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*'''Duchy of Greater Poland:'''
*'''Duchy of Greater Poland: Warrior'''
**'''Duchy of Pomerania:'''
**'''Duchy of Pomerania:'''
*'''Duchy of Legnica:'''
*'''Duchy of Legnica:'''

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  • If you want to be a tribal nation, add the name of the tribe into its respective region. It is not shown on the map.
  • Personal Union: A monarch rules over two nations. If this is the case, these nations are in an alliance, but are not played by the same player. They are not vassals unless stated otherwise.
  • Dynastic Union: Two nations have a monarch of the same dynasty. If this be the case, these nations are not in alliance and are not played by the same player. They are not vassals unless stated otherwise. However, if the cadet branch of the dynasty dies out, the main branch can inherit. However, if the main dynasty dies out, the cadet branch can't inherit.
  • Vassal/Client Nations: Are automatically played by controlling nation unless stated otherwise.
  • When posting as your nation, make sure you use the name of your nation that is directly on the nation list or something similar to it.


British Isles


  • Örebro Union of Sweden, Denmark and Norway: JacksonHitchcock
  • Principality of Finland: Puppet of Novgorod 


Kingdom of France


  • Republic of Ancona:
  • CoA Pontifical States 02 Papal States: User:VitLou
  • Republic of Genoa:
  • Republic of Pisa:
  • Kingdom of Spoleto:
  • Republic of Venice:


Italian Peninsula

  • Patriarchate of Aquilea:
  • Republic of Arezzo:
  • Commune of Bologna:
  • Podesteria of Cremona:
  • Marquisate of Ferrara:
  • Republic of FlorenceDomingo Nosferatu
  • Republic of Lucca:
  • Podesteria of Mantua:
  • Lordship of Milan: Kqbj
    • Duchy of Brescia: Kqbj
  • Marquisate of Modena:
  • Marquisate of Montferrat:
  • Republic of Noli:
  • County of Parma:
  • Podesteria of Piacenza:
  • Free City of Ravenna:
  • Podesteria of Rimini:
  • Republic of Siena:
  • County of Verona:

Alpine States

  • Early Swiss cross Swiss Confederacy: 77topaz (talk)
    • County of Aargau:
    • County of Baden:
    • Prince-Bishopric of Basel:
    • Free City of Berne:
    • Prince-Abbey of St. Gallen:
    • Duchy of Thurgau:
    • Bishopric of Sion (Valais):

Transalpine States

  • Kingdom of Arles: DaJovannicEmpire
  • County of Savoy: Crusaderman
  • County of Saluzzo:
  • Dauphiné of Viennois:

German States

  • County of Anhalt:
  • Duchy of Austria:
  • County of Berg:
  • Kingdom of Bohemia: Javants02
  • Margraviate of Brandenburg:
  • Archbishopric of Bremen:
  • Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg:
  • County of Burgundy:
  • Bishopric of Cammin:
  • County of Chiny:
  • Free City of Cologne: ~~~~Kyle
  • Free City of Hildesheim:
  • County of Holstein:
  • Margraviate of Lausitz:
  • Duchy of Lorraine:
  • Free City of Lübeck: Curmudgeonly yours - Crim
  • County of Luxemburg (PU with Lotharingia): Tullin
  • County of Jülich:
  • Archbishopric of Magdeburg:
  • Archbishopric of Mainz: Johnreiter902 (talk)
  • Margraviate of Upper Mark:
  • Margraviate of Lower Mark:
  • Republic of Metz:
  • Margraviate of Meissen:
  • Bishopric of Münster:
  • County of Nassau:
  • County of Oldenburg:
  • Margraviate of Osterland:
  • Bishopric of Paderborn:
  • Duchy of Pomerania:
  • Bishopric of Ratzeburg:
  • Lordship of Rostock:
  • Duchy of Saxony: User:Marrybore
  • Margraviate of Silesia:
  • County of Tecklenburg:
  • Duchy of Thuringia: Nathan
  • Archbishopric of Trier: - Emalia
  • Bishopric of Verdun (Heyst Member): Tullin
  • County of Württemberg: Vivaporius (talk) 18:06, April 13, 2020 (UTC)
  • Duchy of Bavaria-Landshut: Firesofdoom
  • Landgrave of Hesse - ~~~~




