наш город
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!
("Workers of the World, Unite!")

Anthem "State Anthem of the Soviet Union"
(and largest city)
Language Russian, English, Nash Rech
Ethnic Group Nashgorodian
Demonym "Nashie"; "Roosky"
Government Military Dictatorship
Population 4,000 
Established December 10, 1962
Currency Nashgorod Ruble

Nashgorod is a City-State on Long Island, NY. It was formed in the Winter of 1962 by Soviet Diaspora, namely the soldiers and sailors left behind in nuclear submarines near the East Coast of the US.


Off the East Coast, many Soviet Submarines had released their nuclear payload, in the Great Nuclear War. Soon the crews of these submarines realized that they were on their own, as they had lost contact with the Motherland. Soon these ships established contact with one another, and they convened on Long Island Sound. From here they made their way to the Connetquot River, where they commandeered (notably empty) docks and made landfall. The Soviets made camp in abandoned homes, scaring away locals with gunfire and threats.

Over the next few years, defenses, gardens, and walls were built, and people began to squat nearby, with tent slums forming near the core of the village. Eventually, the two groups began working together as best as possible despite the language barrier, with the Americans forming a large working class and producing food for both classes.

This dichotomy between Russophone Aristocrats and Anglophone Farmers created the conditions for a pidgin language to form, which was then taught to second generation Nashgorodians, with the overwhelming majority being able to speak the language. This Language is called Nash Rech (our language). For most of it's history it has been considered improper and somewhat patois, though traders, lower and middle class citizens, and even some authors and officials use it. In the late 2010's it was made a standard language, and notices were officially written in three languages, English, Russian, and Nash Rech.

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