This is the world region page for the Days After Chaos timeline. This page is to be used to provide a vague outline for each world region for nation-building within those regions. Canon nations will be placed under their respective region.

North America

44 million people North America, home to approximately 70 million people is a patchwork of feudal kingdoms surrounded by hostile barbarians beating down at the feudal civilization's doors in the east. In the west, a strange assortment of city-states and autocratic empires trade with the eastern kingdoms through the perilous Great Plains.

Eastern North America

21 million people

Eastern North America, the most populated region of North America is filled with feudal lands south of the Saint Lawrence and east of the Mississippi River (or Great River) the under the loose jurisdiction of the Church of the Union. Barbarians, however are beating down the doors of the region, as the region is weak and squabbling, after the fall of the great Elrodian Presidentate.

The Appalachian Mountain Range, often called the Barbaria Mountain Range, is filled with fierce warriors who are highly resistant to the rest of Eastern North America, and are organized in complicated tribal structures. Therefore, passage between the East and Central North America is very dangerous.

New England

The region of New England refers to the northeastern corner of the former United States, consisting of the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. New England is bordered by New York State to the west, Long Island Sound to the south, the Atlantic Ocean, the Canadian province of New Brunswick to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

Central North America

3 million people

Central North America, the wildest region on the continent splits the continent into the civilized East and West coasts. Dominated by shamanistic horsemen on the Great Plains who shun civilization, the few settlements in the region desperately cling to survival against the constant onslaught of raids. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, however, Fort Denver provides a haven to cross-continental traders.

Western North America

5 million people

Western North America, easily the most bizzare region on the continent is peopled by wealthy city-states in the northwest, strange autocratic empires in the southwest that hug river basins that have strange traditions and even stranger religions, and in the eastern end of the region, the theocracy of Deseret, defending itself perpetually from hostile neighbors.

Central America

15 million people Separated from the rest of North America by a vast desert, Central America is more akin to South America than to North America, with vast rich empires dominating the region's hills and jungles.

Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Map of the Caribbean.png

See Main Article: Caribbean

A region with ?? million people the Caribbean region encompasses all of the shaded regions on the map to the right. The Caribbean is one of the most prosperous regions in North America, notably due to the presence of large cities such as New Orleans and Galveston. (New Orleans is the largest city in North America)

The entire region is noted for its large quantity of trade. Cotton is the most sought-after commodity produced in the region, although some Caribbean isles also have large production of sugar. Generally speaking the culture is quite formal, brought on by the highly organized and bureaucratic governance of the northern Caribbean trading republics.

There are three primary language families spoken in the Caribbean: Spanish (as seen in the dialects of Texican, Veracruzano, etc.), French (as seen in Cajun, Creole, etc.), and English (as seen in Tampanian, Mobilian, etc.). Additionally, 

South America

55 million people

South America has weathered the Chaos the best out of any continent, though it has quite a low population for its development level. Vast empires dominate its jungles, with outlying lands paying tribute to the jewels of the post-Chaos world.





8 million people


60 million people

After the chaos, the Qing Dynasty quickly collapsed and China balkanized. 


1.5 million people

Central Asia



New Zealand


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