Alternative History
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
Timeline: Cold Phoney War
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Dutch
Government Constitutional Monarchy,

The Netherlands comprises, more or less, OTL Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Suriname and Indonesia.


The Netherlands were occupied by the Third Reich in May 1940, and later that year was integrated as a state (Land) of the Reich including the Flemish part of Belgium.

The overseas territories of the Netherlands were de facto administered by the British Empire, and officially they were loyal to the government and Crown of the Netherlands, now sitting in London.

The Reich preserved dutch culture and language, but the State of Netherlands was controlled by the National Socialist party and German was mandatory at schools.

In 1947, the Dutch government overseas begun to visit all overseas colonies and in 1948, the provisional capital was officially established at Oranjestad, in Aruba. In 1952, Britain officially left the control of the Netherlands Overseas Territories to the Netherlands government in Oranjestad, but the Royal Navy continued to support the integrity of the Dutch territories.

No war actions affected the Netherlands when the civil war upbrought in the Reich in 1979 but soon, most of the Dutch begun to support the Liberal fractions and in 1980 the war stroked the Netherlands with fierce. This encourage the population to support the liberal local government and, in 1986, the Netherlands, along with Lower Saxony, Bavaria, and Prussia, declared the end of the Third Reich, the ban of the national-socialist party, and the independence of the Netherlands.

In August, the Netherlands issued a new constitution declaring to be part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, and granting the independence of Flanders. Flanders then united Wallonia rebuilding Belgium.

In December, the capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands was established again in Amsterdam.

Officially the Netherlands are just one constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands, with no predominance over the other constituent countries: Dutch Indonesia, Dutch Antilles, and Dutch Guiana.

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