Kingdom of Neshabek
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Neshabek (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Neshabe
King Siggenauk II
Prime Minister Sena Znajjewan
Population 786,000 
Independence 1903
Currency VIK

The Kingdom of Neshabek, Neshabek, is a constitutional monarchy in Northern Leifia. It is located between the Fraeburt Votnum of Mishigamí and Karegnondí. It has land borders with Vinland to the East and Erie to the South. The capital is Kalkaska and the population is around 786,000.

The Head of State is King Siggenauk II.

The official language is Neshabe.

It uses the Vinlandic Krona (VIK).


Long settled in the Fraeburt Votnum area, the Neshabe were pushed northward by the expansion of the Aniyunwiyan Empire in the 1230s. Vinland had already begun to make its presence felt in the Votnum and in return for security allowed Vinlandic traders to set up forts around 'their' coast.

By the time the Vinlanders were pushed out in the early 1400s thanks to the deepening civil war, the Neshabe had established their own thriving towns and a small fleet and were joining the Erie conquering the Myaamiaki tribes to their immediate south. Once the Vinlandic civil war had ended the Neshabe assisted the Vinlanders in retaking their lost lands in Hafvaedaland in return for absolute sovereignty in their lands. Soon after wealth began to flow thanks to the salt trade. Using the profits it indulged in minor wars with its neighbours to the North and West in which its relatively small but advanced army conquered large areas from the Ojibwe and Mamaceqtaw.

Its occupied areas would later be lost in a protracted civil war that lasted for much of the 17th century and precluded Neshabek's involvement in the 1st Mexic-Leifian War. Political instability dogged the state even after the Southern Boodawa dynasty emerged victorious and during the 'Leifian Crisis' of the early 19th century Vinland was forced to turn it into a protectorate. After several false starts Vinland finally gave it its independence again in 1903.

Today Neshabek is a relatively wealthy state, although many are critical about what some might regard as an over-reliance on Vinland. It has large limestone deposits required for steel-making all around the Fraeburt Votnum region and some engineers are looking into exploiting the nation's gas reserves.


Neshabek's government is a virtual carbon copy of Vinland's Althing, indeed even the building it meets in is a close copy of the Althinghus in Isafjodhur. Elections are held every five years. The monarchy has little actual power but is still very respected.

The current head of state is King Siggenauk II. His Prime Minister is Sena Znajjewan.

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