constitution (in which they officially name themselves the Islamic Republic of India) which establishes the Qur'an and the Sharia Law as the "Laws of the Land". All Non-Muslims (mainly Christians and Hindus) are expelled from the IRI.
  • Mod Event 2: The Polish General in Iraq, Aaron Władysłzw, converts to Islam, though he remains loyal to Poland in word, many expect otherwise. This marks the first time a European General has become a Muslim in the last several hundred years.
  • Poland: General Aaron Władysław is kept in control of the Polish Army in Iraq, in an attempt to make the locals happier. They keep a close eye on him though. The Polish Army keeps a thin control of Iraq as the Muslims up rise. The Polish King endorses Christian Missionary work to Iraq. The Poles also continue to build chemical weapons, though they keep them in storage. The Poles ask Israel for an alliance. (RNG please)
  • French Diplomacy: It asks for joint occupation of Iraq.
  • Polish Diplomacy: Not Iraq but a joint occupation of Turkey is good.
  • CSA: More Industry is built, and the nation is becoming more industrialized. Meanwhile, more infrastructure is built to help the Manufacturing Industries get their products to stores.
  • France: It enforces its claims by sending the Military to the Middle East. Like Italy and Poland, it also claims eastern Saudi Arabia and Iraq. They condemn Aaron's actions, seeing he has betrayed his own race.
    • Italy has already taken the Arabian Peninsula, it just hasn't been marked.
  • Italian Union: President Saracco tightens the Union's grip on Saudi Arabia. We don't want it to get there, you can keep you're religion and stuff but Arabia is a secular colony. The Union offers to partition its claim on North Iraq to give a piece of it to France as a way of making up for beating them to Arabia. Air force continues strong with more and more planes being added. Armoured cars after a delay begin to be produced again. A tenth dreadnought is named in honor of the Union's founder: IL CAVOUR and it is the most powerful version of a dreadnought in La Sforza Nautica currently. La Sforza Nautica is dispatched to the Persian Gulf to support Italian Naval power in the region and now control the Strait of Hormuz.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks for joint occupation of Arabia.
    • Italian Union: We decline, as we already control the area. We request a meeting with the French leader in Rome to discuss important issues in the talk page soon.
    • Polish Diplomacy: Can we take Kurdistan now?
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Diet passes a bill giving people of all religions, (including Muslims), equal rights. Another bill is passed making execution the punishment for any acts of terrorism. Government funds are poured into infrastructure in Bahrain and Qatar. A naval base is established in Bahrain, and construction begins on a dreadnought to be the flagship of the new Mittelost Flotte (Middle-Eastern Fleet). The International Polar Year is declared by the Prince Primate, and many scientists and explorers steam off to Otto Land (Franz Joseph Land) and New Westphalia (in Antarctica).
  • Britain: Britain continues to encourage strong feelings with the CSA. Biological warfare in the colonies ends and troops continue to stay in the colonies, which actually havn't been able to gain independence yet, and British troops remain in India, Africa and all other colonies. The British Commonwealth is formed, and Britain leaves the Entente. Britain keeps its alliance with the CSA, but no other nations, the CSA is asked for help with the Colonies, and is promised an African colony for its help Britain continues to build up its military with new recruits while some of the older soldiers are allowed to return home. Segregation in the British Army is outlawed while laws are passed illegalizing discrimination based on sex, race, or ethnicity. Britain begins an era known in the UK as "the Era of Unity", as with the rights being passed the rebellions end after a few months and the military is ordered to only fire when fired upon. Biological warfare is illegalized by the British Parliament. Australia, New Zealand, and Britain all meet in London and agree to create the Imperial British Federation, a type of colonial federation designed to keep the Empire together peacefully, and the African colonies begin to be admitted.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We will help put down the rebellions, and an army of 25,000 will be sent to India to help fight the IRI.
  • The long conversation here has been relocated to the talk page. Bobalugee1940 19:52, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

Greece: Fascist groups do take strength in, but liberal groups dominate elections. Thoughts begin of moving the capital.


Mod Event 1: Italy and Poland divide Kurdistan between themselves. (Note: this was agreed upon by both of them)

Mod Event 2: France and Italy give up land to form the new nation of Arabia.

