Alternative History
State of Nebraska
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Western Nebraska
State of the United States
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Nebraska
Equality Before the Law (English)
(and largest city)
Other Cities Alliance, Gering, McCook, North Platte
Language English
Demonym Nebraskan
Legislature Nebraska Legislature
Governor Dan Hughes (R)
Lieutenant Governor Ken Schilz (R)
Area 35,392 sq mi
Population 61,421 (2020 Census)
Admission March 1, 1867 (USA)
Currency Buffalo Dollar
Abbreviations NE

Nebraska (pronounced /nəˈbræskə/) is one of the founding states of the Provisional United States located on the Great Plains of North America. The state's capital and largest city is Scottsbluff. The state covers about half of the former American state of Nebraska.


Following the aftermath of Doomsday, the towns of the Nebraska Panhandle were cut off from both the federal government and the state government in Lincoln. Throughout the 1980s, the area became inudated with refugees, especially from Manhattan, Kansas and Lawrence, Kansas.

While the former state government formed a provisional republic, the communities of the Panhandle existed on their own. The city of Scottsbluff became the de facto capital of the area as the different communities often gathered there to discuss trade and settle disputes. The collection of communities became unofficially known as the "Scottsbluff Association."

In 1987 the area experienced increased raids by nomads allied with the expansionist Lakotah. After a raid by a Lakotah war band into their territory in 1988, the Association voted to send a contingent of volunteers to help the state of Wyoming and its allies fight in the Lakotah War. This act of cooperation convinced the Association members to join the Provisional United States in 1992, becoming one of the five founding states.

Official contact with the Republic of Lincoln happened sometime in the mid-90s. Once diplomatic relations were established, neither government were willing to merge with the other. Lincoln continues to claim the entire former state of Nebraska as their territory, though this has not stopped the two governments from trading with each other.


Adjacent States and Nations[]


The economy of Nebraska is based primarily on agriculture, with the primary crops being sugar beets, corn, and beans. There is oil in Cheyenne County, which is used mostly for USA government purposes.



Scottsbluff is home to the professional football team the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which plays in the North American Football League.


The state's largest university is the University of Nebraska at Chadron (formerly Chadron State College).