Alternative History

Nathan's History World is an alternate history of the world. Though many famous and infamous personages are still in this history (Septimus Serevus, Christopher Columbus, Napoleon, Hitler ...), their stories are different. A more different title is: "An Alternate History to Our Own in which the Roman Empire comes to a different end and History winds itself to as it is Now."

Overview of History[]

The Roman Empire falls to a great alliance called the Di. In turn, the Di fall to the Libyan Empire, an empire whose kings did not want wealth but an end of the Di, and they succeeded in exterminating about half of the Di. The remaining three members, along with Zaire (then all of Northern Africa), destroyed the Empire. France (a member of the Di) and Zaire became world superpowers. Around that time, Ublic the Explorer and his sons explored southern Africa, Asia, and Mexico, allowing the rest of the world to come in contact with Europe. After that, it is almost impossible to do a world overview.

History of the Mediterranean (Europe, the Near East, and Northern Africa[]

Around 206 AD, the Di overthrew the Roman Empire.