Mod Event 3: The Polish General Aaron Władysłzw changes his name to Muhammad Hussein Abd al-Allah

  • Poland: The Polish King organizes the Royal Mouslim Army that recruits from Muslims all over Polish lands. General Muhammed Hussein Abd al-Allah is transferred to the command of the Royal Muslim Army. The Poles continue to drill for oil in Iraq and now Kurdistan. The Sejm's elections occur and the new standings for the seats in the Sejm are: Republican Party 37%, the Communist Party 25%, the Royalist Party 24%, and the Roman Catholic Party 14%.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Middle Eastern protectorates are given their own Diets (assemblies). The infrastructure in the oilfields is improved. The naval base in Bahrain is nearing completion, and the Mittel-ost Flotte begins to be stationed there. In the Pacific Protectorates, more research goes into turning tropical diseases into viable weapons, to varying success. Government money is poured into building infrastructure in the Pacific Islands. The Prince-Primate sends his condolences to the Imperial Russian family. Bavaria starts to become a major airship-construction hub, as Count von Zeppelin releases his latest airship: CL (Conferation's Luftschiff [airship]) Bayern.
  • Italian Union: After reaching an agreement, Italian forces withdraw from Arabia to Yemen which will be an Italian holding. Infrastructure in Kurdistan and Yemen is built and the drilling for oil will follow suit. Naval bases and air bases are being built in both Middle Eastern holdings. Italian Kurdistan and Yemen are given their own parliaments with Prime Ministers to the Union in order to insure peace in the newly acquired regions. President Saracco goes on a tour of the Italian Middle East to show his promise of anti-discrimination and fair representation for the locals. Two new dreadnoughts are produced, called IL ARABE and IL POLACO in honor of the Arabian peoples and the Polish respectively. La Sforza Nautica will maintain naval control of the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Bab el Mandeb. Chemical arsenals are built in Kurdistan and Yemen.
  • France: They establish the French Muslim League, a Muslim branch of the French Foreign Legion made out of Muslim troops. They ask Poland and Italy if they can have a peace of Kurdistan as well. Concerned about their holdings in Lebanon, they send troops there.
    • Italian Response: We decline.
  • CSA: The nation continues to invest in Industry and Oil Rigs. Many Oil Rigs across the nation are helping many people get high-paying jobs to buy cars and other things.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We offer the CSA a trading agreement in order to repair any bad relations back when an invasion of the US was possible.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Joints Governments: Libertad-class ships continue being produced in the shipyards, while fortifications are improved in the border with Colombia. The government support the private investment in the economy.


  1. A huge Kurdish nationalist rebellion pops up and declares independence. Syria, Persia, and Arabia support them.
  2. A huge Mexican nationalist rebellion pops up and declares independence. Colombia supports them.
  3. Romania-Bulgaria and Serbia become satellites of Russia.
  4. After border disputes, Greece and Turkey declare war on each other.
  5. Sicilian nationalist group Siciliano Organizzazione per la Liberazione (SOL) using a bombing to kill the Italian Governor of the region.

These events are incredibly biased. Italy and Poland JUST acquired the lands, and now all of a sudden, rebellions even after both nations gave them equality and even representation in government? Also that organization formed in 1943 during WORLD WAR 2! Totally wrong. I have a feeling RWG wrote all these events; no matter. They're still biased and he's the only one with a reason for it. And really? Car bombings?

First of all, I DID NOT WRITE CAR BOMBINGS! Second of all, Muslims in this area can be fiercely nationalistic. You have the power to stop the rebellion though. I was trying to make things realistic.

