Naranja Naranja (NotLAH).jpg
Computer Industry Comp
Industries Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics
Established, Emergence 1989, 2000
Suppliers Various Brazilian and Santa Cruzarian Mining companies.
Research Brazil, Sul
Computers Pomelo, Mandarin

Naranja is a United Republics based computer company that runs a extremely similar to Apple, while expensive, it is virus free and only susceptible to the same viruses as Apple Inc computers are. Naranja's main computer is called the Pomelo, a high speed and mid-high price market desktop. The Mandarin, Naranja's first laptop, was released at Christmas 2000. Naranja has received some backing from the United Republics government as Naranja has been used along with Windows, Warchief, and Apple, on many government projects. In 2001, Naranja released the Clementine, a portable musical storage device that can play music. As of 2001 the Clementine is only compatible with other Naranja based products. 

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