Napoleonic War
Sadler, Battle of Waterloo
Top: Battle of Austerlitz
Bottom: Battle of Waterloo
LocationEurope, Atlantic Ocean, Río de la Plata, Indian Ocean, North America

Decisive Coalition
UKOBANA United Kingdom of Britain and North America
Flag of Spain New Spain
AustriaFlag Austrian Empire
Flag Portugal (1830) Portuguese Empire
Flag of Russia Russian Empire
25px Prussia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of France New France
25px New Kalmar Union
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
UKOBANA Duke of Wellington
UKOBANA Horatio Nelson
Flag of Spain Francisco Castaños
Flag of Spain Miguel de Alava
Flag of the Netherlands William, Prince of Orange
Flag of the Netherlands Prince Frederik
25px Gebhard von Blücher
25px Duke of Brunswick
25px Prince of Hohenlohe
AustriaFlag Francis I of Austria
AustriaFlag Archduke Charles
AustriaFlag Prince Schwazenberg
AustriaFlag Archduke John
Flag of Russia Alexander I of Russia
Flag of Russia Mikhail Kutuzov
Flag of Russia Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly
Flag of Russia Count Bennigsen
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