The Nazi Personnel Exportation Program (or NPEP and commonly referred to as N-PEP) was a market sale of captured Nazi scientific and military minds at the end of the European Theatre in World War 2. It was set up by the Soviet Union, convincing the United States that putting their captured Nazi Personnel on sale to other nations would be profitable. It was largely resented in much of Europe, which preferred that they all went on trial.

Auction of Nazi Personnel

Both the Soviet Union and United States agreed to offer their prisoners two options: A trial on "Crimes Against Humanity" or allow themselves to be sold to the highest bidder. The auction itself was not well thought out, with both sides "buying" their own prisoners (and such not having to pay for them) which they wanted to keep themselves. Despite this, a number did switch hands, and some even found the way to Imperial Japan, still fighting in the East. The Auctions were slowly completed over several days, starting on October 7th 1945 and finishing on the 12th.

Promotion of Nazi Hunters

The resentment in Europe led to Nazi Hunters arriving in large numbers, fuelled not so much by money but by their sense of Justice. Not only did they have to search Europe now, but also America, Soviet Union and Japan; their purchases heavily fortified and defended from possible attacks.

Treatment of Auctioned Personnel

A report filed later by a human rights group in 1985 stated: "Nazi Scientists and Officers found a life they perhaps didn't expect, and might have taken preference to the Trial that was offered even if the result was death. Life under any banner was secluded, usually underground without daylight or in inhospitable places with no safe place to run to. Always watched, they held no sense of privacy even when they slept; and rarely had the luxuries of cigarettes or alcohol or showers. Who knows what monster weapons of our nations disposal they were involved in developing, each day until they died. Few survive today, and while they do not work they continue to be kept in locked quarters with pairs of eyes from all directions."

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