The Parliament of New Albion is the legislative branch of New Albion. According to Section 1 of the Constitution, Parliament consists of the Queen, the House of Representatives (the "lower house"), and the Senate (the "upper house" or "house of review"). The Queen is normally represented by the Governor-General. The Parliament is modelled on the Parliament of the United Kingdom and, to a lesser extent, the Congress of the United States.

The House of Representatives consists of 200 members, who represent districts known as electoral divisions (commonly referred to as "electorates" or "seats"). Each division elects one member using proportional voting (and is only elected by his or her division). The Senate, on the other hand, consists of 22 members: Two for each province, one each from the Capital Territory and the Channel Islands. Senators are elected using a form of preferrential voting by the entire province. Both Houses of Parliament meet in Parliament House, New Albion City. The workings of the Parliament are largely reported on by members of the Capital Press Gallery.


ProvinceNamePartyAssumed officeTerm ends
Capital TerritoryBarbara BoxerLiberal19932011
Channel IslandsDana RorbakerConservative19892011
AnianPatty MurrayLiberal19932011
AnianMaria CantwellLiberal20012007
ColoradoBob SchafferConservate20052011
ColoradoWayne AllardConservative19972009
MontaigneMark BaucusLiberal19792009
MontaigneConrad BurnsConservative19892007
NevadaHarry ReidLiberal19872011
NevadaJohn EnsignConservative20012007
New MexicoJeff BingamanLiberal19832007
New MexicoPete DomeniciConservative19732009
North CaliforniaDianne FeinsteinLiberal19892007
North CaliforniaArthur TorresLiberal19972009
OregonGordon SmithConservative19972009
OregonRon WydenLiberal19972001
South CaliforniaBrian BilbrayConservative20062011
South CaliforniaDuncan HunterConservate20012007
St. Luke's LandNarcisco MontanoLiberal20052011
St. Luke's LandDeniz AragonLiberal19972009
VictoriaslandJesus JaureguiConservative20052011
VictoriaslandNestor KirchenerLiberal19992011

House of Representatives

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