Actually I wrote #5 and I had no idea that SOL actually exists Bobalugee1940


  1. ​France: It begins a mass production of submarines, dreadnoughts and zeppelins to begin the development of a steampunk world. They invade and conquer Cyprus as a colony. They become wary of growing Russian control, and try to persuade it to not be too powerful. They support Greece against Turkey.
  • CSA: Seeing the rebellions in Mexico, a large military force is placed in Mexico. A new "relocation" policy begins, and many ethnic Mexicans are deported. Less racist people in the growing cities oppose this, but many Southerners are all for it. Meanwhile, the Government encourages "White" settlers to move into Mexico.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We will accept the Mexican Deportees
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Poland: The Royal Muslim Army begins to recruit many ethnic Kurds and Arabs from the Polish Colonies, this lowers the amount of resistance to the Poles by a considerable amount. The Royal Polish Army is brought home from the Iraq Colony. The Royal Muslim Army takes full control of the area. The veterans are met with great joy from their families. The Polish King sends his condolences to Italy for the death of their governor. The Royal Muslim Army begins to kill suspected "liberators" in the Kurdish region. The Poles express alarm at the Russian domination of Romania-Bulgaria and Serbia. The Poles offer the CSA to accept the Mexican deportees.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Prince-Primate expresses his concerns at Russia's invasion of the Baltic States, but the Diet recognizes the occupation as valid. Seeing that France wants zeppelins, we offer our vast experience and technologies to help them, and we also recognize the French occupation of Cyprus. The Navy builds more rigid zeppelins, for use in the Mittelost Flotte. A division of armoured cars is sent to Sicily to assist the Italian government put down the rebellion.
  • Italian Union: President Saracco dispatches local La Sforza garrisons in Kurdistan to put down the rebellion. However he wishes to peacefully end it, reaching out to the Muslims saying that they have a historical connection with Italy (caliphate conquest of Sicily). The President also says that if there's any problem they might have, they should use their parliaments, a special representative right in Italian Kurdistan. President Saracco takes a fierce stance against discrimination and violation of rights of ethnic peoples and will enforce it any way he can. He also has several Muslim commanders in La Sforza(in two branches) and those commanders also reach out to their rebelling brothers. The president travels to Baghdad and gives a speech to quell the rebels, saying that nothing is wrong that the Union respects them and actively cares for them. Naval bases and Air Force bases in Yemen and Kurdistan are built, with a special naval base in Yemen controlling the Strait of Bab el Mandeb. Naval control of the Strait of Hormuz continues. Nuclear studies program continues. Armoured cars continue to be produced in considerable quantities to be included in a division of La Sforza.


  1. The Joint Governments join the Mexican rebels against the CSA.
  2. Mutinies from Kurds in the Italian and Polish militaries occur.
  3. Turkey suffers defeats at the hands of the Greeks.
  4. Mexican Deportees arrive in mainland Poland from the CSA after Poland agrees to take them.
  • ​France: France declares support for Italy and Poland, but sends only non-Muslim troops to the area. It continues its program of mass-production of military naval and civilian naval ships. Zeppelins become a popular form of air transportation across the empire. They give aid to Italy against the terrorist group.
  • Poland: The Mexican Deportees arrive in Königsberg, the Polish government suddenly realizes that they do not know what to do with the deportees. The Polish Sejm quickly puts together a hasty plan and sends it to the King for approval. It involves the granting of Mexican deportees land in rural Poland to farm. The nearly two thousand Mexicans are given the option of staying in Königsberg or going off into rural Poland to farm. The vast majority leave for rural Poland. The Polish King and the Sejm, along with Mexican leaders begin thinking of organizing a Mexican state within Poland. The Royal Ukrainian Army is mobilized after the Kurdish Rebellion and four divisions are sent to Kurdistan to help stop the attacks. The Royal Muslim Army's Iraqi units are sent to Kurdistan to help stop the rebellion.
  • Imperial British Federation: The First Imperial Federation Congress meets in London, and now that all colonies are members of the Federation, the President orders the Army to land 85,000 troops in the CSA to help take care of problems there, but suggests to the CSA that the deportations stop or the alliance will end and Britain will take back its colonies and support an independent Mexico.
  • United States: United States decides to stay out of the affairs in Arabia and instead works on developing some new weapons, tanks, etc.
    • ​You do know about the Mexican rebellion, right?
  • Italian Union: President Saracco stays in the Italian Middle East during the crisis to show his citizens that he'll be there even during the worst of times. Mutinying soldiers are put on trial and sentenced appropriately. Saracco continues to make presentations throughout the Italian Middle East to quell the rebellion peacefully, but until that is achieved La Sforza will do the work. La Sforza makes military gains against the rebellion and, if peace isn't made, it should be put down in a few months. Air transport continues as well as mass production of naval warships and airplanes. Arsenals are expanded and La Sforza produces tanks plus other armoured cars. La Sforza Aerea begins a secret project to be completed in the future sometime. President Saracco, the most popular leader of the Union ever, decides to not seek reelection next year as president of the Union (terms are five years), leaving the election free to any candidates without a powerful incumbent like him. Naval bases establish definite control over the Strait of Bab el Mandeb and the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The new zeppelins of the Mittelost Flotte arrive in Bahrain and begin conducting maneuvers in the Persian Gulf. Elections for the Middle-Eastern Protectorate's parliament are undertaken, with the Islamic Fraternity gaining a small majority, with the agricultural and noble parties making up the opposition. The naval staff also authorizes the construction of 15 new submarines, in a bid to propel the Confederation's navy to one of the most modern in the world. The Bavarian army, on the request of the King of Bavaria himself, begins research into a new breed of tank. The plans propose a tank with two massive wheels which could drive over any obstacle (to see what I mean, see this picture of the OTL Russian version).
  • CSA: Angered that the Joint Governments is helping the Mexican Rebellions, we demand that they step down. Meanwhile, after British Threats, Mexican Deportations stop. Over 20,000 were deported. CSA Troops begin a policy of Scorched Earth in Mexico, destroying everything unless the rebellions stop. However, many less racist people who live in the cities scream that this is wrong, and that the CSA's ways of thinking are similar to the way people thought in the dark ages. However, these views are often ignored and the policy continues.
    • JG Diplomacy: We withdraw our support, but we offer to receive to Mexican rebels that want to go out from the country.
  • Joint Governments: The new elections are won by the conservative politician Gonzalo Bulnes Pinto, who become in the third president of JC from Chile. He began a new economic plan and also order increases the military research. While in the Senate, the law that will create the new state of Patagonia will be approved soon.


