Department of Neu Kanaan
Flag Neu Kanaan nr2 No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Yidish , Hebrew (Religious language)
  others German
  others Catholic ,Arcadian Orthodox
Population 115 000 
Established 1925
Currency Arcadian Frank
Drives on the Left
Calling Code 131

The Department of Neu Kanaan (New Canaan) is a Department of the Technate of Arcadia ,Located on the southern half of the Californian Peninsula


The Jewish community in Arabia is one of its oldest communities. There were already Jewish communities in Yemen and Mesopotamia since the Roman diaspora in 135 AD . The Islamic caliphate always held a formal toleration of the Jewish Faith as Ahl Al Kitaab , otherwise known as people of the book, even if they were seen as people of the holy book they were still heavily discriminated and text on due to their faith. After the Islamic caliphate collapsed in the 18th century , anti-semitism grew rapidly in the European continent due to that . Affarid Arabia began to enect toleration of the Jews , just as it was during the old caliphate. But tension began to grow in the early 20th century and even A little  from the late 19th Century . This tension came due to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution . This made the cost of land more expencive and made some of the taxes on jews even harder as they increased with the demand for land. this hit jews hard due to being hit so hard by the taxas, they began to think about their future in this world and as them as a religious and ethnic group . The People of arabian oud at the federated states of Arcadia had certain opportunities for them as the land wasn't very densely populated which . In the federated states are enough place for farming for making new industry and for making a hits in the economy . This fact was known by all people not specific to one ethnic group in Arabia . But the Jews did know the rest of the federal states which did not have a big development due to its features and that this land was quite similar to where they lived in Arabia.



File:Hayalim Almonim Ishay Ribo - חיילים אלמונים ישי ריבו-1541955274
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