Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Official language Dutch
Capital Amsterdam
Largest Cities Amsterdam
Population 6,316,000
HDI 0.957 (Very High)
Nation Formed
Currency Netherish Guilder/Gulden (NGD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Netherlands, minus Friesland and Groningen
Footnotes 1 Low Saxon and Limburgish are co-official in some regions.

Netherland, or The Netherlands is located in the western coast of Europe. It borders Frisia on its east, Germany on its southeast, Luxembourg on its south, and Belgium on its southwest. Netherland also has some autonomous overseas regions, such as Curasao. Netherland has a high population density and has one of the largest percentages of citizens born on a different continent. It is known for its long history of tolerance.


Note - Overseas regions are not included in these statistics.


92% Vegetarian
08% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

87% European
82% Netherish
05% other Europeans (German, Byzantine, Khazar, Belgian, Frisian, etc)
04% Macronesian
02% Antillean
02% Good Hoper
02% Surinamese
01% Boerish (includes Khoi-San, etc)
02% others


90% Netherish
03% Limburgish
02% Lower Saxon
03% others (Javanese, German, Afrikaans, etc)


54% nonreligious
47% atheist
07% agnostic
20% Christian
12% Catholic
05% Quaker
10% spiritual
07% Jewish
06% Cathar
03% others (Hindu, etc)
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