  1. Macchu Picchu is rediscovered.
  2. A Kurdish separatist group named Free Kurdistan is established as a terrorist and a criminal (in order to gain funds) organization.
  3. Most of the world condemns the CSA's actions in Mexico.
  4. Western Turkey is seized by Greece, forcing Turkey to surrender both the land and the war.
  5. The Sicilian Terrorist Organization assassinates a French ambassador.
  6. Persia and Afghanistan declare war on Poland and Italy over Kurdish sovereignty.
  • Imperial British Federation: Britain turns its 85,000 troops in Confederate Mexico lose, and using their advanced weaponry, subdue the Mexican Rebellion and occupy Confederate Mexico, promising not to annex the territory but telling the CSA to "GET OUT", and let Britain handle the rebels and you can have it back later.
    • Sims I know I speak for a lot of people when I say you are really implausible and annoyingly ambitious in all map games you play. 1 You might have 'advanced weaponry' but that WON/T put down a popular rebellion, especially in SIX MONTHS! 2 You would need an algorithm for that conquest/occupation even though it is your ally's land. 3 I don't remember seeing the CSA asking you to help with this rebellion, so why did you do that?
  • Italian Union: President Saracco is still in the Middle East. La Sforza crushes the majority of the rebellion and the status quo returns to Kurdistan. General elections are held in the Union to elect the second president of the Italian Union. The candidates are Luigi Pelloux, popular former prime minister, Antonio Salandra prominent politician, and Paolo Boselli. President Saracco has endorsed Pelloux and actively campaigns for him to become his successor. (RNG : 1-5 Pelloux win, 6-8 Salandra win, 9-10 Boselli win) Result: 1, former Prime Minister Luigi Pelloux is popularly elected President of the Union with 49.87% of the vote. Meanwhile warships and planes continue to be produced. Tanks continue production. Naval control is held in the Straits of Bab el Mandeb and Hormuz. Air force bases in Kurdistan and Yemen are completed with naval bases following closely. President-elect Pelloux will take office in February of 1912.
  • Italian Union (an update since i posted before the mod events were written): The Union declares war on Persia and Afghanistan and mobilizes for an assault on both countries in 1912. The Sicilian state government declares martial law to comb the island for the terrorist group. Free Kurdistan is searched for and being hunted. The Union asks Poland for military passage through Polish Kurdistan to assault Persia and Afghanistan.
    • Polish Diplomacy: Agreed, as long as your troops don't take food from the people while they pass through, or at least they pay for it all.
  • France: France begins to use airplanes as part of warfare. They begin an expansion of infrastructure to all of their colonies in order to catch up with increasing technological levels. They condemn the death of their favor ambassador and send troops to Italy to assist in stopping the group. They send troops to Kurdistan to destroy the terrorist group. They declare war on Persia and Afghanistan for their actions.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: Five of the 15 new submarines are completed, and are tested by the navy. The army continues planning, designing, troubleshooting and building the new breed of tank. The Diet and Prince-Primate condemn the violent suppression of the Mexican rebellion. A certain von Bismarck is sent to the Middle East as governor.
  • Poland: The Polish Sejm declares the Free Kurdistan organization a terrorist organization and its members are to be captured and treated as such. The Royal Ukrainian Army and the Royal Muslim Army attacks many known strongholds of the organization and all the inhabitants are put to the sword. The Sejm asks that the King grant more power to the Sejm instead of it just being an advisory body, the King does not. The Poles condemn the Sicilian's attacks on the French and Italians, they also condemn the CSA's attacks in Mexico.
    • You don't even control Ukraine.
    • #1) yes I do, #2) with the acquition of Galicia it incorporated a large number of Ukrainians that live in Galicia, #3) I have an entire province called the Duchy of the UKRAINE!
  • CSA: The CSA Government, confused by Britain's actions, tells the Military that British Troops are enemies. Meanwhile, the Scorched Earth policy is canceled as many Government officials were afraid of embargoes. Instead, the Military is told to only fight when attacked, unless there is solid evidence of the citizen being a rebel. We ask the US to work with us to put down the Mexican Rebels. We also accept JG's offer to take Mexican Rebels who we capture, or if they leave Mexico by themselves.
  • Joint Governments: After the agreement, the government begins to receive to the first Mexican rebels, who left from his country. While, the expedition sent to the Antarctic finally return to the country, after successfully arrived to the southern continent.


