Kingdom of Natinixwa
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Natinixwa (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Natinixwean
King Ichkeesh
Prime Minister Tlanko Nachulna
Population 775,257 
Currency CLY

The Kingdom of Natinixwa, Natinixwa, is a large authoritarian monarchy on the Western coast of Leifia. It is bordered by Chinookriga, Molalawa, Shastaland and Chinese Leifia. The population is around and the capital is Hup.

The Head of State is King Ichkeesh.

The official language is Natinixwean, though this embraces several recognised dialects.

It has used the Chinese Leifian Yuan (CLY) since 1999.


Like much of the Leifian west, the various tribes which nowadays make up Natinixwa barely registered as a coherent body until around 1600. Even then it was barely a unified state, more an occasional alliance which came together to repel raids from the Patwin League to the south or the Chinook from the north. Settled agriculture had arrived much earlier and the fine soils supported an isolated, but growing population which would rebound consistently from waves of disease in the medieval period.

The state only really fully came together in around 1720 when the tribes were united by the first king, Tcalko, himself educated to the south in Ohlonemark. He would see to the new state's victory over the Patwin (see Chinese Leifia) during the 2nd Patwin-Ohlone War, taking advantage of the Patwin's weakness to grab a huge area of their northern tributaries, at a stroke doubling its territory. It however remained out of the two subsequent wars (see Wars of Patwin Partition) safeguarding its gains.

Rivalry with Chinookriga has occupied Natinixwa for most of its modern history. The short Wimahl River War in 1982 led to Chinookriga occupying a 10 mile 'buffer-zone' of Natinixwa. Natinixwa has repeatedly demanded the return of this territory and its uncertain status has damaged relations with various parties. Over-zealous Natinixwan border control makes travel through the buffer zone difficult, threatening the Trans-Leifian railway project and bringing pressure on Chinookriga to return the territory.

This state of conflict with its northern neighbour has put considerable pressure on the Natinixwean economy and after a period of extremely high inflation was forced to abandon its own currency and use the Chinese Leifian Yuan. Many regard the neighbouring state of Molalwa as a natural part of Natinixwa and the two governments have been talking about some kind of federal arrangement for several years, presumably any deal will lead to the creation of a new currency.


Natinixwa's monarchy still has broad powers and no laws are passed without the say-so of the king or regent. The franchise is limited to only perhaps ten percent of the population and the press is highly controlled.

The current Head of State is King Ichkeesh and the Prime Minister is Tlanko Nachulna.

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