This is the list of nations to have existed in the Yellowstone: 1936 community timeline.

This list has been compiled over the years by the officers of [Insert whatever nation is most powerful], and it is widely considered comprehensive, but it has been known to be 'over zealous' when compiling, leading to some nations appearing that have not been verified. Other nations, that had been verified, but later found to be incorrect, go in the No Longer Verified section.

Note: The nations are organized by continent. Where applicable former regions or nations are listed in italics, while successor states are listed below them and indented.


North America

Central America

South America




Note: First, we have a list of all nations that existed in OTL in 1936, followed by interim governments (if applicable). Finally, we have an indented list of remnant states. Bold means the nation is extant while italics means the nation is extinct.

West Europe

South Europe

Central Europe

Northern Europe

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Eastern Europe

Obsolete Nations

Former Nations

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