  1. A revolution is undergone in China, which leads to the establishment of a republic.
  2. The RMS Titanic sinks in the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. The terrorist group in Sicily becomes weakened due to intervention.
  4. Free Kurdistan group becomes active in the south and east, where supplies from Arabia, Persia, and Afghanistan can be received. Northern India joins the war effort against the Western Nations.
  5. CSA's actions in Mexico only make the situation there worse.
  • ​France: It secretly sends supplies and weapons to the Mexican rebels. They send their condolences to all the Titanic victims and survivors. They are thankful the Sicilian organization can be put to rest. From Yemen, they send an invasion force to southeastern Iran.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Confederation recognises the Republican government in China, but, on the request of the Bavarian king, the Chinese Imperial family is offered asylum in the Confederation if they want it. In the Duchy of Saxe-Anhalt, the world's first collectively owned factory is opened, which produces pots and pans. The Force in Sicily is withdrawn, as the situation there has settled down. After a tense and secret session, both the House of Royals and the House of Commons in the Diet declare their support for the Mexican rebels, and begin to secretly send them armaments. The first prototype "Lukashenko Tank" has been tested, to great success. There are hopes that a battle-ready design will be ready by late this year. A group of Scientists and Naval officers are dispatched to New Westphalia in Antarctica to establish a permanent research station there.
  • CSA: The Trammel Administration is heavily critized by his opponents for not being able to defeat the Mexican Rebels, despite all the money and troops that are being poured into Mexico. President Trammel, confused that Deportation and Scorched Earth policies aren't working, decide to go on an all or nothing gamble and does both. Large amounts of Mexicans are deported, even when there is nothing except flimsy evidence against them, and many homes in Northern Mexico are torn apart by the CSA army. In October, after word gets out about what's happening in Mexico, Trammel's popularity drops to around the 25% Approval mark. Trammel loses the election to Martin Ansel. Ansel immediately cancels all of Trammel's harsh policies, and ask Mexican Rebels to enter negotiations.
  • Poland: The Royal Ukrainian Army and the Royal Muslim Army begins a construction of forts across Kurdistan. The Syrian areas of Kurdistan are separated from Kurdistan into the Colony of Syria. The Syrians join the Royal Muslim Army en masse after many were killed by the Kurd terrorist. The Poles send their condolences to the survivors of the Titanic. The Poles stop all trade into the Colony of Kurdistan and sets up forts along the borders to help stop the weapons dealing into the colony.
    • I'm afraid he's right. I pride myself in my knowledge of Galicia, and there was a very strong ethnic Ukrainian presence there. Callumthered
  • Italian Union: The Union recognizes republican China. President-elect Pelloux takes office and is sworn in as the second president of the Union, celebrations begin in Rome. He names former president Saracco as the leading general in the war in the Middle East thanks to his military background and the fact that Saracoo is there already. The assault on Persia was a success due to a combined Italian, French, and Polish force. La Sforza reaches a little past Tehran and builds fortifications to rest until next year, fearing the dangerous Asian winter. La Sforza receives reinforcements. By taking west Persia, free Kurdistan is cut off from supplies on the east. The leader of the Sicilian Terrorist group, Alexandro Sandrini, is captured by La Sforza and is awaiting trial in Rome.
  • Russia: Russia houses the Chinese Imperial Family but decides that it will not interfere with the Republic. However, the Duma proposes that the Imperials and the Republicans compromise to form a Russian-like government.
    • There are no Imperials in the government.
    • I mean the Imperial family running away to Russia.


