Alternative History
National Anthem of the United Cygnian States
National anthem of Flag of Cygnia.svg Cygnia
Lyrics Thomas Carey, 1967
Music Tommy Tycho, 1968
Adopted 19 April 1984;
38 years ago
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The National Anthem of the United Cygnian States, commonly known as The Spirit of Cygnia (The Spirit for short), is the national anthem of Cygnia. Alternative titles include The Land of the Ancient Heart (after the first line) and Beneath the Southern Cross. The anthem's lyrics were written by poet Thomas Carey in the wake of the 1967 referendum approving the Tenth Amendment. Carey's poem was set to music by Hungarian-born composer and conductor Tommy Tycho in 1968. Tycho premiered the work with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 1969, and it became very popular in the eastern states. Several schools in Sydney and Melbourne began using The Spirit as an unofficial national anthem to replace the unpopular Glory to Cygnia from 1970 onwards, and in 1977 a plebiscite was held to officially select a new national anthem, which had not been done since the fall of the Empire in 1943. The Spirit won the plebiscite, and on 19 April 1984, it was officially declared the national anthem of Cygnia.


First verse

There is a land whose ancient heart
Has endured for countless years;
That gave birth to our nation
And to all that we hold dear:
Our land abounds in nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
We must safeguard, bold and steadfast,
The treasures in our care.
So beneath the Southern Cross we'll toil
To tend our country's flame;
We shall strive to keep her honour,
And Cygnia, her name!

Second verse

From the beaches on the azure sea,
To the dry and barren run,
The spirit of our Union
Burns as bright as the summer sun;
We are one, but we are many—
From across the world we hail;
Yet we share one dream, one voice;
Our bonds will never fail.
Here flies the banner of the brave;
Our flag for freedom stands;
So it shall forever wave
Here in Cygnia, our land!