  • Ermland and Livonia:
  • Republic of Riga:


  • Duchy of Greater Poland: Warrior
    • Duchy of Pomerania:
  • Duchy of Legnica:
  • Duchy of Mazovia:
    • Duchy of Łęczyca:
    • Duchy of Sandomierz:
    • Duchy of Sieradz:
  • Duchy of Lesser Poland (PU under Bohemia):
  • Duchy of Silesia:




  • Beyelik of Ankara:
  • County of Caria (Latin Empire state):
  • Duumvirate of Cilicia:
  • Kingdom of Cyprus: 
  • Beyelik of Eshref:
  • Kingdom of Georgia: User:Candiesrgood
  • Beyelik of Karaman:
  • Beyelik of Kastamont:
  • Beyelik of Lâdik:
  • Beyelik of Sahib Ataids:
  • Empire of Trebizond:


  • Kingdom of Maabar:
  • Kingdom of the Cheras (Kerala):
  • Hindustan: User:AshokSurya
  • Ahom Kingdom:
  • Kingdom of the Chutiyas:
  • Kachari Kingdom:
  • Kamata Kingdom:
  • Malla Kingdom (Nepal):


  • Chagatai Khanate:
  • Qipchaq Khanate:


  • Nabhani Dynasty (Oman):
  • Rasulid Kingdom (Yemen):
  • Shahdom of Tabriz:
  • Abassid Caliphate:
    • Aleppine/Soldier Cilicia:
  • Kingdom of Khoreson:
    • Emirate of Hyrcania:




  • Malacca Sultanate: Racism Watchdog
  • Trangganu Kingdom:
  • Majapahit Kingdom:
  • Pasai Kingdom:
  • Sunda-Galuh Kingdom:
  • Kutai Kingdom:
  • Ternate Sultanate:
  • Blambagan Kingdom:
  • Sumbawa:
  • Jambi:
  • Bali:
  • Bruneian Empire:


  • Kingdom of Tondo:
  • Kingdom of Maynila:
  • Kingdom of Caboloan:
  • Cordilleran Confederacy:
  • Ivatan League:
  • Madyas Federation:
  • Rajahnate of Cebu:
  • Kedatuan of Dapitan:
  • Rajahnate of Butuan:
  • Sultanate of Maguindanao:
  • Four Sovereign Sultanates:
  • Sultanate of Sulu:


North Africa

  • Banu Kanz (Disorganized):
  • Banu Sulaym (Disorganized):
  • Hafsid Sultanate: SolaceEaSw (talk) 23:47, February 7, 2020 (UTC)
  • Kingdom of Makuria:
  • Mamluk Sultanate: Colgan dog (I need to change this name ahhhh)
  • Maranid Sultanate:
  • Kingdom of Tripolitania:
  • Zayyanid Sultanate:

East Africa

  • Kingdom of Abyssinia (ETHIOPIA): CholloMollo
  • Sultanate of Ajuran:
  • Kingdom of Alodia:
  • Kingdom of Bunyoro:
  • Kingdom of Damot:
  • Daju Kingdom:
  • Sultanate of Ifat:
  • Kingdom of Kilwa: Imagnome99
  • Sultanate of Shewa:
  • Sultanate of Warsangali:

West Africa

South Africa


North America

  • Norse, Beothuk, and Mixed peoples of Vinland: Cookiedamage
  • Iroquois Confederacy: IkeAngew
  • Haida Nation:
  • Salia (Salish Peoples):


  • Xaroyaca (Mexican Valley):
  • Mayapan League:

Peruvian Civilizations

  • Cuzco:
  • Chimu:

Amazonian Civilizations

  • Xingu:






  • Maori Ancestors:
  • Guinean Tribes:

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