  1. The Chinese Imperial Family takes refuge in Russia.
  2. The Mexican rebels agree to peace talks. The want reparations for the destruction caused and independence.
  3. South Iran is now part of Coalition forces.
  • ​France: France praises the CSA for finally ending the whole war. They decide to temporarily occupy the portion of Iran they have. It also recognizes the new government in China.
  • Italian Union: President Pelloux is praised by the public for his current handling of the situation in the Middle East. La Sforza will remain fortified in the base at Tehran until the spring of 1913 to assault the rest of Persia along with France and Poland. The borders with Arabia are secured. The Italian Supreme Court finds Alexandro Sandrini, leader of the Sicilian Terrorist organization, guilty of: murder of a high government official, illegal use of explosives, and grand treason to the Union. He is sentenced to death by firing squad and was executed on September 14 1912. Before he was executed he disclosed the remaining bases of the organization and La Sforza quickly crushed the remaining parts of the organization. All remaining members were captured and are awaiting trial.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The government recognizes the new Mexican government, and sends a low-ranking diplomat to them. The new Tank is finished and battle-ready, and ten more are expected to be completed by next year. They are to join the armoured cars in the Armoured Division. All 15 submarines are completed, and are sent on a tour of duty around the Middle Eastern Protectorate. Under the watch of Governor Bismarck, that protectorate is booming. The navy begins construction of a new dreadnought, and also a new, super-heavy class of Zeppelin.
  • CSA: We agree to the Rebel's demands on one condition: all Confederate Settlers in Mexico can safely return to the CSA without being attack by Vigilantes. Meanwhile, the military begins leaving Mexico.
    • British Diplomacy: Britain asks the CSA if since the CSA left Mexico, that Britain can intervene and take care of the problem and create a stable, Mexican republic that is friendly to both the CSA and Mexico.
  • Poland: The Polish continue to attack the Kurd rebels. The Royal Ukrainian Army is sent from Kurdistan to South Iran to help in the fight against the Muslims. The Royal Muslim Army is dissolved and is separated into the Colonial Syrian Army, the Colonial Iraqi Army, and the Colonial Kurd Army. The Colonial Syrian Army is sent into Kurdistan to help fight the rebels. The Mexicans in Poland are granted citizenship and allowed to vote in elections. The Poles asks the Confederation of the Rhine for submarine plans.
  • Russia: Again Russia proposes that the Chinese Imperial Family in exile and the Republicans compromise. Russia begins research into stronger bombs.
    • I know I'm not a mod, but seriously? A nuke in 1912? The mere idea of a nuke in 1912? Incendiary ammunition hadn't even been invented yet. Callumthered 23:30, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
    • I said research. Also, tech is more advanced here, by ten years at the least, especially war tech. Meh. I'll change it to stronger bombs.
    • Oh, okay. If you start research now and it is complete in the early-mid 1930s, I suppose that's all right.
  • Joint Governments: From the capital in La Paz, the president Bulnes officially promulgate the law that creates the State of the Patagonia. The new state had his capital in the austral city of Punta Arenas, and currently is receiving to the Mexican who fled from his country. While this happen, the Army inform that now the country has an important quemical weapons arsenal for defense,
  • Imperial British Federation: The IBF refuses to recognize Mexico and invades the weakling excuse for a nation. Britain plans to restore it to Confederate rule on the terms that no more exterminations of villages or ethnic cleansings occurs. British troops from all over the globe wide nation land on the beaches of Confederate Mexico (as it is still recognized by the British), and begin to force back the weakly lead Mexican Armies which are still very weak due to the recent war.


  • Mod Event 1: The Chinese Republic falls into civil war as communists and Capitalists clash in cities across the country.
  • Mod Event 2: The Vietnamese begin to resist the French in Indochina.
  • Mod Event 3: British troops complete their conquest of Confederate Mexico after taking the rebellion's leaders. Resistance will continue for years, though, due to harsh British and Confederate policies.
  • Imperial British Federation: Britain celebrates its victory over Mexico but due to resistance an additional 85,000 troops are stationed in Mexico, bringing the total to 165,000 troops. The British Parliament considers turning Mexico into a member of the Federation, but due to serious opposition, it is rejected, and Britain asks the Confederacy to take back the country so Britain can turn to other matters. British policies in Occupied Mexico begin to become less harsh though so that resistance can hopefully stop. The families of those who died are compensated while the deportees and refugees are asked to return home, as the war is over and that "you are safe now".
    • CSA D: We will take it, but we won't keep it for long, as we will be making it into a nation.
  • France: It declares war over Vietnamese rebels and supports the Capitalist faction of China against Communism. They condemn Britain for their actions over Mexico and ask Colombia and the Joint Governments to join it against them. They take over most of Iran and head to Afghanistan.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Diet condemns the actions of the British, and asks to help France against them. One of the new tanks is sent to Qatar to test its worth in desert conditions.
  • Russia: Russia sends troops into China and occupies the nation until the Imperial family can be restored. The Duma proposes that the three factions make a compromise government.
  • Italian Union: La Sforza advances from Tehran into eastern Persia taking advantage of the spring season. Remaining members of the Sicilian terrorist group receive sentences from 20-40 years in federal prison while high officials receive life sentences for treason against the Union.
  • CSA: In Mexico, the CSA Military helps the rebels set up a government until elections can be held. Meanwhile, back on the home front, the war debt begins to be paid off.


  1. An uprising in Vietnam occurs.
  2. Both sides refuse to compromise, yet the Communists are disadvantaged with Western aid.
  3. Iran falls to Coalition forces and the Kurdistani resistance falters.
  4. The international community condemns Britain for its actions.
  5. A minor Mexican rebellion breaks out in the British zone of Confederate/British Mexico, resulting in the British people calling for revenge against the Mexicans for the murders of their friends and relatives in arms.
  • ​France still condemns Britain for its actions in Mexico. They declare war against the Vietnamese and send troops to the colony. They begin an invasion of Afghanistan and continue to aid Capitalist Chinese forces.
  • CSA: The CSA continues to help the Mexican government get on its feet. Meanwhile, more War Debt is paid off. We announce support for the Capitalists, but very little other than that. Weapons from the recent war in Mexico are sent to the Capitalists, along with volunteers, but nothing else since we don't have that much cash.
  • Imperial British Federation: The British continue to station troops in Mexico and encourage the CSA to keep Mexico just turn it into states, or at least get the USA to free its portion of Mexico as well and unite both USA AND CSA/IBF Mexico into one nation. Also, Britain announces that once Mexico is granted independence from the CSA and IBF, Britain will turn the nation into a joint Confederate-British protectorate. Britain's government ignores the outcry for retaliation and tries to make the Mexicans behave using peaceful tactics, and soon the rest of the Mexican resistance begins to die out.
  • Confederation of the Rhine: The Confederation applauds the British plan to make Mexico independent. An expeditionary force is sent to Vietnam to help the French. It includes one zeppelin, ten armoured cars, and one of the latest tanks. The navy begins work on a type of mini-submarine.
  • Joint Governments: The production of Libertad-class dreadnought continues. Tax reformations are made by the government. Chemical weapons arsenal is distributed in the Chilean defenses.


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